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Неличные формы глагола. 1. My parents never let me______in bed

Тест 1

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. My parents never let me______in bed.

a) reading c) to reading

b) to read d) read

2. The teacher allowed us ______reference material while

writing the report.

a) to use c) use

b) using d) used

3. They expected the meeting______in a conference hall.

a) to hold c) holding

b) to be held d) to be holding

4. What makes him______so jealous of his friends' success?

a) to be c) be

b) being d) to have been

5.1 am thinking______my country house.

a) selling c) to sell

b) of selling d) is selling

6.1 would rather______her the truth.

a) have told c) telling

b) to tell d) tell

7. You had better______your studies more seriously.

a) take c) taking

b) to take d) are taking

8.1 don't mind______out.

a) against eating c) eating

b) eat d) to eat

9.1 hope______Moscow State University.

a) for entering c) of entering

b) to enter d) entering

10.1 want my brother______the work as soon as possible.

a) finishing c) finishes

b) to finish d) finish

11. Could you help me______the work as soon as possible?

a) finishing c) with finishing

b) in finishing d) to finish

12. If you don't succeed______your exams, I won't let you

______to a disco.

a) in taking, go c) in taking, to go

b) taking, go d) to take, go

13. The government intend______social programmes.

a) at starting c) to start

b) starting d) start

14.1 was made______to play the piano.

a) learn c) learning

b) to learn d) in learning

15. My father makes me______the piano three hours a day.

a) to play c) play

b) playing d) in playing

16. A passer-by asked me how______to the railway station.

a) can get c) getting

b) get d) to get

17. The children were let______in the river.

a) swim c) swimming

b) to swim d) swam

18. The tourists expected the hotel______much better.

a) be c) of being

b) being d) to be

19.1 would like my daughter______back home earlier.

a) come c) to come

b) coming d) to be coming

20. My father likes______for long walks in the early morn­ing.

a) go c) to go

b) going d) of going

21. Some parents enjoy______their children what to do.

a) telling c) to tell

b) in telling d) tell

22. His aunt is a very fussy person who wants everything ______in its right place.

a) being c) be

b) to be d) to being

23. A thermometer is used______the temperature.

a) take c) taking

b) for taking d) to take

24. Everyone hates______extra hours for nothing.

a) work c) working

b) to work d) of working

25. We dislike______in the city centre because of air pollu­tion.

a) living c) to be living

b) live d) to live

Тест 2

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Не used______a lot of "fantasy" books when a teenager.

a) read c) for reading

b) reading d) to read

2. He is not used______soap operas on TV.

a) to watch c) to watching

b) for watching d) watch

3. Peter was never a good friend. If I were you I would try ______him.

a) to forget c) for forgetting

b) forgetting d) forget

4. If your clothes are very dirty, try_______them in a little


a) to wash c) wash

b) washing d) for washing

5. Please stop______so loudly!

a) to speak c)speak

b) speaking d) to be speaking

6. After two hours we stopped______a snack.

a) for having c) have

b) having d) to have

7. My grandmother remembers______this famous actor in

many parts at the theatre.

a) to see c) seeing

b) of seeing d) see

8. Do you remember______John and tell him that we can't

meet today?

a) to see c) seeing

b) of seeing d) see

9.1 started______ at the age of two.

a) to speak c)speak

b) be speaking d) in speaking

10. Oh, look! It is starting______.

a) raining c) rain

b) to rain d) having rained

11. He went on______newspaper as if nothing had hap­pened.

a) to read c) reading

b) read d) in reading

12. The lesson began very badly but the teacher went on ______the situation.

a) change c) for change

b) for the changing d) to change

13.1 couldn't______a cheap flat in the downtown.

a) finding c) to find

b) in finding d) find

14. The child was so nice that people couldn't help______

at him.

a) smile c) smiling

b) to smile d) from smiling

15.1 like______bills without delays.

a) paying c) having paid

b) to pay d) pay

16. Do you like______cricket?

a) playing c) play

b) to play d) of playing

17. When we have a birthday party, my mother likes______

games with children.

a) playing b) to play

c) play d) be playing

18.1 heard my mother______up and______on the radio.

a) waking, turning c) waking, turn

b) wake, turning d) wake, turn

19. When I woke up at four in the morning, I could hear my mother______.

a) to cough c) coughing

b) cough d) coughed

20. When she looked out of the window she saw a stranger ______on the bench.

a) to sit c) sitting

b) sit d) be sitting

21. Can you hear two men______an argument?

a) have c) to have

b) having d) are having

22. I've never seen anyone______as little as you do.

a) eat c) in eating

b) to eat d) eating

23. When he entered the office he watched the secretary ______on the phone.

a) in talking c) talk

b) to talk d) talking

24. It is clear that they haven't heard me______in.

a) coming c) come

b) to come d) on coming

25. When she saw me______along the street, she came up

to me.

