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Заполните пропуски предлогами (тест 9-41)

Тест 9

Money doesn't mean that much. It never means much

______(1) someone who has always had enough to get by.

The only people who like money are those______(2) a lot

______(3) it and those______(4) none______(5) all.

Тест 1 0

My wives always had a lot______(1) money, and they

were always worried that someone was going to take it away

______(2) them. I shouldn't say that______(3) my first

wife though. She was going to give up everything______(4)

our marriage. Her father thought I was just a fortune hunter. He was only reconciled______(5) her when the baby was born.

Тест 1 1

He loved his grandchild. He left everything______(1)

her, this land and all the holdings ______(2) town,

______(3) the condition that Amelia and I would never live

together. Shortly after her father died, Amelia died

______(4) an airplane crash. Or______(5) least we assume

she died, she was never seen again.

Тест 1 2

The little girl was only three. I couldn't raise a child my­self, especially a blind child. I found Ms. Ryan and Mrs.

Munsing to help out______(1) the child. As it turned out,

Ms. Ryan actually dislikes children and Mrs. Munsing is far

too possessive______(2) the child. Fortunately there is a

nun who lives______(3) the convent on this property who

comes and gives Sonia her school lessons. She is a very nor­mal child______(4) spite______(5) the fact that she has

never been on this land and has never played with children her own age.

Тест 1 3 '

Mrs. Munsing also must have had a headache since she stayed (1) the kitchen and did not serve dinner. Con­versation ______(2) the dinner table was kept______(3)

safe topics______(4) the difference______(5) life in Rag-staff and New York City.

Тест 14

I left the house without saying thank you______(1) my

hosts. I ran down the hill and stopped a passing car. I had a lot to tell the chief. I wondered how much he already knew.

The car that picked me up stopped______(2) front of the

police station; inside I was told the chief was away______(3)

a few days. My tale would have to wait. I spent the afternoon

______(4) my desk trying to piece the story together. At five

o'clock, I had finished my report and returned______(5)

Mrs. Johnson's house.

Тест 1 5

She said she had been worried______(1) me______(2) I

had been away and hadn't told her where I was. It was just like being home with my mother again. She handed me a let­ter that had been delivered______(3) hand (4) the

afternoon. The address was written______(5) a large, clear


Тест 16

We always had such a quiet life______(1) the hill. When

my father was alive, he never allowed visitors. Tom was the

only person my father had confidence______(2). When he

died______(3) a heart attack______(4) my marriage, I

blamed myself and was overcome______(5) guilt.

Тест 1 7

It seemed that the only way to provide______(1) my

daughter and husband and still stay close______(2) the land

I loved was to "disappear". Small plane crashes are very con­venient. It was a very difficult life______(3) both my hus­band and me. Fortunately I had the comfort______(4) the

friends______(5) the village who sheltered me.

Тест 1 8

I went______(1) the back______(2) the house where I

could sit______(3) a bench and look______(4) the prop­erty. Down in the valley I could see the main building ______(5) the convent.

===== Тест 1 В =

She never leaves this valley unless she goes up______(1)

the air______(2) her plane. She never goes______(3) town

with the rest______(4) them. She does come here and take

care______(5) Sonia.

Тест 2O

There has been nothing but trouble ever since she came

______(1) this house. He got her to take care______(2)

poor little Sonia, but she began to act as if she owned the house. Later, when Mr. Fitch married, she acted all sweet

______(3) the new wife, but here______(4) the kitchen she

would complain______(5) getting in the way.

Тест 21

None______(1) them had anything to do______(2)

poor little Sonia. If it hadn't been______(3) the nun who

comes______(4) the morning to give her lessons, no one

would pay any attention______(5) her, except me and Tom.

Тест 22

I was startled______(1) the bitterness______(2) her


"Look______(3) this garden. To you it may not look

beautiful. Other people tell me the colors______(4) the

flowers do not go well together, but they have only one sense. People trust their eyes too much. We must use other senses to appreciate a garden."

I walked over______(5) her and felt the soft leaf of a


Тест 23

I looked______(1) the garden. She was right. I did not

think it was beautiful. The color of the flowers and the ar­rangement ______(2) the plants would not have been done

______(3) that manner______(4) a professional gardener.

"These are beautiful flowers," I said, hoping to express my interest______(5) the garden.

Тест 24

"Do you have poisonous plants______(1) your garden?"

