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Absolute Participle Constructions

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Обороты, в которых причастие имеет свое собственное подлежащее, называются самостоятельными причастными оборотами или абсолютными причастными конструкциями (Absolute Participle Construction). Они соответствуют в русском языке либо придаточным предложениям, либо самостоятельным предложениям.

The student knowing English well, the examination did not last long.

Так как слушатель хорошо знал английский, экзамен продолжался недолго.

The US Congress consists of two chambers, each of them being elected by citizens of all states. –Конгресс США состоит из 2-х палат, и каждая избирается гражданами всех штатов.

Как правило, если абсолютная причастная конструкция стоит в начале предложения, то она переводится придаточным предложением с союзом «так как, поскольку, ввиду того, что; когда, после того как, если».

Примеры перевода сложных конструкций с причастием:

I watched him working at the text. – Я наблюдал, как он работает над текстом.

He was watched working at the text. – Наблюдали, как он работает над текстом.

He has the article translated. – Ему перевели статью.


№ 52. Переведите предложения с причастиями.


1. Being washed by seas Great Britain has a mild climate. 2. Having developed its economy the USA has become a mighty power. 3. When reading the article the students will know much of the American Indians life. 4. Having been translated into Russian this book is very popular with the young readers. 5. Having heard of all the details of that situation I decided to help my friend. 6. Having been read long ago the text seemed new for us. 7. Having been put at the Congress these problems have remained very important today. 8. Great Britain has a highly developed economy.


№ 53. Переведите на русский язык предложения с причастиями I и обратите внимание на времена.


1. Taking his seat, he looked at his watch. 2. Lingering in the cold, he debated whether he should ride on to the house. 3. Having heard the gist of the report, Mr Smith did not dispute it. 4. Arriving at the station, she saw him at once, leaning against the railing. 5. Crossing that little empty room to the door, she thought, “It opens inwards, I must pull it to behind me!” 6. Adrian, glancing around, suddenly saw Kate. 7. Jane, having slammed the kitchen door, stood waiting for Tom to open it. 8. So thinking, he paused before his house door. 9. Hearing that the new Member would be at his headquarters all the morning, the sisters started about eleven o’clock. 10. About to sink into an armchair, he noticed standing before the fire a tallish thin man with twisting dark eyebrows.


№ 54. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Present Participle или Perfect Participle.


1. (to do) his homework, he was thinking hard. 2. (to do) his homework, he went for a walk. 3. (to sell) the fruit, he looked back from time to time, hoping to see his friends. 4. (to sell) all the fruit, he went to see his friends. 5. (to eat) all the potatoes, she drank a cup of tea. 6. (to drink) tea, she scalded her lips. 7. (to run) in the yard, I fell and hurt my knee. 8. (to look) through some magazines, I came across an interesting article about UFOs. 9. (to write) out and (to learn) all the new words, he was able to translate the text easily. 10. (to live) in the south of our country, he cannot enjoy the beauty of St. Petersburg’s White Nights in summer.


№ 55. Переведите на английский язык, используя обороты Complex Object с причастиями I.


1. Я видела, как вы проехали мимо нашего дома в своей машине. 2. Я заметил, как она входила в кондитерскую. 3. Она открыла окно и наблюдала, как ее дети играли во дворе. 4. Он чувствовал, как мать гладила его руку. 5. Они видели, как ее мать ходила взад и вперед по комнате. 6. Он чувствовал, как у него дрожали руки. 7. Учительница наблюдала, как дети входили в школу. 8. Он нашел ее на платформе в ожидании поезда. 9. Она слышали, как ее муж тяжело спускался по лестнице. 10. Когда Джек увидел, как Том пересекал улицу, он помахал ему рукой.


№ 56 . Переведите предложения с причастными конструкциями.


1. The article being interesting and important, I used it in my report.

2. He sat watching TV, the newspaper forgotten on his knees.

3. He is going to have this job finished.

4. The door being opened, we heard the teacher speaking with a student.

5. Mike’s uniform needs ironing, and Peter’s shoes need polishing.

6. Mike had the TV set repaired some days ago.

7. The text being easy, the students could read and translate it easily.

8. If read, the article must be discussed.

9. You must go to the hairdresser’s and have your hair cut.

10. I heard him answering the question on the US Constitution.

11. The people want the public order being always maintained.

12. Freedom of speech and demonstration was reported being violated.

13. The teacher felt him knowing that problem not quite well.


№ 57. Замените придаточные определительные предложения причастными оборотами.


1. All the people who live in this house are students. 2. The woman who is speaking now is our secretary. 3. The apparatus that stands on the table in the corner of the laboratory is quite new. 4. The young man in who helps the professor in his experiments studies at our university. 5. People who borrow books from the library must return them in time. 6. There are many pupils in our class who take part in all kinds of extracurricular activities.

№ 58. Замените придаточные предложения причины причастными оборотами.


1. As he now felt more at ease, the man spoke in a louder voice. 2. Since he knew who the man was,Robert was very pleased to have the chance of talking to him. 3. As he thought that it was his brother at the window, Steve decided to open it. 4. As the people were afraid of falling into a ditch in the darkness at any moment,they felt their way about very carefully. 5. Since he needed a shelter for the night, Peter decided to go to the neighbours’ house.

2015-11-08 1503 Обсуждений (0)
Absolute Participle Constructions 0.00 из 5.00 0 оценок

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