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Скажите, какой артикль имеют подчеркнутые существительные (определенный, неопределенный, нулевой)

I have a kitten. It is a nice kitten. In the morning I give my kitten milk and I eat an apple and sandwiches. I like apples but the kitten does not. Cats do not eat apples.

Вставьте артикль. Обратите особое внимание на первую букву слова.

… book … apple … pen … train
… lamp … apricot … carrot … bus
… exercise … year … rabbit … family
… umbrella … artist … orange … small tree
… oval face … round ball … nice dress … new flat

Вставьте артикли там, где это необходимо.

1)London is on ___ river Thames. 2) ___ Lucy’s uncle is ___ teacher. 3) It’s ___ long way to ____ office. 4) There are a lot of flowers in ___ garden.5) ___ white hat is my mother’s. 6) Purple is ___ nice colour. 7) It is ___ Apple computer. 8) What colour is ___ telephone? 9) ___ Eiffel Tower is in Paris. 10) __ her eyes are brown. 11) ___ red pen isn’t mine.12) This is __ jug of __ jam.

Вставьте артикли a/an, the.

1)The students are going to write __ test. ___ test consists of twelve tasks. 2) His daughter got __ bad mark at school yesterday, but ___ mark didn't upset her. 3) They have __ new teacher. __ teacher comes from __ England. 4) Kate saw __ beautiful blouse in the shop, but __ blouse was very expensive. 5) What __ interesting person! 6) She's such __ lovely woman! 7) You asked me __ question but I think you should know ___ answer yourself. 8) Which fruit would you like: __ apples or __ oranges? 9) I can't fall asleep. ___ music is very loud.

5.Поставьте там, где это необходимо, артикли перед географическими названиями:

Atlantic Ocean Africa North America
Phillippines Japan Andes
China United Kingdom Baikal
Suez Canal Rhine Red Sea
British Isles New York Lake Superior
Netherlands Canary Islands Volga
Stockholm London Canada

Поставьте там, где это необходимо, артикли.

1)___ Canary Islands are popular with British people for a holiday. 2) __ Chicago River flows south towards __ Gulf of ___ Mexico. 3) __ Volga flows from ___ Valdai Hills to ___ Caspian Sea. 4) Where are __ British Isles situated? 5) We get tea mostly from ___ China and Ceylon. 6) ___ National Gallery faces __ Trafalgar Square. 7) You can find a beautiful collection of Modern Art in ___ Tate Gallery.


(The Pronoun)

Личные и притяжательные местоимения

Им. Падеж (подлежащее) Объектный падеж (дополнение) Определение (перед именем существительным)
1л.,ед. Meмне,меня Myмой, моя.мое  
2л., ед и мн.ч Youты, Вы You тебя, о тебе Yourтвой, ваш  
3л., ед.ч. Heон Sheона It он, она, оно Himего, ему, Herее, ей Itего, ее, о нем Hisего (дом, книга) Herее (друг) Itsего, ее  
1л. мн. ч. Weмы Usнас, нам Ourнаш, наша  
3 л. мн. ч. Theyони Themих, им, с ними Theirих (дом)  


Прочтите данные предложения. Переведите их на русский язык.

1)Nick and Peter are friends. They are pupils. 2) Where is Ann? She is in the garden. Show her the letter.3) What kind of book is it? It is an English book. Give it to me. 4) Nina and Natasha, how old are you? Nina is nine and I am eight. We are schoolgirls. 5) What are you? I am a worker. 6) Where is Tom? He is in the car. Ask him to come home.

Замените существительные соответствующими местоимениями.

1)Please give the money to Sandy. 2) The teacher reads the story to the children. 3) Did you give the letter to your friend? 4) Send a letter to Mrs Halse. 5) Alice sent a card to her granny. 6) Can you give the book to mybrother? 7) Will you tell this to my parents? 8) Phone me and my brother tomorrow. 9) Call on Mike and his brother.

3. Заполните пропуски подходящими по смыслу притяжательными и личными местоимениями:

1)I’d like some ice in __ orange juice. 2) We would like to have breakfast in __ room. 3) Would you like wine with __ meal? 4) The children would like to watch TV in __ room. 5) These children live in Wales. __ names are Ted and Evan. 6) Your hands are dirty. Wash __ please. 7) Emma is cleaning the car. Help __ please. 8) My little brother is hungry. Give __ something. 9) Children are in the yard. Can you see __ ? 10) Take some bread and put __ on the table. 11) I have an extra pen. You can take __ .

Заполните пропуски местоимениями.

1)We have a nice flat. __ flat is in a new house. 2) They have a large apartment. There are four rooms in __ apartment. 3) I have a dog. __ name is Snip. 4) He put on __ new jacket. 5) She broke __ arm. 6) Tim, tell me, isn’t that __ girl-friend over there? 7) The students must bring __ compositions tomorrow. 8) Mr. Brown told us about __ experience.

Указательные местоимения

(Demonstrative Pronouns)

Единственное число Множественное число
this(этот, эта, это) these(эти)
that(тот, та, то) those(те)

За указательным местоимением обычно стоит определяемое им существительное.

This boy is my brother. – Этот мальчик – мой брат.

Если нужно избежать повторения, вместо существительного после указательных местоимений this, that можно употребить слово one, после these, those – слово ones.

I have this book and you have that one.

У меня есть эта книга, а у тебя – та.


Скажите, являются эти предметы близкими или далекими. Вставьте слова this, that, these, those.

1)___ is an old umbrella. And ___ is a new umbrella. 2) ___ apples are green and ___ apples in the basket are red. Take a red one. 3) Where are the children? – They are in the yard. – Are ___ children your friends? 4) ___ are my brothers. Their names are Oleg and Victor. 5) I don’t like __ cake. Give me __ on the plate. 6) Are ___ man and woman who are waiting for you and your aunt and uncle?

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