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Ex. 152. Comment on the forms of the verb

Ex. 148. Comment on the use of Moods.

1. Не suggested that they should transportthe patient over to England at once. 2. I was going to suggest you should comefor a picnic. 3. When do you suggest that we should printthe test? 4. He suggested that precautions be taken.5. Who proposed that he should come?6. Mr. Ford insisted that every car should beblack in order to keep the price down. 7. Tony Simmons could not agree with him insisting they should investmore cash in the stock market. 8. She demands that I should takeher somewhere more amusing tomorrow. 9. I commanded that her mother should be broughtin.10. He ordered that the child should be sentto him alone. 11. He suggested that they rest,but she went on. 12. He commanded that the prisoner's life be spared.13. He insisted that nothing be moveduntil the police arrived. 14. William wrote to request that she allowhim to negotiate the terms of the sale.


1. Он предложил, что они должны доставить пациента сразу же в Англию.

2. Я собирался предложить тебе пойти на пикник.

3. Когда ты предлагаешь нам распечатать текст? (прикольно звучит)

4. Он предложил принять меры предосторожности.

5. Кто предложил ему, что бы он пришёл?

6. Мистер Форд настаивал, что бы каждая машина была чёрного цвета, дабы поддерживать снижение цен. (???????)

7. Тони Симмонс не мог с ним согласиться, настаивая на том, что им следует вкладывать больше денег в фондовую биржу.

8. Она требует, что бы я отвёз её в какое-нибудь более весёлое место, чем прежде.

9. Я приказал, что бы её маму впустили.

10. Он приказал, что ребёнок должен отправиться к нему один.

11. Он предложил сделать привал, но она продолжала идти (шла дальше).

12. Он приказал, что бы жизнь заключённого была плохой.

13. Он настаивал, что бы ни чего не трогали до приезда полиции.

14. Вильям написал запрос, что бы она разрешила договориться об условиях сделки.

Ex. 149. Fill in the blanks.

1. After breakfast she suggested that they should walk to the shore. 2. I order that you should remain here. 3. He had also ordered that the lad should be sent alone into his room. 4. I was going to propose that you go for a walk with me. 5. She recognized me at once and asked that I should have recognized to her. 6. The doctor insisted that they should be seated together at the same table. 7 I was about to ask that you should have lunch with me. 8. I cut him short by commanding that he should start for the village. 9 I suggest that we should leave the house at once. 10. Will you excuse me, gentlemen, if I suggest that you should leave now? 11. He directed that the prosecution should present the evidence. 12. He only demands that the man should leave the country at once.13. The Gadfly had insisted that the work should finish by the middle of June. 14. Did you arrange then that he should have returned the same night? 15. The telegram requested that he should go first to Berlin. 16. He was anxious that his brother-in-law has enough money.

Ex. 150. Translate into English.

1. Она предлагает, чтобы все мы встретились в субботу вечером на дискотеке. 2. Он требует, чтобы все было готово к 11 часам. 3. Они предложили, чтобы я написал статью для их журнала. 4. Я настаиваю, чтобы собаку оставили дома. 5. Доктор распорядился, чтобы больного отправили в больницу. 6. Декан распорядился, чтобы мы привели в порядок всю эту часть институтского сада. 7. Мы попросили, чтобы домашнее задание было проверено на втором уроке. 8. Она предложила, чтобы на ужин у нас была яичница с ветчиной и кофе. 9. Я настаиваю, чтобы ты принял лекарство незамедлительно. 10. Врач требует, чтобы больной спал при открытом окне. 11. Потом кто-то скомандовал, чтобы мы свернули к реке. 12. Молли умоляла, чтобы ей вернули куклу. 13. Я требую, чтобы ты сказал правду.