a) go c) while going

b) going d) to go

Тест 3

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Не persuaded her______to the party.

a) not to go c) going

b) not go d) to going

2. She was delighted______that her son passed an exam.

a) hear c) by hearing

b) hearing d) to hear

3. Young people often fail______a well-paid job.

a) finding c) find

b) to find d) in finding

4. Before______the letter, he answered a telephone call.

a) to read c) his reading

b)read d)reading

5. I'm sorry______you that your mother is seriously ill.

a) tell c) after telling

b) telling d) to tell

6. There is no point______this matter with her.

a) to discuss c) in discussing

b) discussing d) discuss

7. The firms are not interested______people over fifty.

a) in employing c) employ

b) to employ d) employing

8 Poor people can't afford______their children to expen­sive schools.

a) sending c) sent

b) to send d)send

9. He decided______the English course as soon as possible.

a) taking b) take

c) of taking d) to take

10.1 don't want anyone______me while I feel depressed.

a) see c) to see

b) seeing d) saw

11. When I went out it began______.

a) to rain c) raining

b) rain d) rained

12. The thought______the news to his family made him

feel sick.

a) to break c) break

b) of breaking d) breaking

13.1 was anxious______where he had been.

a) knowing c) of knowing

b) know d) to know

14. She was disappointed______I was still smoking.

a) seeing c) to see

b) see d) of seeing

15. He was shocked______that he had nearly died.

a) to learn c) learn

b) after learning d) learning

16. He stopped______in for sport two years ago.

a) to go c) go

b) going d) in going

17. We stopped at the supermarket______some food.

a) for buying c) buying

b) buy d) to buy

18.1 tried_______the violin for years but I was never very


a) learning c) to learn

b) learn d) in learning

19.1 hate______with anybody.

a) to quarrel c) quarrel

b) quarrelling d) of quarrelling

20.1 am thinking______for a small flat to rent.

a) to look c) in looking

b) look d) of looking

21.1 don't think hotels are very nice places______for more

than a few days.

a) to stay c) stay

b) for staying d) staying

22.1 would prefer______in a flat rather than in a hotel.

a) to live c) live

b) living d) of living

23. When do you want me______the book you asked to


a) sending c) sent

b) send d) to send

24. Let us______when you are coming.

a) to know c) of knowing

b) know d) knew

25. She is proud______a scholarship.

a) to award c) of awarding

b) of being awarded d) with being awarded

Тест 4

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Mary succeeded______finding a job.

a) of c) in

b) about d) —

2. George was looking forward______meeting Alice.

a)to c) in

b) for d) on

3. Bob was suspected______telling lies.

a) for c) about

b) of d) in

4.1 don't feel______going to the theatre.

a) like c) good

b) adore d) well

5. What prevented you______coming to the party?

a) from c) —

b) of d) against

6. He never liked______a military man.

a) being c) was

b) to be d) be

7. Helen enjoys______in the country.

a) — c) being

b) to be d) having been

8. It's no good______for a walk. It's raining.

a) of going c) going

b) about going d) in going

9. There is no point______buying a car, you won't drive it


a) of b) in

с) on d) for

10. Do you think the show is______?

a) worth seeing c) worthy to see

b) worth to see d) worthy seeing

11.1 had difficulty______exams.

a) in passing c) of passing

b) to pass d) passing

12. It's a waste of money______that skirt. It doesn't suit


a) in buying c) buying

b) to buy d) of buying

13.1 spent hours______to buy that book.

a) to try c) trying

b) in trying d) of being trying

14. How often do you go______swimming?

a) — c) for

b) in d) to

15. Are you interested______art?

a) at c) of

b) in d) about

16. Kate is used______living alone.

a) to c) —

b) in d) for

17.1 used______fresh fruit every morning.

a) to eat c) in eating

b) eating d) for eating

18. We decided______leaving her alone because she seemed

to be ill.

a) from c) against

b) for d) of

19. Please forgive me______not visiting you.

a) of c) about

b) - d) for

20. We congratulated Kate______entering the university.

a) for c) on

b) of d) to

Тест 5

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Princess Diane didn't have any chance______after such

a terrible automobile crash.

a) to surviving c) of surviving

b) to survive d) of survival

2. The investigator understood that there's no point______

for the new witnesses of the accident because everything was quite clear to him.

a) in searching c) to searching

b) to search d) in to searching

3. The criminal thinks that he had better______a confes­sion and go to the police instead of______and______

afraid of the arrest.