"Oh, I have lots______(2) them."

She pointed to a plant______(3) her feet and bent over to

pick it.

"The juice______(4) this plant is tasteless, but when

added______(5) tea or any drink, it becomes deadly."

Тест 25

From the porch, Ms. Ryan was calling for us to come ______(1) tea. Sonia reached her hand______(2) her bas­ket and held out some parsley she had just cut. "You are not

afraid______(3) parsley, are you?" She handed me a bit to


"You go have your tea______(4) Ms. Ryan. And enjoy it."

She then went back to the house. I followed slowly behind and reached the porch where Ms. Ryan was waiting ______(5) me.

Тест 26

I stared______(1) him and wondered why he had both­ered to talk______(2) me. But 1 turned my attention back

______(3) the garden below. I followed the woman with the

straw hat as she walked into the garden,______(4) the gate,

and______(5) the main house.

Тест 27

Behind me I heard the woman coming from Sonia's room. I watched the woman with the straw hat come

______(1) the hill. As she approached the top, she refused to

look______(2) my direction. She concentrated______(3) a

piece______(4) paper she was holding______(5) both


Тест 28

As she passed I said hello. She ignored me. I stood ______(1) and followed her.

"Have you come to give Sonia her lesson ______(2)

plants?" She still did not respond.

"It was a pleasure meeting you ... Amelia. "

She stopped______(3) an instant and then continued

(4) the house______(5) looking back.

Тест 29

Ms. Ryan led me______(1) the dark hall and______(2)

the steps______(3) a large kitchen that was warm from the

oven. "Detective Smith would like to talk______(4) you be­fore dinner. I hope he won't be______(5) your way."

Тест 30

The old woman shot a nervous look in my direction and

gave a slight nod in the direction______(1) Ms. Ryan. Ms.

Ryan turned ______(2) me and said she would see me

______(3) dinner and left. Mrs. Munsing made herself busy

preparing the food. I saw______(4) the table the basket

______(5) leaves and herbs that Sonia had collected. The

parsley was spread out on the table.

Тест 31

Mrs. Munsing had still not turned around. I started the

conversation_____(1) asking, "What do you think_____(2)

Ms. Ryan?" It proved to be a good opener.

"Oh, Mr. Smith, sir. She's an evil woman, that one. She acts all sweet and nice, but she's hard as nails. Don't trust

her, Mr. Smith. She grabbed the knife______(3) the table

top and began to chop the tops______(4) the carrots throw­ing them (5) the sink.

Тест 32

I followed Sara______(1) the bedroom and watched her

lay my niece (2) the middle of the old bed. I knew

that the next time I saw my niece she would be walking and talking. My sister put a lightweight sheet over her and hold­ing her fingers______(3) her lips, she motioned______(4)

me to follow her back______(5) the kitchen.

Тест 33

The story was interrupted by Sara's coming______(1)

the room ______(2) her little daughter Jeannie asleep

______(3) her arms. The entrance of the grandchild shifted

the focus______(4) me______(5) her, and my mother im­mediately took charge of the child's welfare.

Тест 34

The sound______(1) a small plane______(2) my head

interrupted my thoughts. The plane was very close

______(3) the earth. I took my binoculars______(4) their

case and focused on the plane below. It rolled to a stop next to one______(5) the buildings.

Тест 35

There was a group______(1) men sitting______(2) a

table waiting______(3) someone or something. It looked

very strange: five men sitting______(4) a table with nothing

______(5) it but a record player.

Тест 36

I noticed some records______(1) a shelf; all were reli­gious songs, but one had no label. I picked it up out

______(2) curiosity. The second I picked it up, every nun

lifted her finger______(3) her lips to warn me to be silent. 1

imitated the gesture and put the record______(4) the table

Now I was really curious to know what the record was. I

wondered if this was a group______(5) nuns that never


Тест 37

I have always been well taken care of. Since my father died

______(1) a heart attack, my two older sisters and my

mother have been taking care______(2) me, their little boy.

When my sisters got married and moved out of the apart­ment, it was just Mama and I sitting alone______(3) night

listening______(4) the neighbors fight______(5) door.

Тест 38

When I finished college and went______(1) the Police

Academy, Mama was really proud. She thought that I would

get a job in the city and be able to stay______(2) her. But

when recruiters came______(3) Arizona, I was offered a job

in Flagstaff.

