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Who is right for the job?

1. Listen to the conversations. The people are discussing men’s and women’s work. Who do the people think can do the work? Circle men, women, or both. Then listen again and write the reasons.


Conversation 1 What does the man think? men/women/both  
Conversation 2 What does the man think? men/women/both  
Conversation 3 What does the woman think? men/women/both  



Video 1 Watch a report on male and female roles The Stay-at-Home Dad’(North Star Video) and answer the following questions:

1. What are the traditional roles of men and women?

2. How have the roles changed?

3. Why do in some families men take the responsibilities at home?

4. Where did Michael use to work? What were the disadvantages of it?

5. Why does he consider himself a part of the family? What prevented him from thinking this way before? How much do you agree to this kind of definition?

6. How long had Robin stayed at home before they decided to change roles?

7. Does she like the change? Why?

8. How many children are there in the family?

9. What is the kids’ attitude to the state of things?

10. Does Michael have any problems with the household chores?

11. What are the challenges?

12. What is it ‘being on the frontline’?

13. What is your opinion of the changing roles of men and women? What consequences might there be?

Video 2 Watch the report Climbers (Headway Elementary Video). Do the exercises that follow.


1. Write the summary of the text “Trendspotting”.

2. Choose one of the following topics. Write two or three paragraphs. Use some of the vocabulary of the unit:

· Lynne Cox is often called the ‘swimming ambassador.’ Explain why she is called this.

· Write about a professional athlete you admire.

· Make reports on different kinds of extreme sport.

3. Work with a partner. Match each situation on the left with the most appropriate quote from the coach, on the right.

Encouraging a player to accept a challenge. ‘Put up with it just a little longer.’
Telling a player that he is outstanding. ‘It’s hard. But I know you can do it.’
Telling a player to tolerate a difficulty. ‘You ran that race faster than anyone ever ran it before.’
Complimenting a player who broke a record. ‘You did very well this year: Twelve wins and only two losses.’
Summarizing the team’s achievement. ‘You’re better than most players I know of. You’re the best player on the team.’
Praising a player for her talent. ‘You’re a natural athlete.’

4. Complete the following sentences with the words in the box.


borders encouraged organs tolerate broke national outstanding waves


1) Athletes’ hearts, lungs, and other major _____ are in excellent condition.

2) An open-water swimmer must _____ cold.

3) In the water, Lynne Cox can’t see the _____ she crosses.

4) First, she ran in small local races; then when she was good enough, she ran in _____ races.

5) Big _____ are a problem – they make swimming difficult.

6) She lost the race and wanted to quit, but her friends _____ her to try again.

7) He was a(n) _____ boxer; he won the heavyweight championship.

8) In 1992, Yoko _____ the world record for speed skating 1000 meters.

5. Translate the following sentences into English using the vocabulary of the unit.

1) Его предупредили, что его грубое поведение больше не потерпят.

2) Чтобы заниматься живописью, надо иметь выдающийся талант.

3) Готовясь к соревнованиям, спортсмен надеялся побить мировой рекорд.

4) Каждый должен быть вознагражден за свои достижения.

5) За последний месяц сотни беженцев пересекли границу.

6) Мне нравится эта должность именно потому, что я все время должен преодолевать трудности.

7) Компании в таких государствах должны разрабатывать и создавать самые современные товары для сохранения конкурентоспособного преимущества.

8) Последнее время модно класть лед в шампанское, но это не стало пока трендом.

9) Люди, способные выявлять новые тенденции, как правило, обладают определенным опытом и знаниями в области поп-культуры.

10) Следование всякого рода модным веяниям и трендам для некоторых людей составляет смысл жизни.

11) Хип-хоп - это стиль жизни со своим собственным языком, стилем одежды, музыкой, умонастроением (mind set).

12) Неразумно было так реагировать. Вы слишком восторженно отзывались о его выступлении.

13) Я почти ничего не мог разглядеть в утреннем тумане (mist).

14) В этом году на курсы записалось более 800 человек.



1. In a group of three or four. Look at and discuss the lives of some outstanding people. All these people should be the ones who could be admired for something. For each person, think about the following things:

· What challenges did he or she face in life?

· How talented is he or she?

· How hardworking was he or she?

· How great were his or her achievements?

· What did he or she achieve outside his or her profession – in other areas of life?

Discuss your decisions in class.

2. Statements can be options or facts. An opinion is something you believe to be true. Different people can have different opinions about the same thing. You can agree or disagree with an opinion. Facts are statements that are true for everyone.

Look at the sentences. Which are opinions and which are facts? Write an O for opinion and an F for fact. Then compare your answers with those of a partner.

___1. Men can’t have babies.

___2. Men can’t be male nannies.

___3. Women aren’t strong.

___4. Women can’t be in the army because it’s a man’s job.

___5. There are more women in the world than men.

___6. Women take care of children because it’s a women’s job.

___7. Men and women can both teach children.

___8. Women can’t be mechanics because they can’t learn how to fix cars.

What are some other common opinions and facts about men and women? Discuss your ideas in the class.


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