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Количественные числительные

0 oh/zero 10. ten 20. twenty

1. one 11. eleven 31. thirty–one

2. two 12. twelve 42. forty–two

3. three 13. thirteen 53. fifty–three

4. four 14. fourteen 64. sixty–four

5. five 15. fifteen 75. seventy–five

6. six 16. sixteen 86. eighty–six

7. seven 17. seventeen 97. ninety–seven

8. eight 18. eighteen 100. a hundred, one hundred

9. nine 19. nineteen 500. five hundred (not 5 hundreds)

638 six hundred and thirty–eight (UK) six hundred thirty eight (USA)

1000 a thousand, one thousand

10 000 ten thousand (not 10 thousands)

100 000 a hundred thousand

1 000 000 a million, one million

1 000 000 000 a billion

Exercise 98

How do you say each of these numbers?

1. 67% a. sixty–seven percent b. sixty–seven percents c. sixty–seven percentages 5. 5.8 m a. five dot eight metres b. five and eight metres c. five point eight metres
2. 3.45 (time) a. forty–five after three b. three forty–five c. fifteen before four 6. 1989 (year) a. one thousand nine hundred and eighty–nine b. nineteen hundred and eighty nine c. nineteen eighty nine
3. ¾ a. three over four b. three quarters c. three of four 7. 4 March a. the fourth of March b. four of March c. fourth March
4. $765 a. seven hundred and sixty–five dollars b. dollars seven hundred and sixty–five c. seven hundred sixty–five dollars  


Exercise 99 º (We Mean Business ex 19, p 11)

Listen to the tape. Write down the number you hear in each sentence. Write down the number only. There are fifteen (15) sentences.

Exercise 100 º (Global Links 1, ex.4, p. 7)

Listen. Write the phone numbers you hear. Then check with a partner. Say the numbers.


Exercise 101 º (Global Links 1, ex.5, p. 7)

Listen. You will hear parts of addresses. Write only the numbers. Then check with a partner. Say the numbers.

Exercise 102

Match the figures and the words on the right.

1. 2,400 A two hundred and fifty six

2. –18ºC B eleven point five percent

3. 256 C fifteen square metres

4. 16th D twenty four point three six

5. 34–37% E between thirty four and thirty seven percent

6. 10.55am F two thousand four hundred

7. 2.987 G three and a half million

8. 11.5% H sixteen

9. 3,500,000 I forty seventh

10. tel 081 347 298 J oh eight one three four seven two nine eight

11. 15m³ K minus eighteen degrees centigrade

12. 24.36 L fifteen cubic metres

13. 6 x 7 = 42 M twelve pounds fifty

14. ₤12.50 N five to eleven in the morning

15. 47th O six times seven equals forty two

16. 15m² P two point nine eight seven


Exercise 103

Give the following answers

  1. The unemployment rate in your country.
  2. Your country’s current inflation rate.
  3. The number of people working in your company.
  4. The number of students in your group.
  5. The average temperature in July.
  6. The population of your town/city.
  7. The cost of a kilo of meat.
  8. The average rent of a small flat in your country per month.
  9. The population of your country.
  10. The telephone number of Fire Brigade in your country.

Exercise 104

Read the articles and translate.


LTC Industries, the Belgian food processing group announced plans to reduce its workforce. The company currently employs 1,200 people, 800 at its Antwerp production center and the rest at its Bruges headquarters. It is thought that LTC plans to cut about 20% of the total workforce. The biggest cuts will be in production which employs 600 workers.


The Spanish Ministry of Tourism has reported that almost 30,000,000 foreign tourists visited the country in the first 6 months of this year. This is an increase of about 5% over the figure for the same period last year. Earnings from tourism were estimated at over $8bn, a rise of 25% over last year’s figures. July was the busiest month with a total of 9,000,000 visitors.


The stock market closed slightly higher last night after a busy day of trading. More than 2,000,000 shares were traded in the course of the day, the highest figure for three months. Most of the interest was in the banking sector where 250,000m shares changed hands. Shares in First National Bank last night stood at $4.80, an increase of a third since the beginning of the year.


Computex, the leading manufacturer of personal computers, has announced plans to cut the prices of many of its products. Prices of its leading ManTex PC range will fall by around a fifth, the ManTex 400 PC now costing ₤1,000. The company’s printer range is unaffected by the decision.


Exercise 105

Are these sentences true or false?

  1. One third of LTC’s staff work at the company’s headquarters.
  2. More than 300 workers will lose their jobs.
  3. About half the workforce is employed in production.
  4. Last year 25 million tourists visited Spain.
  5. Income from tourism rose by $2bn.
  6. More than a third of tourists came in July.
  7. One eighth of shares traded yesterday were in banking.
  8. Shares in First National Bank were worth $4.20 at the beginning of the year.
  9. Many CompuTex printers will fall by 25%.


Exercise 106

Write these figures in full.

1) 3,456 2) 23.64% 3) 2½ 4) 1¾ 5) 27m²

6) 3ft x 5ft


Presentation: Предлоги места

Above – над, сверху

Under – под

Between – между

Opposite – напротив

Behind – за, сзади

In – в

On – на

Near/next to – рядом

In the middle – в середине

In the corner – в углу

In front of – перед

To the left/right – налево/направо


Grammar notes

Сказуемое, выраженное оборотом there is/there are, имеет значение “имеется, находится, существует” и употребляется для выражения наличия или существования в определенном месте или отрезке времени какого–нибудь лица или предмета.

Оборот стоит в начале предложения; за ним стоит подлежащее, за которым следует обстоятельство места или времени. Соответствующие русские предложения начинаются с обстоятельства места или времени.

There is an answering machine in that office.

В этом офисе есть /имеется/ автоответчик.

Exercise 107

In this picture Ann’s desk is on the left and Simon’s desk is on the right.


Are these sentences true or false? Correct the false sentences, like this:

  1. These are two telephones on Ann’s desk. – True
  2. Therre are two word processors in the room. – False. There is one word processor in the room.
  3. There is a photocopier on the table.
  4. There is a pot plant in a filing cabinet.
  5. The notice board is next to the shelves.
  6. The graph is between the notice board and the shelves.
  7. There is a book on the bottom shelf.
  8. There are ten filing cabinets.
  9. There is a word processor on Simon’s desk.
  10. The wastepaper bin is under the table.
  11. The coffee pot is on the top shelf.
  12. There are three trays on the table.
  13. There is a calculator on Ann’s desk.
  14. The graph is on the wall above the table.
  15. There are two typewriters in the room.

Exercise 108

In pairs, describe where something is in Ann’s office, like this:

Where is Ann’s desk? It’s on the left.

Where’s the calculator? It’s on Simon’s desk.

Is the computer on Ann’s desk? No, it isn’t.

Is the graph on the wall? Yes, it is.

Exercise 109

Can you make twelve or more sentences from these words?

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