1. She suggests that we should meet in the Saturday evening at the disco.

2. He demands that everything should be ready by 11 o’clock.

3. They suggested that I should write an article for their magazine.

4. I insist that the dog should stay at home.

5. A doctor ordered that the patient should be sent to the hospital.

6. The Dean commanded that we should make the things around the University garden.

7. We asked that our homework should be checked on the second lesson.

8. She suggested that for supper we have fried eggs with bacon and coffee.

9. I insist you should take this medicine immediately.

10. A doctor demands the patient should sleep with open window.

11. Afterwards somebody commanded that we should turn to river.

12. Molly begged that her doll should be given back.

13. I insist that you should tell the truth.

Ex. 151. Complete the given phrases using the Suppositional Mood or Subjunctive I in object clauses.

l. We advise.... 2. They insist.... 3. The speaker demanded ... . 4. I suggest... . 5. The president ordered ... . 6. The headmistress's advised that ... . 7. The doctor demanded .... 8. The councillor strongly advised .... 9. The women requested .... 10. The manager was determined ....


  To be astonished To be pleased To be sorry To be pleased       that   smb should do smth   smb should have done smth

Ex. 152. Comment on the forms of the verb.

1. I'm terribly sorry you should thinkof me so. 2. I'm so very sorry this should have happened.3. I'm particularly pleased he should have madethe offer on his own accord. 4. She was so much astonished that they should have chosenher to be their deputy. 5. I'm sorry you should beso upset. 6. I'm glad you should have changedyour mind. 7. She wondered why she should feelso nervous. 8. Why were you so surprised that he should have dropped in?


1. Мне очень жаль что ты так думаешь обо мне.

2. Искренне прошу меня простить за случившееся.

3. Мне очень приятно, что он определился с выбором или сам принял решение.

4. Она была так потрясена (удивлена), что им пришлось выбрать её своим представителем.

5. Мне жаль, что тебе пришлось так расстроиться.

6. Мне приятно, что ты передумал.

7. Она удивлялась, почему она так нервничает.

8. Почему ты был так удивлён что он будет переброшен (???)

Ex. 153. Complete the following sentences adding an object clause.

1. It was agreed that I should write them a letter suggesting that... . 2. It was getting dark and the guide proposed ... . 3. Several people have suggested that... . 4. On Sunday he suggested that... . 5. She saw why they had insisted that... . 6. When I suggested that... . 7. So they thought of me and proposed ... . 8. He decided to telephone his former schoolmates to suggest to them without explaining why that they ... . 9. It was her own family who suggested ... . 10. Everyone agreed with my suggestion that... . 11. He wants to suggest that ... . 12. I don't see why you insist that... . 13. The weather was so fine that their mother suggested that ... . 14. Next morning he proposed ... . 15. Fearing it would rain he insisted ... . 16. It was getting dark so I insisted ... . 17. Watching the football match he suddenly desired ... . 18. It's a pity that you refused when I suggested ... . 19. He had a splitting headache and demanded ... . 20. The day was fine and I proposed ... . 21. The patient was laid up with pneumonia and the doctor demanded ... . 22. I enjoyed my trip to St Petersburg and suggested ... . 23. Our luggage was very heavy and mother insisted ... . 24. A new film was on and our monitor suggested ... .

Ex. 154. Paraphrase the sentences following the example.

Model : I insist on our doing this work at once.

I insist that you should do this work at once.

I insist that you do this work at once.

1. It's your fault. You insisted on his coming here. 2. The doctor then suggested going round the house to one of the back windows. 3. It was she who actually suggested our getting married. 4. When Antonia suggested taking him to see the famous Battle Great Wood, her mother immediately agreed. 5. He was rather keen on architecture, and he talked about farming, and if a pub looked nice he generally suggested stopping for five minutes and having a glass of beer . 6. An hour or two ago you were insisting on our being sympathetic, and now. 7. Why will you children insist on giving parties! 8. Why did you insist on my mother coming here? 9. He'll insist on our coming some other time – or change the day. 10. Alridge insisted upon paying for the tickets. 11. My wife insisted upon my seeing a doctor. 12. The doctor insisted upon X-raying me. 13. He moved our putting off the meeting. 14. He proposed going on an excursion to Vladimir. 15. He persisted on our making the experiment at once. 16. He proposed doing this work instead of me. 17. She suggested coming over and helping me with my packing. 18. The father insisted on their going to bed at once. 19. She suggested our going for a drive. 20. He insisted on our making up the quarrel. Now really – you mustn't be hysterical. I cannot understand why you, children, persist in having these absurd arguments. 21. She insisted on making him some tea now, although he did not want it.

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