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Progressive Tense Forms

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The Present Progressive Tense

1. Формы образования предложения:

  I am reading a book now.  
  He, She, (It) is   eating apples now.  
  We, You, They, are   not working in the laboratory now.  
  Am I   reading a book now? Yes, I am No, I am not
  Is he, she, (it)   eating now? Yes, he /she/ it is No, he isn’t
  Are we, you, they   working in the lab? Yes, we /you/, they are. No, we aren’t.
What are you   doing now? I’m reading a book. We are working in the laboratory.


2. Данные формы употребляются для выражения действия, которое совершается в момент речи и длится как процесс.

Note 1: Следующие глаголы, выражающие чувства, восприятие и умственную деятельность, обычно не употребляются в формах continuous: hear, see, know, understand, (dis) like, want, seem, wish.

Note 2: С глаголами движения go, start, come, leave the Present Continuous Tense Forms употребляются для выражения будущего действия.

She is coming in a day or two. Она приезжает через день или два.

Are you leaving tomorrow? Вы уезжаете завтра.

3. Глагол в форме Continuous может употребляться с обстоятельствами, обозначающими:

a) длительность, незаконченность Still – ещё.

b) длительность действия, ограниченного каким-либо отрезком времени all day long – весь день, throughout the year – в течении всего года, the whole week – всю неделю и т.д.


Exercise 1.

Change the following sentences according to the pattern.

Pattern: He usually has breakfast at seven, but today he is having breakfast at eight.

1. She usually drinks coffee in the morning, but today she …… tea.

2. I usually read books in the evening, but now I …… a newspaper.

3. They usually have dinner at home, but today they…… dinner in the restaurant, because it is their anniversary.

4. Martin usually drives to college, but today he …… on foot, because something’s wrong with his car.

5. Am usually drinks tea with sugar, but today she…… tea without it. She is on a diet.

6. We usually do exercises and read texts in English, but today we ……a test.

7. I usually do my homework every day, but today I …… my homework. I’m not well.


Exercise 2.

Make the following sentences:-negative;


1. The sun is shining brightly today.

2. We are having physics now.

3. The lecturer is explaining some new material now.

4. The students of group 2 are writing a composition now.

5. Our family is having dinner at the moment.

6. He is asking you questions now.

7. Student Ivanov is standing at the blackboard at the moment.

8. The teacher is speaking German now.

9. We are writing new words in our note – books at the moment.



Exercise 3.

Ask questions to the following sentences beginning with the words in brackets.

1. They are writing a composition now (What? Who?).

2. He is translating an English article (What kind of ?).

3. We are having dinner in the canteen now (Where?).

4. I am learning a vocabulary by heart at the moment (What? Why?).

5. You are talking too fast (How? Why?).

6. We are trying to do this exercise (Who? What?).

7. It is raining heavily outside (How?).

8. I am dreaming about summer (Who?).


Exercise 4.

Use the Present Progressive Tense instead of the infinitives in brackets.

1. Look ! It (to rain).

2. Why you (not to wear ) your coat today? It’s so cold.

3. You (to make) a lot of noise.

4. You (to read) any English books now?

5. They (to have) an English lesson. The teacher (to write) new words on the blackboard and (to explain) their meanings. The students (to sit) at the tables and (to make) notes.

6. He constantly (to forget) things.

7. Excuse me. I (to look for) the library. Is there one near here?

8. All the town (to talk) about this story.

Exercise 5.

Use the Present Simple or the Present Progressive Tense instead of the infinitives in brackets.

1. Our teacher (to speak) two foreign languages.

2. I (to read ) a very interesting book .

3. Usually my friend (to read ) a lot.

4. What you (to do) tonight? Let’s go to the cinema.

5. He always (to do) his morning exercises with the window open.

6. The dynamo team (to play) very well today.

7. We never (to play) football in the gym.

8. I’d like to see Professor Smith. – Sorry. He is out at the moment. He (to give) a lecture.

9. Sometimes he (to give) his lectures in English for the students of the English section.

10. Look! Somebody (to swim) over there.

11. Ann hardly ever (почти никогда) (to eat) anything before going to bed.

12. Hello. This is Brown speaking. – Sorry. I don’t hear you well. Who (to speak)?


Exercise 6.

Translate into English

1. Ты торопишься на занятие? – Да. В 11.00 у нас лекция.

2. Твой брат сейчас дома? –Да, но он занят. Он делает уроки.

3. Не входите в аудиторию. Студенты пишут там контрольную работу.

4. Какой урок вы сейчас проходите? – Мы проходим пятый урок.

5. Не мешайте мне, я готовлюсь к докладу.

6. Почему она плачет? – Я не знаю, я пытаюсь её успокоить.

7. Делегация приезжает завтра.

8. Куда вы идёте? – Я иду в библиотеку. Я всегда хожу туда в это время.


Exercise 7.

The hidden picture game .

One of the players draws a sketch of some – one doing something. Do not let anyone see what you are drawing. The others are to try to guess what the person you’ve drawn is doing. Ask general questions. The person who guesses correctly draws the second picture. Here are some of the pictures that you can use.


Exercise 8.

The verb game. Write down as many sentences as you can in the five minute time limit. The player with the most correct sentences is the winner.

Use the following verbs:

watch, make, clean, eat, listen to, write, play, have, wash up, read.

Pattern: He is reading a book in the living room.



Exercise 9

Compare the pictures. Use the Present Progressive Tense.

Exercise 10.

Chose some well – known picture by a Russian or foreign painter and describe it using as many Present Progressive forms as possible.


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