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Answer the following questions about the article

1) What is the topic of the article?

2) What was the author’s purpose in writing this article?

3) If the article is an analysis: What are the main ideas about the topic?

4) Give at least two examples or pieces of evidence from the text which support the author’s thesis or main idea.

5) Is the author mainly objective or mainly subjective? What clues led you to your conclusion?

6) What new fact or idea did you learn from this article?


Retell the article expressing your attitude towards the facts or points mentioned in the article.

Bring articles from a newspaper on the topic discussed in the article and share ideas with your groupmates.

Write a letter to government officials offering suggestions to deal with problems of the article and responses to the newspaper.

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1. Discuss these questions:

1. What part of Kazakhstan is famous in ferrous and non-ferrous metals?

2. There are given the key development directions of the non-ferrous metallurgy industry. Which of them do you support and what is your attitude to them?

3. What do you know on “Gold of Kazakhstan” program? How it realized and what is the benefit for the country?


2. Read the text about non-ferruos metallurgy sector in Kazakhstan. Find out information about ferrous mettalurgy in Kazakhstan and then in Great Britain and the USA and share with the class.




In the Republic of Kazakhstan chemical 50 elements are produced from extracted ores and the final products comprise of metals, alloys and chemical products including refined copper and lead, zinc, titanium, magnesium, rare metals, rare earth elements and their compounds, rolled cop-per, and lead.

The main branches of the non-ferrous metallurgy in Kazakhstan are copper, lead and zinc and, more recently, aluminum, titanium and magnesium. Each of these branches is of interstate importance and is represented by open cast mines, pit mines, and ore processing plants, which sometimes are combined under the ownership of different groups of enterprises. This organizational form of non-ferrous metals production in Kazakhstan is related to the low content of pure metal - from 1% up to 5-6 % and scattered metals - even less than 1%. Therefore ores of non-ferrous metals undergo repeated dressing and only then are concentrates with high metal contents produced. Usually ore contains some useful components and each of them is derived separately through different operations, depending on the complex processing the raw materials.

Kazchrome JSC, Aluminum Kazakhstan JSC, the Shymkent lead plant, Balkhashmys JSC, and the Kazakhmys corporation are the industry leaders. The products of these companies have frequently been accepted as the standard at the London non-ferrous metals exchange.

The non-ferrous metallurgy sector it is vitally necessary to ensure the development of a raw material base, to deepen processing, to diversify the nomenclature of products, to continue realization of the "Gold of Kazakhstan" program and to keep and expand Kazakhstan's position in the world market.


The main development directions of the non-ferrous metallurgy industry include:

- The development of a steady market (both domestic and international);

- The restoration of the raw material base of the country, which has rich internal resources;

- The creation of a system of enterprises involving independent manufacturers and the organization of independent business operations;

- The maintenance of a reliable power supply - essential for such power-intensive industries;

- The maintenance of a rational ratio between raw materials and manufactured products; and

- The development of measures to prevent environmental pollution Non-Ferrous Metallurgy



3. Find out three governmental or non-governmental organizations which deal with ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy business. Compare the fees, benefits and the main development directions of these industries. Report your findings back to your class.

Reading 3

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