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Pattern 1. LOW RISE ONLY

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1. Did you catch the last train? Just.

2. What does a haberdasher sell? Shirts, ties, socks, gloves.

Special questions:

1.When's the meeting due to take place? When? (Why, at five.)

2.The meeting is at five. When? (I thought it was at 6).Commands:

1. But how do you do it? Watch (tike that).Exclamations:

I. It's half past ten. Well (We're not in a hurry).

Pattern 2. LOW RISE + TAIL



1.Do you ever go to the club? Sometimes.

2.Tony's always late. Last week he was on time.

Special questions:

I. How old are you? How old am I?

General questions

1. I thought she was pretty. Did you?


1. Your change, sir. Thank you.




1. Have you been there? I have.

2. I wonder if they sell socks. You could enquire.

3. That’s my final offer. If that’s the way you want it.

Special questions:

1. I went with Mr. Spang. With who?

2. There’s someone to see you. Who is it?

General questions:

1. Oh, good! Breakfast in bed! Do you like breakfast in bed?


1. Thank you. Don’t mention it.


1. Is that really yours? Of course.





1. Let me get you some more tea. You’re very kind.

2. How much did you win? About a thousand pounds.

3. What will they think of me? You mustn’t take it to heart.

Special questions:

1. I don't agree. Why not?

2. Shut the door for heaven's sake. Just who do you think you are talking to?

General questions:

1. Let's use it now. Wouldn’t it better to wait till it’s cold?

2. He says he'll never speak to me again. He doesn’t really mean it, (does he)?


1. I don't think I van dive from that height. Have a short at it (Peter’s done it).

2. I’m sorry. Well say it as if you meant it.

3. I’m terribly sorry. Don’t apologize.


1. I can’t help you. Very well (we’ll do it alone).




In statements: soothing, reassuring, hint of great self-confidence and self-reliance (in echoes) questioning with a tone of surprise and disbelief.

In special questions: (with the nuclear tone on the interrogative word) puzzled, (in echoes) disapproving, otherwise sympathetically interested.

In general questions: genuinely interested. In commands: soothing, encouraging, calmly patronizing.

In interjections: airy, casual, but encouraging, often friendly, brighter than when said with TONE-GROUP 6.





1. I hate climbing ladders. It’s all right. You wont’ fall.

2. I must pay you what I owe you. There’s no hurry. Whenever it’s convenient.

3. Tell me, doctor. is he badly hurt? Nothing at all serious. Just a few bruises.

Special questions:

1. I leave tomorrow morning. What train are you thinking of catching?

2. Steven is going to retire. Who do you think will take over from him?

General questions:

1. I’m going to do some shopping. Can I come too?

2. I’d love you to come. Are you taking the car?

3. I suppose I’ll have to. We don’t need so many, do we?

4. What time will you call around? Shall we say five o’clock?


1. I just can’t quite manage it. Well keep trying.

2. I’m just going. Have a good time.

3. I really must be off. Don’t let me detain you, then.


1. Have a good holiday. And you!

2. I’ll be back later. Good-bye for the present.






1. Do hurry up. I’m coming.

2. But I may spill some. Of you go carefully, you won’t.

Special questions:

1. I said nothing of the kind. What did you say then?

2. He was treated by an osteopath. But who do you say?

General questions:

1. When can I call for it? Would Friday suit you?

2. We had a splendid game. Did you win by the way?

3. Why have you taken that one? This is mine?


1. Whatever shall we do? Don’t panic.

2. Good bye for now. Look after yourself.


1. I’m leaving now. Good day to you.

2. You’re an old fool. I bed you pardon.


Pattern 1. FALL RISE + TA1L of one syllable

This intonation pattern is used:

in statements: expressing concern, reproach, contradiction, correction, hurt feelings. The fall-rise is also used in non-final intonation-groups or sentences instead of the low-rising tone to draw particular attention to one of the words for the purpose of contrast or to intensify the significance of the communicative centre.



l. I thought they all took one. Ann did (but the others didn't).

2. I like oysters. You may (but I certainly don’t).

3. Are things getting dearer? Some things.

4. His name’s John. Harry.

5. How do you go to the office? Often (I walk).

6. They swear gave us eight pounds. Seven (wasn’t it).

7. Sometimes that train stops at Ampersand. Rarely (does it).


1. I’ll dump the suitcases here. Gently. They are not made of iron.

2, I’ve found a four leafed clover. Show me.



Pattern 2. FALL RISE + TA1L of more than one syllable



1. Have you finished? Practically.

2. It’s a good plan, isn’t it? We think so.

3. Could we borrow a type-writer? That’s a possibility.

4. What a dull book! Parts of it were fairly interesting.

5. Aren’t these apples sour? Some of them are all right.

6. He’s an old fool. That’s not a very nice thing to say.

7. Sorry, I startled you. Next time you do something like that.

8. It’s none of my business. You are not being very helpful, are you?

9. He speaks French and Italian fluently. German and Italian you mean.


1. I feel as if I could scream. Steady, there. Try not to.

2. I hope you don’t break anything. Try no to.

Pattern 3. FALL RISE + TA1L ONLY



1. You won’t tell him, will you? No (but very reluctantly).

2. Was it twins or triplets? Twins (We mustn't exaggerate).

3. You weren’t there, were you? Yes.

4. My watch is terrible. Mine's (fine).


1. I don’t think I can do it. Try.

2. Can I give you a hand? Please.





1. Is it going to keep fine? I think so (but I’m not certain).

2. I say the scheme's much too ambitious. Well that’s one way of looking at it.

3. But you never loose your temper. Occasionally I do.

4. Nothing went all right. The weather might have been worse.

5. It didn't take you long. It did.

6. I play golf rather well. I think you do.

7. What can I do to mend matters? You could apologize.

8. We simply must convince him. It’ll be difficult you know.

9. Must you go? I’m afraid so.

10. What do your people think of it? Well, I like it, but my wife doesn’t

11. So you think they'll help us. Well they might.

12. He came home last February. You mean last march.


May I just finish my letter? Be quick then.

May I hold it for a minute? Well be careful with it.




1. Do you smoke? I do sometimes (but I won’t right now).

2. What a nasty cold day! It’s bitterly cold, (but it’s not nasty).

Would he lend me his gramophone? He might, if you talked nicely to him.

What a poky little house! It isn’t a large one (but it’s quite nice).

Can I take this one? You can if you insist (but the other one is better).

You will play, won't you? I’d rather not.

Can I borrow your penknife? It’s not very sharp.

Let me know tomorrow. I doubt whether I can give you an answer by then.

You are not trying. I most certainly am.

10. We got here about midnight. It was earlier than that.

11. Alan's forgotten his umbrella. He always leaves something behind.

Oh, dry up, you idiot! It’s no use trying to shout me down.

One more game? You’ll your train.

I'm thinking of having central heating. It’s terribly expensive to install.

Let me have them by tonight. I beg you pardon (but it’s out of the question).

What's worrying you, Peter? I hope you don't think I'm interfering

(but is it wise to spend so much).

17. What's happened to your car? With the cost of living what it is.

18. What did you think of the lecture? It wasn’t exactly sensational.


1. She's an absolute. Now be fair.

2. I think it's going to rain. Oh, don't say that.


3. I'll have this one. No, this. Well, make up your mind.

4. I'm sorry. Well, say it as If you meant it.

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