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Прочтите и письменно переведите тек ст

Практические задания для студентов 1 курса (1 сем.) заочного отделения

По дисциплине «Иностранный (английский) язык»

Task 1

Составьте текст о себе и расскажите его.

My name is ... I am seventeen (sixteen, eighteen). I live in …. (Sevastopol, Moscow). My address is ... My telephone number is...

I am tall (not very tall, short, of middle height). I am thin (not very thin, rather plump). My face is round (square, oval). I have a fair (dark) complexion. My forehead is narrow (broad) and low (high). I have a straight (upturned, crooked, aquiline) nose and a protruding (round) chin. My eyebrows are bushy (penciled), my eyelashes are thick (thin) and long (short). I have large (small) blue (hazel, black, grey) eyes. My hair is black (fair, dark, blond, chestnut), straight (curly) and long (short, not very long).

I study at the Aviation Technical College. I like my future profession and I am going to do my best to become a good specialist.

I live with my family. It is large (small, not very large) and very good. We love each other very much and always try to help each other and to spend as much time together as we can. I have a lot of friends too.

I am fond of reading and playing computer games. My favourite sport is football (swimming, tennis, and hockey). My friends and I often get together to play different games, go for a walk or to the disco or simply talk.



Task 2

Прочтите и письменно переведите текст.

На основе предложенного текста составьте текст о своей семье и расскажите его.

My family

Every family where everyone is responsible for its comfort, success in work, health and good spirits must be a strong unit. We are all members of society and family is the most important thing for each of us. The children whose parents take proper care of them are very grateful to them either now or afterwards when they become grown-ups.

Now I want to tell you a few words about my family. I have got a mother, a father, a sister and a brother. There are 5 of us in the family.

First of all I’ll tell you some words about my parents. My mother is a teacher of biology. She likes her profession very much. She is a good-looking woman with fair hair. She is forty-five but she looks much younger. She is not tall but slim. By character my mother is energetic and talkative, while my father is a quiet and strong-willed man. He is very experienced. My father is a broad –shouldered tall man with short black hair and grey eyes. He is forty-six. My father often sings and when we are at home and have free time I play the guitar and we sing together.

My parents have been married for twenty-six years. They have much in common, but they have different views on music, books, films and sports. For example, my father likes horror films and my mother likes «soup operas». She is so sensitive and tender. My father is fond of sports. But my parents have the same opinion about our education and upbringing.

My parents are hard-working people. My mother keeps house and takes care of us. She is very good at cooking and she is clever with her hands. She is very practical. We try to help her with the housework; for example we wash the dishes, go shopping.

My sister Helen is twenty-five. She is married and has a family of her own. She works as an accountant for a joint venture company. Her husband is a scientist. They have got twins: a daughter and a son. They go to a nursery-school.

My brother Boris is eleven. Boris takes after his father in appearance and character. His face is long and thin. His features are regular. People find him sociable and a bit easy-going. He wants to be a pilot but he is not sure yet.

We have a lot of relatives. Our grandparents are retired. My aunts, uncles, cousins live in different parts of Russia. On holidays they often come to our place. We have a very good time together.

Our family is very united. We like to spend time together. Sometimes we stay at home and watch TV or just talk, and on weekends we go out of town. But we are always happy to be together and we wish one another only the best out of the best.


Task 3

Прочтите и письменно переведите тек ст.

Planning a career

Having a job and having a career are two very different things. A job is something you do to make money. You may enjoy the job, work hard at it and do well, but you are primarily doing it for the money to satisfy your other interests outside of the work environment. A career is something that integrates your desires and interests so that it gives you satisfaction above and beyond the money you make. A profession is a type of job that needs a high level of education. To have a career means commitment and development but first of all planning.

This process can begin at any age. For some people it starts when they are small children and visit mom or dad at their place of work. For others it can come later through the inspiration of a teacher or exposure to a wider range of fields.

It is up to each individual to decide whether a job or career is best for them. People may share the same talent and interest but other aspects of their personality will dictate which direction to go with that interest. For example, one guitar player may decide to plan a career as a professional musician. Another may decide that the financial insecurity is too much for him, get a regular job satisfy his musical interests in his free time.

Whether you decide to get a job or plan a career, the job market today is quite different from that of your parents. In the Soviet system young people were guaranteed a job upon graduation. Now, there are no guarantees after university, institute or school.

The young person in today's Russia faces a very competitive job market.

What do the new dynamics of the Russian job market mean for young people? First, if they have decided they want a career, they must start early in their academic life to plan and take steps to develop their professional careers. Second, in addition to a suitable background for a desired career, creativity, self-promotion and preparation are absolutely vital for any sort of success in the job search. Last, students must develop confidence in themselves and recognize the power that each of them has to take control of their future and shape it in a way that is best for them.


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