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Употребите глаголы в скобках в соответствующей форме

1. General Motors was the first billion-dollar-annual-profit manufacturing corporation in the USA, (to reach) the level in 1955 and (to exceed) the two billion mark in later years.

2. Any persons (to work) in their own businesses (should / to take) into account the cost of their own labour time (to spend) in the business.

3. Subsidiaries and offices of big American companies and corporations (to spread) throughout the world.

4. During the last two decades when world output (to grow) by four percent per year, world trade (to double) and (to increase) by eight percent.

5. (To be) free in his activities, the sole proprietor (to make) all decisions, (to draw) up plans, (to hire) or (to fire) employees and (to obtain) all the profits.

6. Twice during the 1960s Great Britain (to make) serious attempts toward membership in the EEC but (to fail).

7. All owner's personal assets (to be) at risk if it (to be) necessary (to meet) creditors' demands.

8. Recently more money (to invest) in stocks and now the firm (to own) enough to expand production.

9. The value of a firm (to affect) not only by the sum of its assets but the firm's goodwill as well.

10. (To recover) money from its debtors, the company (to spend) it on technological improvements.


Подберите определения к следующим словам

a firm, a company, a cooperative society, an industry, a subsidiary, an insurance company, a holding / parent company, a joint-stock company, a public corporation

1. A collective term which is used to describe a group of firms which operate in the same area of production.

2. A leading company established to hold all or more than a half of the bonds or stocks of other companies, which it usually controls.

3. An association of persons which is formed for the purpose of carrying on trade or running business and has a separate identity from the persons who combine to form it.

4. A company controlled by another company which owns all or a large part of its shares.

5. A basic production unit which operates the business and varies in size from a one-person business to a multinational organization.

6. An organization owned by the state and set up to provide a national service or to run a nationalized industry.

7. A company that agrees to provide money to compensate the loss or damage of property in the case of fire, accident, etc.

8. A business formed by a group of people using money provided by them all.

9. A business society owned and run by its members who work together and share the profits.


Переведите следующие предложения на русский язык, обращая внимание на функцию инфинитива.

1. Accounting records are known to provide managers, creditors, banks and stockholders with very important data.

2. It is advisable to evaluate the current position of the company by pre­paring a trial balance.

3. The value of the share has been found to depend greatly on the success of the company's activity.

4. Interest on borrowed capital is certainly to be paid out to the bank whether the business is profitable or not.

5. Bonds are issued to borrow the needed money.

6. To result in a company's profit the cash inflow should be higher than the outflow.

7. One of the aims of the market research is to find out the requirements of the customers.

8. There are seven steps to be followed in accounting cycle, the systemat­ic recording of the data being the first step.

9. Unreasonably high prices and poor selling methods are likely to re­duce the success of this new product at the market.

10. To solve the pricing problem properly is of interest both for the com­pany and its customers.

11. Capital investments in the production must be large enough to obtain the equity which stockholders will get in the form of dividends.

12. Businessmen are reported to consider trade union regulations to be an obstacle to job creation.


Раскройте скобки и употребите глаголы в соответствующей форме.

A boom in join-stock ventures (акционерное общество / компания) in the early 18th century (to lead) to excessive speculation and failures of some large corporate enterprises (to include) the South Sea Company of England and John Law's Louisiana Company in France.

The South Sea Bubble (афера) of 1720 is sure to be a famous example of a speculative bubble (необоснованная скупка ценных бумаг). (To establish) to sell British goods to people in the South Seas, it (to expect) (to bring) to England the wonderful and exotic goods (to produce) there. The shares (to issue) long before the trade of those goods (to start), but people (to be likely) (to believe) in this project and (to buy) the shares eagerly. When the price (to rise) quickly, people (to become) more interested in buying shares not for possible future dividends but for reselling the shares at a profit as the price (to go) even higher. The price (to rise) faster until one day the company (to announce) (to dissolve) as there (to be) no any chance of success. It (to be) surprising that it (to be) a famous physicist Sir Isaac Newton who (to lose) his money in this bubble.

(To adopt) the Bubble Act in 1720, the British Parliament (to prohibit) the use of corporate organization for more than a century in England.


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