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Переведите на русский язык и поставьте к тексту все виды вопросов; напишите ответ

«Metropol» Hotel

7th Avenue

New York


April 20th, 2002


concerning proper warn complete fulfil apply относительно подлежащий предупреждать выполнять выполнять обращаться allow participant expenditure complaint fail   разрешать участник траты жалоба не смочь

Mr Blacksmith,

Director of the ‘

firm “Brown &Co

14 Bridgeroad



Dear Mr Blacksmith,

I, a representative of your firm at the exhibition “Modern Office” in New York, have to apply to you with some urgent business points concerning my business trip.

In spite of being given the properest instructions, our manager of foreign trade has failed to complete his least duties. First, I arrived at the airport earlier than the flight was to be announced but it turned out that my boarding card showd the place in a smoking area though I had warned the manager of my non-smoking habits. Second, the package of the samples to be exhibited in New York was of lower quality that it should be that’s why the goods arrived to the point of destination in the worst possible condition. Third, I wasn’t allowed to take aboard the cases with price-lists, catalogues and other brochures that caused at least extra expenditures on paying the highest duty on them. Besides, the airline managed to return me much fewer cases, one may say none. That’s why I have fewer documents that any other participant at the exhibition. In general, the more I’m writing about my complaints, the less I want to continue my business trip. However, I am to fulfil my duties. So will you look into the point and send some more samples, catalogues and price-lists?

I am looking forward to your soon reply.

Yours sincerely

J. McGragor


Test 6

1. Найдите и исправьте ошибки:

а). The most I am thinking to it, the little I understand it.

b). My offer is most profitable then they’re.

c). This is more higher price on the equipment on the market.

d). This machines are so of high quality so that ones.

e). I know this limited market more good than you.

f). Today we’re discussed the same point so they deal with yesterday.


Попробуйте проанализировать перспективы развития вашей фирмы в будущем по сравнению с текущим положением дел, используя следующие слова и словосочетания

- расширение рынка сбыта

- увеличение системы скидок

- повышение производительности труда

- привлечение инвестиционных кредитов банка

- поощрение трудового коллектива


Переведите на русский язык и поставьте к тексту все виды вопросов; напишите ответ

«Savoy» Hotel



April 22nd, 2002


apply concerning purpose fail attract обращаться относительно цель не смочь привлекать attention urgently indicate allow unfortunately competitor внимание срочно указывать разрешать к несчастью конкурент


Thomas Mayson,

manager of foreign trade

12th Avenue



Dear Thomas Mayson,

I am applying to you with request to assist me in some business points concerning my duties at the exhibition “Perspective Technology” which is taking place in Chicago.

First of all, my most important purpose of the visit is to introduce our newest equipment on to the world market and to get much more future business contracts than we have had lately. Unfortunately, I cannot fulfil the least instructions as our samples are liable to the highest duties and the Customs house doesn’t allow to import the most of boxes of less proper packing than it is indicated in the customs regulations. Besides, our marketing department failed to make colourful catalogues and best price-lists to attract Buyers’ attention. So our brochures are not so convenient to look through as those of our competitors. Moreover, we need a representative of the design and programming department, urgently who will know the smallest details of our product to explain everything to a potential customer. You see, the programmer who was to go with me did not get his ticket as his name was out of the passengers’ list. As for me, the more questions I hear here, the more I understand that my work of the manager of social contacts is less important here than the most qualified specialist’s assistance.

To cut my story short I ask you to send the programmer with the latest samples as soon as it is possible.

I am looking forward to your soon reply.

Yours sincerely,

J. Me Gragor






I. Соотнесите форму глагола с названием времени:

a) is V ing b) has V ed c) V s d) V ed 1) Past Indefinite 2) Present Indefinite 3) Present Continuous 4) Present Perfect

2. Найдите правильное обстоятельства времени:


a) She has a good time at the Browns.
1) always 2) on Sunday 3) already 4) last week
b) He has had lunch with the Smiths.
1) always 2) on Sunday 3) yet 4) last month
с) They are writing a test.
1) always 2) on Sunday 3) yet 4) last week
d) We went to London.
1) always 2) on Sunday 3) already 4) last month


3. Выберите правильный перевод глагола:


a) Mrs Belgy bought new dresses every month last year.
1) покупает 2) купила 3) покупала 4) купит
b) Our factory has bought a lot of machines lately.
1) покупает 2) купил 3) купил бы 4) купит
c) My uncle is buying a new car on Sunday.
1) покупает 2) купил 3) покупал 4) купит
d) Our firm always buys your machines.
1) покупает 2) купила 3) покупала 4) купит


4. Проспрягайте предложение в Past Indefinite, Present Indefinite, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, переведите на русский язык и поставьте все виды вопросов:

Представитель наших партнеров (вести переговоры) о покупке горно-шахтного оборудования с японцами.



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