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B) указательное; d) усилительное


1. It is our manager who will be able to solve such a problem.

2. Someone is coming to the door. It is our boss.

3. It is very difficult to remember so many words.

4. It is clear that he doesn’t know this grammar rule.

5. It is the reading of adapted English books that will help the students to enlarge their vocabulary.

6. Take the book, it is on the shelf.

7. He gave me good advice and I followed it.

8. It is very cold in the office.

9. It is necessary to use the latest means of control in industry.


Упражнение 2. Определите функции слов it и that в следующих предложениях, переведите эти предложения на русский язык.

1. It is in London that one can see beautiful buildings.

2. It was this text that we had to translate for the last lesson.

3. It is New York that is the leading centre of many branches of industry.

4. The article that you read yesterday contains very important data.

5. That automation changes the nature of the world’s labour is clear to everybody.

6. They know that we shall do our best to send the documents as soon as possible.

7. The economic importance of stock exchanges is that they facilitate saving and investment.


Таблица функций слова One

One –неопределенно-личное местоимение . Употребляется в функции подлежащего (не переводится) One + can, may, must = можно, нужно. One must know it. – Нужно знать это. One must not smoke here. – Здесь нельзя курить.
Слово-заместитель заменяет ранее упомянутое существительное Или не переводится, или при переводе ставится имя существительное, которое заменяет слово one, или переводится как тот, который. This book is more difficult than the one we read last week. – Эта книга труднее, чем та, которую мы читали на прошлой неделе.
Числительное (один, одна, одно) London is one of the largest cities in the word. Лондон – один из крупнейших городов в мире.


Упражнение 1. Укажите предложения:

а) с неопределенно-личным местоимением one;

b) со словом one – заместителем ранее упомянутого существительного;

с) с числительным one.


1. The efficiency of the new method is much higher than the efficiency of the old one. It differs greatly from the one used at our enterprise.

2. One might say that at the end of World War II the United States was the only strong capitalist country with most of the gold reserves.

3. The people of Britain live in one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

4. One must learn English words for every lesson.

5. This article is more difficult than the one we translated last week.


Упражнение 2. Переведите на русский язык предложения с неопределенно-личным местоимением one, которое не переводится.


1. One must say that you are not right in that case.

2. To master a foreign language one must study it regularly.

3. One can notice new elements in the design of modern buildings.

4. One must take part in scientific work.

5. One must learn new words before reading the text.

6. One must keep in mind this grammar rule.

7. One can easily do it.


Грамматические функции и значения глаголов to have и to be резко меняются в зависимости от того, какое слово следует за этими глаголами.


Упражнение 1. Укажите, в каких предложениях глагол to have употреблен как вспомогательный. Переведите предложения.


1. You will have to deliver the goods in five days.

2. They have just signed all the documents.

3. Many people have a current account in the bank.

4. The banking industry has changed radically over the last 10 years.

5. Britain has a largely free-market economy.

6. Our exports have increased. The increase will give us an opportunity
to repay the credit.

7. The country has always imported these goods.


Упражнение 2. Укажите, в каких функциях употреблен глагол to have в сле­дующих предложениях:


1). Не often has to write letters to foreign companies.

2). They have already discussed the time of delivery of goods.

3). The firm has extended its resources through the use of credit.

4). They had to agree to this plan.

5). The owner has invested some of his money into new businesses.

6). The firm has no securities.

7). New credits have increased the income of the purchaser.




Упражнение 1. Определите, в каких функциях употреблен глагол to be в следующих предложениях:

a) модальный; с) вспомогательный;

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