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Choose the correct word in brackets


1. The birds were flying (high, highly) and low. 2. He was (high, highly) intelligent. 3. He had found out that Sawbridge's family had lived (close, closely) to mine. 4. Philip, smoking a cheap cigar, observed Glutton (close, closely). 5. Meanwhile Martin's own reward was coming (near, nearly). 6. We were (near, nearly) smashed up on the shore several times. 7. I'm sure you know how (deep, deeply) I sympathize with you. 8. With her beautiful expressive eyes she looked (deep, deeply) into his. 9. During his last year at St Luke's Philip had to work (hard, hardly). 10. I need (hard, hardly) say that I agree with you. 11. Suddenly she stopped (short, shortly), and disengaged herself from her companion. 12. He was joined (short, shortly) by a stewardess. 13. They stick you with everything if you don't look (sharp, sharply). 14. He looked at her (sharp, sharply). 15. "0pen your eyes (wide, widely)," he ordered gently and examined each eye in turn in the bright pencil of light. 16. This word is (wide, widely) used in spoken English. 17. The officer leaned down and looked (close, closely) at Ralph. 18. There were three desks, one with an electric typewriter, and all with papers, books, and files piled (high, highly). 19. His heart beat so that he could (hard, hardly) breathe. 20. He drank long and (deep, deeply). 21. He had an eye for colour which was more (high, highly) trained than that of anyone in the department. 22. Ralph said nothing more, but waited while the procession came (near, nearly). 23. He was (deep, deeply) moved. 24. She suddenly felt that he was (wide, widely) awake. 25. The doctor answered him (short, shortly).


Fill in the gaps with prepositions.


1. We consider Mr Thompson an authority — English literature. 2. Russian composers made a great contribution — world culture. 3. Include it — your report. 4. How long did the Roman invasion — Britain last? 5. He found himself involved — the plot. 6. Who cured you —your headaches? 7. What countries does Switzerland border — ? 8. Apologise — Francis — your words. 9. The document was made out — Mr Harlow's name. 10. My interest — the subject grew. 11. Professor Cox lectures — physics. 12. This is the key — the upper drawer. 13. Shall I retell the story — the first person? 14. — my opinion you would be — a disadvantage. 15. There is no need — changes of any kind. 16. The article was published in The TIMES — 21st April. 17. Neither Senators nor Congressmen are responsible — their electors. 18. Making a tour — the country was part of the programme. 19. That's your advantage — your rival. 20. She'll never reconcile herself — the new situation. 21. Each state regardless/irrespective — the population sends to Congress two Senators. 22. You shouldn't reproach Helen — it. 23. Don't enter without knocking — the door first. 24. I'll be — your disposal in a minute. 25. Don't forget to congratulate Mark — getting the prize. 26. It might have been done — some other reason. 27. I wonder what happened — the manuscript. 28. It's nonsense: nobody is spying — them. 29. The speaker stressed the need — order and coordination. 30. He felt better the moment he got — the train. You can't be sure — anything. 32. The demand — such goods is growing. 33. The storm started when the ships were still — sea. 34. The match will be shown — Channel One. 35. What does your decision depend — ? 36. From the top storey you can get a wonderful view — London. 37. It is a wonderful medicine — a cough. 38. They must have done it — humanitarian reasons.


Контрольная работа № 4


Для выполнения контрольной работы № 4 по практической грамматике необходимо изучить следующие темы: синтаксис (коммуникативные типы предложений; простое предложение; односоставное предложение; эллиптическое предложение; сложносочиненное предложение; сложноподчиненное предложение; чужая речь).


Вариант № 1


1. Change from direct into indirect speech:


1. "He lives here," Mouldy replied. 2. "Do you know how cold it actually is?" the doctor demanded. 3. "Would you like to come out for a drive, Jean?" said her mother after a while. 4. "Come and help me pick my books, Joe," Eva said, taking my arm. 5. "If you'll wait ten minutes," she said at last, "I'll run both of us in the car." 6. "One day you must come here in winter," she said, as they started to walk back to their horses, "and then I'll take you climbing higher up the ravine where the waterfalls freeze into solid marble statues." 7. "Tie up the horses here," she said, "and come with me. It's too steep for them." 8. "Daddy," he said, "how old was I when I went to school for the first time?" — "You had just turned five." 9. "And hasn't he had anything to eat?" asked my mother. 10. "Shall you want anything else, Mr. Ballisat?" asked Mrs. Burke... 11. "Who are you working for?" asked the gentleman... 12. "What sort of morning is it?" asked Ripston of Mouldy, who was looking out. 13. "Which is my bed?" I inquired, in a melancholy voice, of Sam. 14. "Do you know the Poulterer's in the next street but one, at the corner?" Scrooge inquired. 15. "I want to know what it (the sea) says," he answered looking steadily in her face. 16. "I'll tell you why I asked you to come," said Gilbert. 17. "...and where do you keep the cheeses and the butter?" — "In the cellar," answered Hilma. She raised the flap of the cellar door at the end of the room. "Would you like to see? Come down I'll show you." 18. "I've got it all settled, Dessie," Waldo told her... 19. "I think you are right," my cousin Mourad said. 20. "Is there something wrong, Mrs. Murduck?" he asked anxiously. 21. "Mr. Abbott, he said, "could we have a drink of water?" 22. "Graham, I have bad news for you," said Mr. Cronje solemnly. "Your mother is ill and you must leave for home at once. There is a train to-night at nine. I shall arrange for you to catch it." 23. She asked: "What time will you be calling to-night?" — "I'd like you to be ready at a quarter to eight, please, Jean." 24. "You acted nobly, my boy," said he. "Noble Pip! And I have never forgotten it." 25. "What's the matter?" he asked suddenly. "Aren't you enjoying yourself?" — "Yes, of course," she said vainly trying to smile. 26. "Can I have my dinner, mother?" he cried, rushing in with his cap on. — "You can have your dinner as soon as it's done," replied the mother.


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