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After watching the video answer the questions below?

1. Should education be a right after all? Is it wrong to make students pay tuition?

2. Do you think government is giving enough of this priority? Are they changing education?

3. What about the budget battle at the European parliament? Is there any chance that there could be more money for education?

4. Is financial crisis a justification to cut education funding?

5. Is there a danger here that we are selling out privatization of education?

6. Don’t you think there is a danger that some universities are becoming more reliant on private funding?

7. What about the web-based learning? Do you think it seems panacea for the problem we are facing now?

8. Isn’t this making some bricks in modern institutions obsolete?

9. How much do you think that traffic will bear as far as raising tuition fees?

7. Mini-Debate:Group A stronglybelieve that Education is a public good, and it’s the responsibility of the government to provide quality education for all; group B stronglybelieve that a privatisation of education is a good idea.

Give your recommendations relevant to the issue of privatization and the strengthening of the public education system in general


Part 1 (3 minutes)

Ask your partner about his or her attitude to education.

Candidate A:

Questions that may be addressed to the partner:

1. How important do you think education is?

2. Do you think you had a good education?

3. Was there a high standard of education at your schools?

4. Do you think the quality of education is slipping?

5. What do you think of the idea of all education being online?

6. What would the world be like if everyone had access to a good education?

7. Does your government really care about education?

Candidate B:

Questions that may be addressed to the partner:

1. What is a good education?

2. In which country do you think you can receive the best education?

3. Is the level of education in your country good?

4. What would you like to change about the education system of your country?

5. What kind of experience and qualifications do you think a government’s education minister/secretary needs?

6. What do you think Mark Twain meant when he said, “never let school interfere with your education”?

7. What do you think of the idea of lifelong education?


Part 2 (1 minute)

Candidate A:

Give your points of view on globalization of education. You may talk on:

- what globalization is

- the concept of a global village and its relation with education practice

- what ‘the internationalisation of education’ mean

- how globalization improved teaching and learning process

- effects of globalization on education

- changes education is undergoing under the effects of globalization

Candidate B:

Give your points of view on academic mobility ners faceest sucessful ng processs. You may talk on:

- academic mobility in a changing world

- impacts of academic mobility on the development of students’ skills and competence

- advantages and disadvantages of academic mobility

- how well academic mobility of students is organized in your institution

- how studying abroad affect students from the educational, cultural, social and religious perspectives

- how academic mobility contributes to the cultivation of students’ creativity

Part 3 (3 or 4 minutes)

Share your points of view on the following topic.

Discussion topic:

Some believe that globalization on education is an invaluable opportunity for the people of the developing countries to raise their skills and standards of education. Others fear that it is merely a modern version of cultural imperialism that will lead to the creation of a universal, ultimately Western society. Which view point do you support? And why?


Create ten critical thinking questions which you might ask Bolashak scholarship holders about studying abroad and its privileges

2. Statement of purpose:



Imagine you are going to apply for Bolashak scholarship

Program on the specialty you are interested in. Write your

Own statement of purpose about why you would like to

Apply for the scholarship following the tips below.

Tips on writing a statement of purpose

Things which all admission committees want to see in the application:


ü First paragraph – Describe Academic Background and Work Experience. It would be a mistake to talk about your high school. Start with your undergraduate career. School records may be worth mentioning if there is something extraordinary about them.

ü Second paragraph – Describe the general areas of research that interest you and why, what you would like to study or research.

ü Third paragraph – Describe some research projects that you worked on. Tell them what you found, what you learned, what approaches you tried. It’s fine to say that you were unable to prove what you wanted or to solve your problem.

ü Fourth paragraph – Tell them why you feel you need a Master degree, or Ph.D.. Look back to section what in there appealed to you.

ü Fifth paragraph – Tell them what would be your contribution to your country after you finish your study abroad.


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