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Измените предложения, используя модальные глаголы


1. If we don’t book seats soon, it won’t be possible for us to get into the theatre.

2. He probably left Moscow because he hasn’t come to the lecture.

3. It’s possible that he was a good singer once, but now he can’t sing at all.

4. Perhaps you would send this letter for me while you are out shopping.

5. The meeting was expected to have finished by now.

6. He’s very absent-minded. He often buys things and then leaves the shop without paying.

7. You’re not obliged to come just to please me.

8. He was completely at a loss. He had never been obliged to deal with such a situation before.

9. Ask you bank manager. He will perhaps advise your better than I can.

10. Our visitors were expected to arrive long before now.


Прочтите объявление и заполните пропуски модальными глаголами, подходящими по смыслу.


Help Wanted:Secretary. No experience necessary. Must type 50 words per minute. Work Monday-Friday, weekends off. Answer phones, use computer, file reports.


1. The secretary ___ know how to type.

2. A secretary ___ be a woman. The secretary can be a man.

3. ___ the secretary ___ work Saturdays?

4. No, he/she ___ go to work on Saturdays.

5. The secretary also ___ answer the company's phones....

6. ...and he/she ___ file reports every week.

7. ___ the secretary ___ use a computer?

8. Yes, He or she ___ use a computer.



Расскажите потенциальному клиенту, как работает ваша компания, на какие товары и/или услуги он может рассчитывать. Модальные глаголы обязательны.


Тест №7.



Прокомментируйте употребление модальных глаголов.


1. It's not urgent. You needn’t do it now.

2. You must not drive at more than 70 mph in the UK.

3. I want a new house. It should have a swimming pool and it must have a nice garden.

4. I can find my own way there. You needn’t wait for me.

5. He was to arrive almost two hours ago.

6. She can't be a very good driver.

7. May I visit you one of these days?


Что вы сказали бы в данных ситуациях?


1. You need some help.

2. He cannot do his job because his English is not good enough.

3. You are looking at suit, which looks fantastic.

4. What time shall I come for you?

5. This report is full of spelling mistakes.

6. You want to make a phone call.


Соотнесите предложения с подходящими по смыслу глаголами.


1. The telephone is out of order. I … not hear anything. Should

2. You …not ring the bell I have a key. Be to

3. She … think whatever she likes. Have to

4. If you’d like to work here you … not be so absent-minded. Would

5. The cakes are very nice. You … taste one. Need

6. It’s not fair! I always … do the dirty work! Must

7. My headmaster had great authority. Whenever he spoke,

everyone … listen attentively. Can

8. They … have bought eggs, butter and flour. What are we

to do now? May


Переведите на английский язык. Поставьте все типы вопросов к одному из предложений.


1. Эта книга должно быть очень популярна у читателей.

2. Вам принести еще чаю?

3. Вы могли бы вернуть вещи вовремя!

4. Мне приходится вставать очень рано.

5. Не смей его трогать!

6. Не беспокойтесь, они не опоздают. Возможно, они едут сюда и будут здесь через несколько минут.

7. Не может быть, чтобы они уже переехали на новую квартиру.


Тест №8.



Прокомментируйте употребление модальных глаголов.


1. We needn’t that new computer. We already had enough.

2. You may go home if your work is finished.

3. You were to bring me the book two days ago. Where is it?

4. Sarah should do well on her driving test. She's been practicing for six months now.

5. Jason may be at the library, but I'm not sure.

6. It is forbidden. You must not do that.

7. You have to ask my permission. You can’t do what you want


Что вы сказали бы в данных ситуациях?


1. Andrew needs to speak German by the end of the year.

2. Do you think I should take up this job offer in New Zealand?

3. I tried to phone you but there was no answer.

4. I can't find my wallet.

5. Nobody told me that the report had to be in by today

6. We'll never be able to deliver the goods on time. What shall we do?


Соотнесите предложения с подходящими по смыслу глаголами.


1. You …not ask a woman her age it’s not polite. Should

2. She asked me if she … use my dictionary. Have to

3. You … not drive fast; there is speed limit here. Ought to

4. The windows are very dirty. I … clean them. Would

5. I don’t believe you, he … not say so! Must

6. Flight 3595 Rome-Paris … land at 14.35. Can

7. Jean did very badly on the exam. She … study harder. May

8. No wonder the house is cold. You … go out and leave the doors open. Be to


Переведите на английский язык. Поставьте все типы вопросов к одному из предложений.


1. Вам непременно нужно побывать там.

2. Секретарю следует отвечать на телефонные звонки и принимать почту.

3. Вам не надо было так рано вставать сегодня.

4. Не могли бы Вы помочь мне перевести эту статью.

5.Он сказал мне, что я могу приходить сюда в любое время.

6. По всей вероятности они не придут.

7. Ей придется позвонить родителям и предупредить, что она может опоздать.


Тест №9.



Перефразируйте предложения, используя модальный глагол.


1. Quite naturally, you’re upset about what’s happened.

2. It isn’t necessary for us to leave so soon. The show doesn’t start till eight.

3. You apologize, which was not necessary.

4. I saw them in the street, but they didn’t stop to speak to me. It’s possible they were in a hurry.

5. It isn’t necessary for you to decide immediately. You can let me know tomorrow.


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