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Раскройте скобки, выбрав правильную форму инфинитива



Кафедра педагогики, психологии и переводоведения

Алексеева М.С.


По дисциплине: Профессиональный английский язык (реклама, СМИ)


1. Письменно переведите текст:


The relationship between public relations and the media is based on mutual cooperation, trust, and respect. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. The following are some areas of friction.




Many journalists openly disdain public relations people and call them “flacks”, a derogatory term for press agents. It is somewhat akin to calling journalists “hacks”. Due to protests from the public relations community, The Wall Street Journal has now adopted a policy that forbids the use of the word “flack” by reporters in their stories. Unfortunately, many other newspapers have not followed suit.

Journalists often refer to the activities or policies of organizations as “public relations gimmicks”.


Excessive Hype and Promotion

Journalists receive hundreds of news releases that are poorly written, contain no news, and read like commercial advertisements. It is no wonder that aftуr a while they form the opinion that the majority of publicists are incompetent.

Journalists also resent the use of gimmicks in sending materials to the news media.

These gimmicks are meant simply to separate the news release or press kit from the stack on the recipient’s desk. However, gatekeepers complain that such gimmicks constitute gifts or “freebies”, which their organizations, on principle, do not accept. Some newspapers even return such minor gimmicks as key chains, T-shirts, and coffee mugs. In sum, if you’re thinking about using a gimmick with a news release, carefully assess the recipient’s potential reaction.


Лексический справочник

be akin to smth. – быть сродни ч.-л.

flacks – «пиарщики» (презрительное прозвище)

follow suit – следовать примеру

freebie – небольшой подарок, бесплатная раздача образцов рекламируемого товара

gimmick – рекламный трюк, уловка

hacks – «писаки»

hype – шумная, крикливая реклама

stack – масса, куча


2. Найдите в тексте английские эквиваленты слов и словосочетаний:

В какой-то степени, в принципе, вследствие ч.-л., оценить, возможная реакция, плохо написанный, коммерческая реклама, быть предназначенным для ч.-л.


3.Найдите в тексте слова, которые описывают или означают следующее:

1. a trick or smth. Unusual that you do to make people notice smb. or smth. –

2. disagreement or angry feelings between people –

3. smth. that you are given free, usually smth. small and not expensive –

4. very similar to smth.-

5. insulting and disapproving


4. Переведите следующие предложения на английский язык:

1. Pay is a continuing source of friction with the workers

2. Psychologists will assess the child’s behavior.

3. He disdains New York and the art that is produced there.

4. I resented having to work such long hours.

5. At that time, the state law forbade the teaching of evolution.


5. Соотнесите слова в левой колонке близкие по значению словам в правой:

1. due to 2. akin 3. forbid 4. disdain 5. friction   a. despise b. disagreement c. owing to d. similar e. ban  

6. Соотнесите слова в левой колонке со словами с противоположным значением в правой:

1. disdain 2. forbid 3. akin 4. recipient 5. majority   11. different 12. sender 13. respect 14. minority 15. allow  

7. Составьте несколько предложений со следующими словами и словочочетаниями:

commercial advertisements

to follow suit

to refer to amth.

to assess


8. Выразите согласие или несогласие с данным утверждением:

The relationship between public relations and the media is based on mutual cooperation, trust, and respect.


Задайте 5 вопросов к тексту.


1. Выберите в скобках правильный вариант модального глагола. Переведите предложения

1. You … (may not/needn’t) read in the dark.

2. My grandfather is retired, so he … (shouldn’t/doesn’t have to) go to work.

3. The fridge is full, so we … (can’t/needn’t) go shopping.

4. Sorry, I’m late. I … (needed to/had to) wait for the plumber.

5. What time do we … (should/have to) be at the railway station?

6. I … (may not/can’t) watch this film. It’s too boring.

7. We’ve got a dishwasher, so you … (couldn’t/needn’t) wash-up.

8. You look very pale, I think you … (need/should) stay at home.

9. … (Could/Might) you, please, pass me the mustard?

Раскройте скобки, выбрав правильную форму инфинитива

1 . They want (to take) to the concert by their father.
2 . I am glad (to do) all the homework yesterday.
3 . The enemy army was reported (to overthrow) the defense lines and (to advance) towards the suburbs of the city.
4 . He seems (to know) French very well
5 . You had better (to call) our distributors at once.
6 . We are happy (to invite) to the party.
7 . It seemed (to snow) heavily since early morning: the ground was covered with a deep layer of snow.
8 . He didn’t hear me (to knock) at the door.
9 . I want (to inform) of her arrival.
10 . Our sportsmen are proud (to win) the cup.
11 . The representative of the firm asked for the documents (to send) by air mail.

3. Закончите предложения, употребляя сложное дополнение.

E.g.“Bring me a book,” said my brother to me.

My brother wanted me to bringhim a book.

1. “It will be very good if you study English,” said my brother to me. —My brother wanted ... 2. “Fetch me some water from the river, children,” said our grandmother. — Our grandmother wanted ... 3. “Come to my birthday party,” said Kate to her classmates. — Kate want­ed ... 4. The biology teacher said to us: “Collect some insects in summer.” — The biology teacher wanted ...5. “Don’t eat ice cream before dinner,” said our aunt to us. Our aunt did not want ... 6. “Come and live in St Petersburg with me,” said my mother to me. My mother wanted...

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