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Speak get up play sleep watch finish boil go write rise be phone

1.Jack usually works until 7.30, but last night he finished early. 2.Clare usually … golf on Fridays, but last Friday she … chess with James. 3.Sam and Sarah usually … at 8 a.m., but yesterday they … until lunchtime. 4.Daniel usually … his mother once a week, but last week he … her every evening because she … ill. 5.I usually … TV in the evenings, but last night I … a great film on TV. 6.Tom … tennis. 7.Water … at 100˚C. 8.I often … to my parents. 9.The sun … in the east. 10.She … English fluently.

Write questions for these answers.

Mary likes horror films. Jack drives an Italian car.

A: What …? A: Who …?

B: Horror films. B: Jack does.

A: Who …? A: What …?

B: Mary does. B: An Italian car.

Simon has toast and coffee for breakfast.

A: What …?

B: Toast and coffee.

A: Who …?

B: Simon does.


1.23 Write questions for these answers. Use a word from the list to start each question: when, who, what, where, how.

1. A: ______

B: About 7 a.m.

2. A: ______

B: She is Jeremy’s daughter.

3. A: ______

B: Coffee, cornflakes and toast.

4. A: ______

B: He’s a fashion designer.

5. A: ______

B: In London.

6. A: ______

B: I’m 18.


1.24 Make sentences using I’m(not)going toand the following expressions:

take up a hobby, go shopping, visit friends, go to the disco, listen to music, do my homework, watch a film, clean my room, travel abroad, work in the summer, take driving lessons, go camping


1.25 Fill in will or be going to.

1. A. Why are you turning on the television?

B. I am going to watch the news.

2. A. Those clouds are very black, aren’t they?

B. I think, it … (to rain).

3. A. I’ve decided to repaint this room.

B. Oh, have you? What colour … (you/paint) it?

4. A. Where are you going? Are you going shopping?

B. Yes, I … (buy) something for dinner.

5. A. What shall we have for dinner?

B.I don’t know. I can’t make up my mind.

A. Come on. Hurry up! Make a decision.

B. Okay, then. We … have chicken.

6. A. Look! There’s smoke coming out of that house. It’s on fire!

B. Good heavens! I … (call) the fire-brigade immediately.


Grammar: Conditional and time clauses with if, when/as soon as

If the weather is fine, we’ll go for a walk.

Если погода будет хорошая, мы пойдем на прогулку.

I’ll do it as soon asI can.

Я сделаю это, как только смогу.

I’ll show you the photos whenthey’re ready.

Я покажу тебе фотографии, когда они будут готовы.

1.26 Complete the sentences about the future with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1.We … you as soon as we … (phone/arrive). 2.When I … Tessa, I … her you’d like to talk to her (see/tell). 3.Don’t worry. Tom … you a hand as soon as he … a free evening. (give/have). 4.What … Josh … with his car when he … away (do/go) ? 5.I … my e-mail as soon as I … home (check/get).6.If you … to Pompeii, you … mosaics (go/see). 7.I … you when I … home (phone/get). 8.John … late if he … up (be/not hurry). 9.When you … my house, you … my parents (visit/meet).

1.27 Choose the correct form of the verb.

1.She usually (take/took/takes) part in social activities. 2.I (am/is/are) a first-year full-time student. 3.I (leave/leaves/left) school last year. 4.I (graduate/graduated/will graduate) from the University in 5 years. 5.This term I (got/gets/get) an increased grant. 6.We (will have/has/had) final tests in December and in June. 7.In the final year of study we (defended/defends/defend) our diploma projects. 8.Our University (trains/train/will train) specialists for the shipbuilding industry. 9.My brother (get/will get/got) a Bachelor degree in 3 years. 10.It (take/takes/will take) me twenty minutes to get to the University.

1.28 Translate the sentences into Russian.

1.It usually takes me 25 minutes to get to the University on foot. 2.It took me ten minutes to get to the University by tram yesterday. 3.Last week he went to the laboratory to carry out experiments. 4.We will get practical experience at the shipyard in two years. 5.My sister wrote her diploma project last year. 6.When I graduate from University, I’ll go into industry. 7.Every day we have three or four periods. 8.We attended a very interesting lecture on the history of Russia two days ago. 9. In January we will take four exams. 10.When we pass our exams, we will have holidays.

At the Shop

- Hello, could you show me one of those T-shirts?

- Here’s a nice one. What size?

- Size 44, I think.

- Yes, here’s one.

- How much is it?

- $ 4.50.

- Here’s $ 5.00.

- That’s 50 cents of change.

1.29 Put the words from the list into the following categories:

Family members, home, household chores, leisure

niece, central heating, go clubbing, grandchild, bathroom, nephew, living-room, vacuuming, aunt, shopping, cousin, furniture, go out, parent, a block of flats, hobby, cooking, doing sport, party, do the cleaning


1.30 Read this friendly letter and write a similar informal e-mail to a key pal.

Dear Fiona,

Thank for your e-mail. It was nice to hear from you again.

Here is a photograph of my brother and me at the beach. We went there last weekend. My dad took the photo. We went by car. The journey took about three hours. We stayed at my aunt’s house.

We had a great time. We made big sandcastles and we swam in the sea. We ate some big ice creams, too. They were delicious. Have you ever been to the beach?

Before we left, I sent you a postcard. Has it arrived yet?

Please write soon. Can you send me a photo of your family, too?

Your friend,



Exam task. Read the text. Are these sentences true or false?

1. Mona wants to become a computer programmer.

2. She is an only child in the family.

3. She isn’t married.

4. Mona speaks three languages.

5. Her family live in the center of the capital.

My name is Mona Saeed and I am from Manama. It is the capital city of Bahrain. I am a student at Bahrain Training Institute. I am studying computer programming. I hope to work in a bank one day. I am 18 years old and I am single. I have two brothers and three sisters. We all live with our parents and grandmother in a large house in the suburbs of Manama. I speak Arabic, and English quite well. I also understand Farsi, but I can’t speak it very well. In my free time I like reading novels, watching TV, and playing computer games.

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