a) make, hiding, being c) make, to hide, to be

b) to make, to hide, to be d) making, hide, be

4. Although he is a jockey champion, he actually prefers ______dogs and______horses.

a) breed, ride c) breed, riding

b) breeding, riding d) breeding, ride

5.1 didn't like the way the furniture was arranged, so I tried

______the table to the other side of the room. But then I

moved it back again.

a) moving c) to move

b) move d) to moving

6. Oh, it's a very difficult question. I'd rather______about

it for a while than______now.

a) think, to decide c) to think, to decide

b) think, decide d) thought, decide

7. I pretended______interested in the conversation but re­ally it was very boring.

a) be c) to be

b) being d) to being

S. It is very difficult to get used to ______in a tent after hav­ing a comfortable bed to lie on.

a) sleep c) slept

b) sleeping d) oversleep

9. He______smoke a pack a day when he was younger.

a) used c) got used

b) used to d) was used to

10. In court she strongly denied______anywhere near the

scene of the crime.

a) be c) was

b) to be d) being

11. I regret_______that he couldn't go on_______like a

child. Now he is upset.

a) saying, behaving c) to say, to behave

b) saying, to behave d) to say, behaving

12. The driver was accused of______the road accident by

the police that morning.

a) provoke c) provoking

b) provoked d) to provoke

13. We had better______this chapter carefully because we

will have some questions on it on our test tomorrow.

a) review c) to review

b) reviewed d) reviewing

14. He seemed______all about influenza and said there was

nothing______about. It took him five minutes______

me______his words.

a) know, worrying, to make, to believe

b) knowing, worried, make, believing

c) knowing, to worry, make, to believe

d) to know, to worry, to make, believe

15. He couldn't help______a small flat in London.

a) dream to have c) dreaming to have

b) dreaming of having d) dreaming to have had

16. Your money could______to good use instead of______

idle in the bank.

a) be put, being left c) to put, being left

b) to be put, being left d) put, to be left

17. I have been talking to that man for an hour but then I preferred______to him because he is very difficult

a) to stop talk, to understand

b) to stop talking, to understand

c) stop talking, understanding

d) stop to talk, understanding

18. In my early years I used to______in for sport, but now I

can't afford it because of the lack of time.

a) going c) have gone

b) go d) had gone

19. While I was going home I heard the bomb______.

a) exploding c) explode

b) exploded d) to explode

20.______to the hotel he hurried up the stairs to his room,

sat down on the sofa, lit a cigarette and saw a letter ______for him on the desk.

a) came, waiting c) coming, waited

b) having come, waited d) having come, waiting

Тест 6

Выберите правильный вариант.

1.1 like______after my sister's children.

a) looking c) look

b) to look d) looks

2.1 tried ______ yesterday, but I didn't manage to get

through to you.

a) to ring c) and rang

b) ringing d) ring

3. Don't forget______your camera.

a) taking c) about taking

b) to take d) of taking

4.1 remember______him at the party.

a) seeing c) having seen

b) to see d) see

5. If you can't sell your flat at this price, try______less for


a) to ask c) asking

b) by asking d) ask

6. I'd love______abroad this summer.

a) going c) go

b) to go d) going to

7. On the way to the station, I stopped______a newspaper.

a) buying c) for buying

b) to buy d) buy

8. "Remember______the dog before you leave," she said.

a) feeding c) to feed

b) about feeding d) feed

9. I couldn't stand______him again.

a) see c) to see

b) seeing d) saw

10. I'd hate______all my life in a one-horse town.

a) to spend c) to be spending

b) spending d) spend

11. Jenny stopped______last year to have a baby.

a) to work c) to be working

b) working d) work

12. If you don't mind, I think I'd like______home.

a) to go c) me going

b) going d) going

13.1 met you at Claire's. Have you forgotten______me?

a) to meet c) meeting

b) having met d) met

14.1 can't bear______stupid questions.

a) to be asked c) being asked

b) having been asked d) being ask

15. James looked hurt. Liz regretted______so rude to him.

a) to be c) being

b) having been d) was

16. As a child Ted used______his bicycle every day.

a) to ride c) riding

b) to riding d) rode

17. Tomorrow I've got to be at work at 7 a.m. but I'm not used______so early.

a) to get up c) for getting up

b) to getting up d) get up

18. The doctor doesn't allow______.

a) him to smoke c) for him to smoke

b) his smoking d) him smoke

19.1 regret______that you've failed your exam.

a) having said c) to say

b) myself to say d) said

20. He doesn't recommend ___ in fast food restaurants.

a) to eat c) to be eating

b) eating d) to eating

Тест 7

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. John expects______studying law next semester.