"Where is that girl?" Eleanor was looking out of the win­dow ______(4) Sara. "She ought to have been here

______(5) now."

Тест 39

"Give her time. You're always after your sister. Let her

alone." Mama got up______(1) her chair and moved over to

the sink and began putting away the dishes she had washed earlier. "She'll come when she can. She has that new baby

______(2) home, you know. You can't just get up and leave a

new baby, you know. "

"She can get a babysitter." My sister walked over to my mother to help put the dishes into the cabinet. "They make enough money to get a babysitter."

"You can't trust just anyone to stay______(3) your chil­dren. You'll find that out." Mama returned to her chair and

began rearranging the things _______(4) the table. She

avoided looking______(5) me.

Тест 40

After dinner we all headed______(1) our rooms. My

room was______(2) the top floor. Below me was Ms. Ryan.

Across the hall was Sonia's room. Mr. Fitch slept______(3)

the second floor below Sonia's room.

The first thing I saw when I came______(4) the room

was a bouquet______(5) parsley on the bedside table.

Тест 41

"Mama, how can you say you're going to be all alone?

Why, every child in this street is in and out______(1) your

apartment all day long looking______(2) treats______(3)

your cookie jar. And______(4) the evening you play cards

and bingo______(5) the ladies in the street. How can you

say you're going to be alone?"

Тест 42

My brother was not a good businessman, as my father had suspected. He began to lose our fortune, and we were faced

______(1) selling the land I loved. We agreed______(2) his

plan to marry a wealthy woman. That plan was helped along

______(3) the efforts______(4) Ms. Ryan, a very capable

woman who was my best friend______(5) school.

Тест 43

And that he could live here______(1) this land. She sat

forward______(2) her chair and put a sweater______(3)

her shoulders. "It's getting cold out here. Why don't you go

on down______(4) the kitchen and talk______(5) Mrs.

Munsing? It's warm down there, and after all, she's the one who started this investigation. I'm sure she'll have much to




Порядок слов

Тест 1

Выберите правильный вариант.

1.______the house when it started to rain.

a) Scarcely he had entered

b) Scarcely had he entered

c) He scarcely had entered

2.______at everyone who got off the plane.

a) Suspiciously he looked

b) He suspiciously looked

c) He looked suspiciously

3.______injured in the last match.

a) He badly was

b) Badly he was

c) He was badly

4.______than he fell ill.

a) No sooner he had arrived

b) No he had sooner arrived

c) No sooner had he arrived

5. Not only______you, they smash everything too.

a) they do rob

b) do they rob

c) they rob

6. How______if I fall right through the earth and comeout

among the antipodes.

a) funny it will seem

b) it will seem funny

c) it funny will seem

7. He was born______.

a) at two o'clock on April 12th in the morning in 1947

b) in the morning at two o'clock on April 12th in 1947

c) at two o'clock in the morning on April 12th in 1947

о all the exercises he had to do.

a) He carefully wrote

b) He wrote carefully

c) Carefully he wrote

9 I______after that.

a) only saw him once

b) saw him only once

c) saw him once only

10.______have not arrived.

a) The ordered goods

b) The goods ordered

c) The goods which ordered

11.______got to the station on time.

a) Only I and my brother

b) Only my brother and I

c) My brother and I only

12. Last year we went______.

a) to Vienna by train at Easter

b) at Easter to Vienna by train

c) by train at Easter to Vienna

13. Where is your new car? Come on,______!

a) show us

b) show us to it

c) show to us

14. They have lived______.

a) for a long time peacefully in the same house

b) for a long time in the same house peacefully

c) peacefully in the same house for a long time

15. А______man got up from the table and beckoned to


a) pleasant looking and middle-aged

b) middle-aged pleasant looking

c) pleasant-looking middle aged

16. They arranged to meet______.

a) in a pub at the foot of College Road for a pre-lunch drink

b) for a pre-lunch drink in a pub at the foot of College Road

c) for a pre-lunch drink at the foot of College Road in a pub

17. I'd like you to get______from the market.

a) for me some fruit

b) some fruit me

c) some fruit for me

18. Never before______to accept a bribe.

a) I had been asked

b) had I been asked

c) had been I asked

19. The secretary typed______.

a) for Mr. Benson the document

b) Mr. Benson the document

c) the document/or Mr. Benson

20. A______woman with brown hair was the only contralto.

a) small and bullied-looking

b) bullied-looking small

c) small bullied-looking



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