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Закончите диалог, используя прилагательные в сравнительной или превосходной степени

- This grey car is (1)…(old) than the red one. Why is it (2)…(expensive) than the red one?

- It isn’t (3)…(old). It’s the same age as the red one. But it’s in (4)…(good) condition. The red one is (5)…(cheap) in the garage at the moment, but of course it’s not (6)…(good) as our other cars.

- Is that blue car there the same model as the red one?

- No. It’s (7)…(similar) to the red one, but it’s got a (8)…(powerful) engine than the red one, so naturally it goes much faster. It’s automatic too, so it’s (9)…(easy) to drive than the others.

- I suppose it’s (10)…(expensive) of the three, isn’t it?

- Yes and no. In one way it’s (11)…(expensive) of all, because you’ll be able to drive much(12)…(far) in it before you need to spend a lot of money on repairs.


4. Заполните пропуски предлогами, где необходимо, и поставьте к предложениям вопросы (вид вопроса указан в скобках)

1. His father works … the Ministry of Foreign Trade … the centre … the city and is … be … time … his job. (специальный к обстоятельству места)

2. He spent much time … the translation because he didn’t finish work … 3 p.m. as usual and had … come … … home late … the evening. (альтернативный)

3. We’re leaving … Moscow … London … plane … Sheremetyevo airport next weekend. (специальный к подлежащему, дать ответ)

4. I’m sorry … our new house, as we won’t be able … bring my piano … the library which is … the first floor … the house. (разделительный)

5. If you ring me … … 6 tomorrow, I’ll be swimming … the river … order to win a swimming contest … the end … August. (косвенный)

6. My granny has changed a lot since she retired … 60 and has started gardening … the suburbs … an industrial town. (общий отрицательный, не согласитесь с вопросом)

7. … the lunch hour, we were ordering table-d’hote … the main cause … the factory canteen as … we were so hungry. (общий)

8. They will be looking … morning magazines with all eyes the whole afternoon tomorrow. (специальный к определению)


1.Переведите на русский язык и поставьте разного вида вопросы:

1. He was to do his best to deliver the goods ahead of the schedule.

2. They had to eliminate the defects as soon as possible.

3. Don’t let them change the results of the test.

4. In accordance with the preliminary talks the firm will be able to meet your representative in a week and arrange a conference hall for the presentation.

5. While Peter was going behind us, Mary was telling us an exciting story of her marriage.

6. After everybody had studied the changes in the plan, director asked about the delay in delivery.

7. He doesn’t expect that she’ll leave for London in a fortnight.

8. If you have arranged everything by 3 tomorrow, we’ll continue the talks.

9. When the chief constructor is making changes in the design of the equipment next Monday, the bookkeeper will be counting the losses and the profit of a new project.

10. I had done my best to warn the firm against losses before the delay in payment caused the changes in the schedule of the delivery.


2.Поставьте глагол в необходимое время:

When the old man (to finish) his meal, he (to feel) inclined to discuss their Irish relative with his grandson.

“I (to like) the man,” he said. “ He (to appear) to be a very agreeable fellow, but I can’t somehow picture him on the farm. Can you, John?”

“Not for the life of me,” said John. “I can’t imagine what Father (to do) with him. He (to be) no use to anyone.”

“But you always (to complain) that you (to have) too much to do,” the old man retorted.

“What we (to need),” said John.” (to be) another good farm hand, not a gentleman farmer to share the profits.”

“I understand from your mother that he (to do) anything.”

“You may understand it from her, but he (to say) so?”

“My God!” exclaimed the old man,” the man barely (to arrive)!”


3. Переведите на английский язык:

a. Мы обнаружили дефекты после того, как протестировали оборудование.

b. В то время как главный инженер рассматривал техническую информацию предложения, коммерческий директор их фирмы еще подписывал счет-фактуру.

c. Если вы поставите горно-шахтное оборудование согласно контракту, мы будем рассчитывать на будущее сотрудничество.

d. До того, как бухгалтер просмотрит журнал о новых каталогах, менеджер сделает все возможное, чтобы устроить конференц-зал.

e. Инспекторы не подписали сертификат качества до тех пор, пока на заводе не устранили дефекты.

f. Завтра, когда вы будете пытаться изменить изоляцию в моторе, остальные служащие будут проводить температурные испытания и надеюсь, что через неделю оборудование будет отвечать мировому стандарту.



Use the verbs in the correct tense form, explain why, translate and ask questions.

1.We (to have) preliminary talks yesterday. (общий)

2. They (to change) the insulation in the motors yet. (альтернативный)

3. You (to make) a temperature test tomorrow. (разделительный)

4. He always (to make) arrangements with the client about their meeting beforehand. (специальный к определению)

5. Their engineers (to inspect) the equipment now. (специальный к подлежащему)

6. They (to make) payment against shipping documents by last Friday.

7. The firm (to deliver) the consumer goods by the next talks. (специальный)

8. The Buyers (to improve) the design of the tools since Monday.

9. They (to talk) to your competitors for 5 hours by last evening.

10.The customers (to take) part deliveries for 10 years by next year.

11.They (to sign) the contract at this time tomorrow.

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