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Задание 4. Вставьте по смыслу предложенные слова и переведите предложения письменно

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Задание 4. Вставьте по смыслу предложенные слова и переведите предложения письменно 0.00 из 5.00 0 оценок

Certain uncertain

Exact inexact

Predictable unpredictable

Precise imprecise

You have to be very ____ in this job, because a small mistake can make a big difference.

Are you ____ that you’ll get there in time?

We have done this experiment before. The results are rather ______.

Our train leaves at 10 o’clock ______.


Задание5. Вставьте артикль, где необходимо.

1. We have ... large ... family. 2. My granny often tells us ... long ... interesting .. stories. 3. My ... father is ... engineer. He works at ... factory. ... factory is large. 4. My ... mother is ... doctor. She works at ... large ... hospital. She is at ... work now. 5. My ... aunt is ... teacher. She works at ... school. ... school is good. My ... aunt is not at ... school now. She is at ... home. She is drinking ... tea and eating ... jam. ... jam is sweet. I am at ... home, too. I am drinking ... tea and eating ... sandwich. ... sandwich is tasty. 6. My sister is at ... school. She is ... pupil. 7. My cousin has ... big ... black ... cat. My cousin's ... cat has two ... kittens. ... milk, too. cat likes ... milk. ... kittens like.



Задание 6. Прочтите текст и переведите письменно выделенный отрывок.

Who is Today’s Accountant?

Certified Public Accountants have passed a rigorous exam and continue to update their knowledge every year. CPAs also subscribe to a high code of conduct that includes honesty, integrity, and independence.

Today’s CPA is known as a strategic business advisor, technology guru, personal financial consultant, tax and estate planner, and fraud examiner. CPAs are found in a variety of roles working for a variety of organizations.

CPAs perform a variety of functions. Examples are:

Assurance Services. Information is all around us, but can it be trusted? If a business gives its financial statements to a bank, the bank probably requires that the information be audited. CPAs perform audits that are independent examinations. If a purchaser wants to buy something from a web site, the web site needs to be secure and reliable. CPAs test web sites so that users can trust the information provided.

Financial Planning. How do you plan to have enough money to retire comfortably? How can you make the wisest use of your money through investments? What should a business do as it grows and expands? CPAs can answer questions on planning for the future.

Technology. CPAs work with technology in doing their jobs but also in helping clients and employers use technology better. They may oversee software applications, system design, or web site development.

Tax. CPAs do tax work for individuals as well as businesses. They understand the laws and requirements. They use computers to input information and to process it in the form of tax returns, but they also know how to help individuals and businesses plan for the future. Should a small business incorporate for tax benefits? CPAs are involved in compliance, advice, and planning.

Consulting. Because CPAs have a wide knowledge of various types of businesses, they are in demand as advisors. How does an organization improve its operations? How can a business grow and expand? How should two companies structure a merger? CPAs answer these questions and more.


Задание 7. Подберите определения к словам левой колонки, запишите.

1. framework 2. oddity 3. to employ 4. to adhere to 5. to accommodate 6. restatement 7. foregoing 8. guidelines 9. environment 10. convention a) something said or written again in order to make it clear b) to consider and include smth when you are deciding what to do c) official instructions or advice about how to do smth d) a system of rules, laws, agreements etc that establish the way smth operates in business, politics, or society e) someone or something that seems strange or unusual f) to obey a rule, law, agreement etc g) the conditions and influences in which people carry on a particular activity h) a way of behaving that is generally accepted as being normal and right i) to use smth for a particular purpose j) something that has just been mentioned

Задание 8. Найдите синонимы и запишите их парами.

1. integrity 2. merger 3. rigorous 4. estate 5. to update 6. to incorporate 7. fraud 8. conduct 9. to expand 10. purchaser a) deceit b) behaviour c) to enlarge d) integration e) customer f) severe g) property h) frankness i) to make smth more modern j) to unite

Задание 9. Соедините начало и конец предложений и переведите предложения письменно.

1. A balance sheet represents 2. The statement of cash flows provides the information 3. The income statement summarizes the data 4. The statement of retained earnings discloses the information concerning 5. Financial accounting includes the information 6. Managerial accounting deals with a about a company's revenues, expenses, gains and losses. b relating to the profitability of the company and its financial position. с the main accounting equation. d planning, control, budgeting and pricing decisions. e stockholders' equity and dividends. f about the changes in the financial structure of the company.


2015-11-07 1594 Обсуждений (0)
Задание 4. Вставьте по смыслу предложенные слова и переведите предложения письменно 0.00 из 5.00 0 оценок

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