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Ex. 3 Fill in the blanks with prepositions if necessary

Part 2 Jobs and Employment

Unit 1 Topical Vocabulary and Lexical Exercises

Topical vocabulary


abilities, calling (for), values (moral, artistic), personal strengths,

accomplishments, career goals

appointment (make, keep, break, cancel)

agency, employment agency

advertisement, classified advertisements

application form


employer, employee, prospective employer, clerk

unemployment, part time employment

responsibilities, duties

salary, wages, pay, earnings

bonus, fringe benefits



shift (day, night)

chief, boss, supervisor, manager, director,

subordinate, executive, senior, junior executive

loafer, idler



resume (excellent/ poor/ well-written / neat )

position(vacancy), non-skilled position



A job- a piece of work either to be done or completed; employment

a job hunter / job hunting

a fulltime /part time/rewarding job

to apply for a job

to be satisfied/dissatisfied with one’s job

to do the most vital job of all

to quit the job

to be guaranteed a job upon graduation

to be devoted to one’s job

a competitive job market

to change jobs

out of a job

job centre

job-hunting file

job qualification

A career - a job or profession a person has been trained for and intends to do for several years

- Should all careers be open to women?

Occupation- an activity in which one is engaged, that occupies one’s time; a person’s relative place, as in society; rank; status.

- Look for an occupation suited to your abilities.

Profession -is an occupation for which special education or training is required, as the profession of an architect.

- Medicine, law, architecture are professions

Trade- a skilled occupation, handicraft

- He is a tailor by trade

Vocation- feeling that one is called to a certain kind of work (social or religious), special aptitude for

- The nursing of the sick is a vocation as well as a profession

Work - what a person does to earn one’s living.

- It is difficult to find work during a depression.

at work / at one’s place of employment

to be in /out of work

Earnings, pay, salary, wages

Earnings- money earned

He has spent all his earnings.

Pay - money paid for regular work or services, is used in the Army, Navy and Air Force instead of wages and salary

Salary- (usually paid monthly) payment for regular employment on a yearly basis

Wages- payment made or received usually weekly for work or services

Word collocations

Work-find, look for, do, get.

A living- make, earn, do for.

A job- take on, offer, do, find, get, look for, have

Job- manual, challenging, skilled, unskilled, bonus (сдельная), shifts.

Wage- living wage (прожиточный), nominal (real), wage scale (шкала з.платы), wage labour (наемный труд), wage cut (снижение з.платы), wage earner ( кормилец).


Lexical Exercises


Ex.1 Fill in the blanks with the following words:

A) Career, job, work, profession, trade, vocation

1 Should … be open to women?

2 It’s hard … for a poor man to keep his wife and children clothed and fed.

3 What time do you get to your … ?

4 He is a lawyer by … .

5 Shoemaking is a useful … .

6 He lost his … .

7 It’s difficult to find … during a depression.

8 Your new Bentley car is a nice … .

9 He has little or no … for teaching … .

10 At college they are taught many useful … .

11 As a speech therapist she feels she has finally found her … .

12 I want to find out more about … in journalism.

13 Please fill in the details of your present … .

14 Fewer young people are entering the legal … nowadays.

15 Women often return to … after they have had children.

16 The boys were sent to a special college where they would all be taught … .

17 At the age of 37 Mike suddenly found himself out of … and without much hope of finding a … .

18 These days there are more and more … opportunities for women.

19 Men in manual … are less prone to stress-related illnesses.

20 Teaching is … that requires total commitment.



B) Earnings, pay, salary, wages

1 She is moving to a new job with better … .

2 I spent a whole month’s … on my vacation.

3 Part-time teachers have different working conditions than teachers on a … .

4 The basic … is poor, but with overtime the average … are nearly $ 190 per week.

5 He was on a sick leave … for the two weeks he spent in the hospital.

6 He receives a fantastic … as a chairman of the company.

7 He has a very comfortable income from his lawyer’s … and various investments.

8 My dad’s take-home … were 40 $ a week.

9 We usually get our … on Thursday afternoon.


Ex. 3 Fill in the blanks with prepositions if necessary.

1 I’m sorry … Tom. He has worked as a used car dealer… Brown

and company … ten years and now the firm has been taken … by Jones Ltd, and they are going to dismiss him.

2 I see … today’s paper that you need a secretary … knowledge of

French, I would like to apply … the post.

3 I was … the impression that I had paid you … the work you did

… me.

4 I thought he would offer Ann the job, but he offered it … me.

5 He advised the strikers to go back … work.

6 I am certainly not married … my job.

7 The key … my success is determination, motivation, hard work

and luck. It’s luck to be … the right place at the right time.

8 I am thinking … changing my job because there are few prospects

… promotion.

9 He is looking … a new appointment … the moment.

10 I am well qualified and have completed a course … graphic


Ex. 4 Complete the collocations in the text with the words given below:

Working conditions, sick pay, promotion prospects, pension scheme, trial period, career path, job description, claims form, travel expenses, a cover letter


Dear David,

You’ll never guess what’s happened – I’ve only got a job! I saw an advert in the press for an administrative assistant at London Insurance, and sent in my CV and a (1) …, more out of curiosity than anything else. Well, to my surprise, I got an interview, and I managed to convince them that insurance is the (2) … I intend to pursue.

Apparently, they were impressed with my ambition, especially when I said I was looking for a job with good (3) …, and a week later I was offered the job.

They seem to look after you well – for example, I was told to send in a (4) … so that they could reimburse my (5) … to the interview. I was also impressed by the (6) … at the office when I went for the interview. So I’m actually starting work on Monday! I’ve received my (7) … now, and it all seems very favourable. After a (8) … of one month, I’ll be on a permanent contract with (9) … and paid holiday. There’s even a company (10) … which I can join.

David, why don’t you apply? They take on 20 new graduates each year. It would be right up your street.

Best wishes,


Ex. 5 Insert only one word:

How many people are lucky enough to … doing a job they really enjoy?

Recent surveys … shown that most people have ended up doing a job that they don’t see as a career. In addition, very few of those … were asked, had a job which was something they had dreamed of doing … they were a child. Family obligations and distance from work … usually the most important parameters in choosing a job. Not many people … commute to work on a daily basis if the journey took over 60 minutes. People rarely realize that choosing a job for the wrong … can be the source of great unhappiness. Schools offer courses …career orientation and most colleges have got career centres for … graduates. Companies give aptitude tests to see … an applicant is suitable for the job. Nowadays, people change jobs … two or three years, whereas a few decades … rarely changed profession. Some people are brave enough … go back to college, get the qualifications required and try a different career. People are more willing to change jobs if they are … higher salary or perks, such as a company ear or bonuses. If there are financial rewards, people … prepared to make compromises and put … with a job they do not find challenging or stimulating.



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