a) begin c) began

b) to begin d) beginning

2. He admitted______the jewels.

a) stealing c) to have stolen

b) to steal d) stolen

3. The budget commitee decided______this meeting.

a) postponing c) to postpone

b) postpone d) having postponed

4. The president will attempt______inflation in the next

four years.

a) reducing c) to be reduced

b) to reduce d) to have reduced

5. You shouldn't risk______that building in its present con­dition.

a) entering c) enter

b) to enter d) having entered

6. Cynthia has agreed______as a liason between the two


a) to be acted c) to act

b) acting d) to have acted

7. Mary insisted on______the bus instead of the plane.

a)taken c) to take

b) taking d) being taken

8. We are not looking forward to______back to school.

a) go c) have gone

b) going d) having gone

9. Fred confessed to______the jewels.

a) stealing c) to steal

b) steal d) stole

10. Remind me______Ann tomorrow.

a) to phone c) phone

b) phoning d) be phoning

11. We are accustomed______late on weekends.

a) of sleeping c) to sleep

b) to sleeping d) sleep

12. There is a possibility______this property at a good


a) to acquire c) of acquiring

b) to acquiring d) to be acquired

13. It is uncommon______such good crops in this section

of the country.

a) found c) finding

b) to find d) having found

14. John stopped ______ . He is not going to school any


a) studying c) studied

b) to study d) to have studied

15. They appreciate______this information.

a) to have c) having

b) on having d) have

16. His father doesn't approve of his______to Europe.

a) going c) to have gone

b) to go d) being gone

17. We are eager______to school in the fall.

a) for returning c) to return

b) returning d) on returning

18. Mary regrets______the one to have to tell him.

a) to be c) been

b) being d) having been

19. He wishes______what is going on.

a) knowing c) know

b) to know d) to have known

20. After______for a long time, he decided to take part in

the forthcoming sporting events.

a) training c) trained

b) to train d) has trained

Тест 8

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. Jane stopped______too fast, because she is afraid of car


a) drive c) to drive

b) driving d) to be driving

2.1 suggest that Mary______with this job on her own.

a) will cope c) coped

b) copes d) cope

3. Yesterday John went to the police. They admitted his ______in the murder.

a) having participated c) had participated

b) having participating d) having to participating

4.1 hate______early in the morning.

a) to get up c) get up

b) having get up d) getting up

5. Susan couldn't help______about the offending words she

______to Helen.

a) thinking, said c) to think, had said

b) thinking, had said d) to be thinking, has said

6. Mary kept on______the poem despite the fact that she

had no talent.

a) to compose c) composing

b) compose d) to have composing

7. Caroline earns a living______antiques.

a) for selling c) by selling

b) to sell d) sell

8. Elisa congratulated herself on______the first prize in the


a) having won b) have won

с) having win d) having been winning

9. There is definitely no point in______about your unsuc­cessful destiny. No one can help you.

a) to complain c) being complaining

b) complain d) complaining

10. Do you often go______when you are in a foreign coun­try?

a) sightseeing c) to go sightseeing

b) to sightseeing d) having sightseeing

11. I do not believe in Sarah's______of telling lies. I know

she is very honest.

a) accused c) having being accused

b) being accused d) have been accused

12. Go and apologize to the teacher for______the lesson or


a) have spoilt c) having spoilt

b) spoiling d) have spoiling

13.1 disapprove______your motherland. And you?

a) to betraying c) betraying

b) of betraying d) of betray

14. We didn't know what to do in the evening. Susan sug­gested ______to the theatre.

a) going c) to be going

b) to going d) go

15. Elisa loves______the piano and she has a gift for it.

a) to playing c) playing

b) play d) being playing

16. My friends postponed______to the new house, because

they haven't already finished the reconstruction.

a) to move b) moving

c) move d) to be moving

17. Can you imagine me______a horse?

a) to ride c) riding

b) to riding d) to be riding

18. Before______to bed, take this medicine. It will help you

to sleep well.

a) go c) being going

b) to go d) going

19. Although I couldn't imagine her______the whole his­tory of Russia, she managed to do it.

a) having learned c) to have learned

b) having learning d) had learned

20. Jane decided against______a mathematician.

a) be c) to being

b) being d) to be

21. The government must do something. The country can't continue______like that.

a) living c) to be living

b) to live d) being living

22. Mary lay in the sun, ______ a cocktail and _______ a


a) drink, read c) drinking, reading

b) drinking, read d) being drinking, reading

23.______a talented lawyer, Susan was able to start her own


a) being c) to be

b) have been d) be

24. After______you should consult the dictionary.

a) read c) had read

b) reading d) having read

25.______the troubles she would face, Jane refused to write

a thesis.

a) imagined c) having imagined

b) have imagined d) had imagined



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