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Answer the following questions


1.What are your ambitions? (To win a competition, to win a prize, to win a championship, to set a record, to score the most points, to be the best, to be a pro, to be a top sportsman/ specialist etc.).

2.Are you ambitious? Why or why not?

3.What activities are you good at? What are your achievements?

4. People’s abilities are very different. Some people are brilliant at one thing. Some others are good at a lot of things. What is better? Why? Do you think it’s possible to be good at a lot of things at the same time? Do you think it’s better to be a top specialist in something?

5. Do you have a career plan? Where would you like to be in 10 year’s time?

6. What should you do to get ahead in you career (change companies often, be energetic and enthusiastic at all time, be the last to leave work every day, find an experienced person to give you help and advice, study for extra qualifications in your free time, use charm and sex appeal with your superiors)?

7. Which of the following areas would you like to work in (Sales and marketing; Finance; Management; Administration and personnel; Production; Research and development /R&D/)?

8. Which of the following would you prefer to do? a) Work for one company during your career; b) work for several different companies; c) work for yourself.

9. Which qualities are the most important for a successful career in business (being on time, having ambitions, working hard, getting on with people or being friendly, being open to new ideas, knowing about computers, having a sense of humour, looking smart, working at weekends, traveling frequently, speaking foreign languages or having linguistic ability, being a natural leader, having organizational and interpersonal skills)?

10. Do you think you waste your free time or spend it in a good way? Could you say you are very careful about time? Prove it. Do you think that free time is just for relaxing? Are you a couch potato (a lazy, do-nothing television watcher)? Are you a Mouse Potato - the online generation’s answers to the «couch potato». Do you like how you spend you free time? Why? Why not?

11. Who do you admire? Who is you hero (an example to follow)? What kind of person can you call a hero? … Start your answer with … I think real heroes are persons who… In you opinion who is the pride of you country? Who is an all-time great person of you country? Do you like living in you country?

12. Describe you as a person. Describe your appearance and character. Do you like you as a person? Are you snobbish, sociable or reserved? Are you hard-working? Are you a well-educated person?

13. Do you think that first impressions of a person are not always right?

14. Are you a real patriot of your country and your state? Prove it.

15. How will you build (step by step) your career?

16. Explain in your own words what does the statement “The more you learn the better you cope with things” mean?

18. Do you think a qualified specialist should be sympathetic towards people? Should be interested in people?

19. How are qualified specialists sometimes shown on the movie or television screen? Have you seen any films about them? Comment on them.

20. Do you to feel envy anybody?

21. Why do people ask questions? Are there any reasons for asking questions? Describe different ways of asking questions. What can you help to understand the right meaning of the questions? Do you think the ability of putting and answering questions helps in building step by step of your career?

22. Do you think a top specialist should be able to get as much information as possible from people / to make a favorable impression on people? Do you know how to make people talk with you / how to win the respect of people? How can you get people interested in what you say or do?

23. Is it difficult or easy for a shy person to attract people’s attention to what he/she says?

24. Is it good if you use very long sentences? Is it difficult to express your ideas clearly? Is it difficult to be easily understood?

25. Would you like to be a child again? Why?

26. Do you think much about clothes? Many British people just like to be comfortable. What about you?

27. If you are not sure what to wear you: a) watch what other people do and do the same; b) ask for advice of a friend / wife / husband / boyfriend / girlfriend / parents ?

28. Which job is less stressful / more stressful; (architect, teacher, banker, barber (hairdresser), beautician, dentist, engineer, carpenter, farmer, gas fitter, glazier, lawyer, interpreter, programmer, bus driver, and writer)? Why do you think so?

29. Do you find doing shift work is more stressful than a nine – to – five jobs?

30. What should every applicant keep in mind?

31. What approaches to applying for a job do you know? Which approach would you like to use to get your future job? Does the approach you use depend on the job?

32. What is essential for a successful job interview?

33.How have you coped when your work has been criticized?

34.Where have you been unable to get on with others?

35.How would your colleagues describe you?

36.What do you think about the Office slang acronym « GOOD job»? Managers say it is - A "Get-Out-Of-Debt" job. A well-paying job people take in order to pay off their debts.


Test yourself with «Psychology Questionnaires 2»: These questionnaires are intended to help you to think about your psychological portrait and your ambitions. Discuss these questions in small groups.


Do you laugh …………..

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