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Bill Shorten is rumpled, ambitious and articulate, WikiLeaks cables reveal

  • By Malcolm Farr, National Political Editor
  • August 30, 2011 4:58PM

FEDERAL Minister Bill Shorten is "rumpled"(всклокоченный), articulate(уверенный) and ambitious, according to US diplomatic cables(донесение) released today by WikiLeaks.

The Assistant Treasurer makes no bones(ничего не скрывает) about his ambitions in federal politics.

During a June 11 meeting, Mr Shorten told the Consul General that “he did not take this job (as an MP) to stand still',' according to a cable sent by the US consul in Melbourne.

The observation made in 2009 will come as no surprise to those who have being watching the former union leader's career, but is sure to be an embarrassment for him and the Government.

It will also feed speculation that Mr Shorten might be positioning himself to replace Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

The Government routinely (как повелось) declines to comment on WikiLeaks material.

“Bill Shorten is part of a new generation of articulate, young Labor union leaders which includes South Australian MP Mark Butler and Victorian MP Richard Marles who were both promoted to Parliamentary Secretaries in the June 6 reshuffle,'' the diplomat noted after meeting Mr Shorten.

“Shorten was highly critical, however, of current Australian union leadership, saying that there have been insufficient efforts spent on grooming the next generation of leaders.''

As for the man himself, the diplomatic appraisal was mixed (сумбурный). He was described as “somewhat rumpled(всклокоченный) in appearance”, preferring to get down to business quickly in meetings.

“He is a nimble (умелый, живой) conversationalist who understands nuance. In addition to being cautious, considered (рассуд) and thoughtful, he is able to skilfully steer away(отбивать охоту) from topics he prefers to avoid.”

The cable continued: “Despite his lukewarm(прохладный) relationship with Prime Minister (Kevin) Rudd (he sided (объединился)with Kim Beazley in the 2006 ALP(Australian Labour Party) leadership ballot), Shorten struck us as highly ambitious but willing to wait - at least for a while - for his moment in the sun.''


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