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Read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space

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Read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space 4.90 из 5.00 10 оценок


Test 1

1. ________ in 1939, the Borne Bridge spans the Cape Cod Canal and is one of the many grand projects of the Depression era.

А) Completed B) Completing C) Completes D) Being completing


2. Over the past 40 years, world demand for food________.

А) triple B) tripled C) have tripled D) has tripled


3. The universe is estimated ________ between 10 billion and 20 billion years old.

А) being B) to be C) which is D) is


4. Like the pyramid, the volume of a cone________ by multiplying the area of the base by one third the altitude.

А) obtain B) is obtained C) obtaining D) obtains


5. Genetically, the chimpanzee is more similar to human ________.

А) and than any other animal B) than any other animal C) any other animal is D) and any other animal is


6. The organizers would have responded positively to proposals if they________ by 10th June.

А) were submitted B) would be submitted C) had been submitted D) would have been submitted


7. When I finish the course next year I ________ speak perfect French.

А) can B) will can C) was able to D) will be able to


8. I’ve never heard ________ ridiculous speech.

А) a such B) such a C) so a D) a so


9. What________? I can’t find it in the dictionary.

A) means the word ‘heliotrope’ B) mean the word ‘heliotrope’

C) does the word ‘heliotrope’ mean D) do the word ‘heliotrope’ mean


10. He________ that his mobile phone had been out of action all day.

А) told B) said C) asked D) wanted to know


11. We asked the travel agent________ a swimming pool at the villa.

А) is there B) was there C) if there was D) whether there is


12. You ________ to visit most museums in Britain.

А) mustn't pay B) don’t have to pay C) cannot pay D) need not have paid

Test 2


1. So many whales________ that they are in danger of dying out.

A) were killed B) are killed C) have killed D) have been killed


2. If you ________ the ‘record’ button, the green light will come on.

A) will press B) would press C) press D) should press


3. The fact ________ money orders can usually be easily cashed has made them a popular form of payment.

A) of B) that C) is that D) which is


4. By the third month of the war rebel forces ________ most of the province.

A) takes B) took C) had taken D) were taking


5. The basic premise behind all agricultural production is ________ the riches of the soil available for human consumption.

A) to be made B) the making C) making is D) to make



6. The council ________ find ways of cutting costs last year.

A) must B) had to C) will have to D) has to


7. Unfortunately, you________ grow bananas in the British climate.

A) may not B) can’t C) must not D) ought not to


8. Who usually________ the certificates at the graduation ceremony?

A) does present B) do present C) presents D) present


9. The manager told us last Friday evening that he wanted us in at 8 a.m. ________ to start the Saturday sale.

A) tomorrow B) the next day C) today D) the day before


10. The Stanford University survey asked respondents how much time________ on the Internet.

A) did you spend B) did they spend C) they spend D) they spent


11. Generally________, our best business comes via our website.

A) to speak B) speaking C) having spoken D) to have spoken


12. I have to say that the hotel wasn’t quite ________ the brochure claimed.

A) as luxurious as B) more luxurious as C) so luxurious how D) as luxurious how

Test 3

1. When I graduate from college next June, I ________ a student here for five years.

A) has been B) will be C) will have been D) had been


2. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the United States developed a reusable space shuttle ________ to space cheaper and easier.

A) to make access B) and making access C) which made accessible D) and made accessible


3. Modern skyscrapers have a steel skeleton of beams and columns ________ a three-dimensional grid.

A) forms B) from which forming C) and forming D) that forms


4. No biological life was found, though it________ by many scientists.

A) had speculated B) have been speculating C) speculated D) had been speculated


5. If the museum had charged money for entry, a lot of people________ able to use it at that time.

A) would not be B) would not have been C) were not D) had not been


6. Thanks to satellite technology, we ________ now predict hurricanes quite accurately.

A) may B) ought C) can D) must


7. If you think a piece of equipment in the gym isn’t working properly and ________ mending, tell the instructor.

A) must B) may be C) should be D) needs


8. The government has broken all its pre-election promises regarding the Health Service, ________?

A) hasn’t it B) hasn’t the government C) has not it D) isn’t it


9. The veterinarian told the farmer________ the animal sleep.

A) let B) to let C) not let D) to not let


10. Professor Jones rang from Vancouver. He said he________ to stay another week as the research was still going on there.

A) decides B) has decided C) had decided D) will decide


11. The Hyperlink modem is much ________ than any others in our catalogue.

A) fastest B) the fastest C) more faster D) faster


12. ________ regularly, the engine should last for 200,000 kilometers.

A) Serviced B) Servicing C) Service D) Having been servicing

Test 4

1. Applicants for this desk-top publishing course must have good keyboarding skills but ________ to have prior publishing experience.

A) don’t need B) must C) need D) mustn’t


2. We are not allowed ________ any arrangements for the conference before talking to him.

A) make B) made C) to make D) had made


3. In recent years, scientific and technological developments________ human life on our planet.

A) change B) have changed C) have change D) changed


4. If the form had been completed correctly, the transfer ________ only two days.

A) would take B) will take C) took D) would have taken


5. Latecomers ________ to enter the theatre until there is a suitable break.

A) may not B) will not may C) will not be allowed D) will not have


6. ________ more than 65,000 described species of protozoa of which more than half are fossils.

A) Being that there are B) There being C) Are there D) There are


7. ________ does it take you to get to the university campus?

A) How quickly B) When C) How long D) How far


8. The manager asked the staff________ anything in the office before the police arrived.

A) to touch B) not to touch C) to not touch D) don’t touch


9. There are so many people here! But that TV programme a few weeks ago said the smaller islands of the archipelago ________ mostly uninhabited and very peaceful.

A) are B) is C) was D) were


10. The scientists said it was one of ________ earthquakes ever.

A) most powerful B) the most powerful C) powerfullest D) more powerful


11. ________ rich, he won’t be able to afford this equipment.

A) Being not B) Not being C) Having not been D) Not to be


12. The candidates________ in alphabetical order.

A) will be interviewed B) will interview C) will have been interviewed D) will have interviewed



Test 1

Read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space.

No More Classes

The use (0)…C….. computers has meant students can study language programmes (1)…….. their own speed when and for how long they want – and no need to worry about the teacher having a favourite or doing (2)…….. another boring lesson. What’s more, in the virtual classrooms of the future the student will (3)…….. on their headset, and be transported into an imaginary school, choose their class, take the books they need off the shelf and (4)…….. conversations with other computerized students.

They might (5)…….. choose to pay a visit to the supermarket or the train station, the bank or the restaurant. At the (6)…….. of a button they would be transported to (7)……..realistic settings where they could practice their English, maybe getting a hand (8)…….. a virtual English companion. All this perhaps, at the computer, from the comfort of their home: no (9)……..to catch the bus to college, or a plane to England.

Exciting? Certainly, and an interesting alternative to traditional classroom lessons. But would it ever (10)…….. the classroom? Hopefully not. (11)…….. the need to relate to real people talking about real issues and generally learning a little more about others will always lead language learners to (12)……..at least a little of their time with real people.


0 A in B at C of D to

1 A with B for C at D in

2 A still B for C yet D already

3 A place B put C set D get

4 A take B do C catch D hold

5 A although B preferably C instead D contrary

6 A force B hit C depress D push

7 A so B such C like D alike

8 A with B to C from D for

9 A role B duty C obligation D need

10 A replace B restore C succeed D recover

11 A definitely B mainly C totally D surely

12 A spend B make C have D do


Test 2

2015-11-07 6594 Обсуждений (0)
Read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space 4.90 из 5.00 10 оценок

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