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Зачетные и экзаменационные вопросы и ответы




1) What is your name?

2) Where are you from? Where do you live?

3) Do you travel much in your job?

4) What are you? What department do you work in?

5) What do you do exactly?

6) Who do you work for?

7) What are you responsible for?

8) How many employees are there in your company?

9) Who do you work closely with?

10) What is an important part of your job?

11) What activities do you do?

12) What do you like doing in you free time?

13) What are you interested in?

14) When do you start work?

15) What time do you finish work?

16) What do you do at the weekend?

17) What is a good way to control stress?

18) How do you get to work?

19) How much does in take you to get there?

20) What is there near your office? What is near by?

21) What are you good/bad at?

22) What are your four negative and four positive qualities?

23) What is your favourite city and why?

24) What buildings do you have in your city?

25) What do you want from your job?

26) What is your favourite kind of sport and why?

27) What sports and activities do you like to watch?

28) What did you do last weekend?

29) When were you born?

30) What do you like to do when you go on holiday?

31) Where did you go on holiday?

32) Where did you stay?

33) How was the weather?

34) Did you have a good time?

35) What do you like and hate doing?




1) My name is Anna.

2) I am from Menzelinsk originally, but now I live in Naberezhnye Chelny.

3) I travel twice a month in my job.

4) I am a manager. I am in charge of sales department.

5) I work on projects, write reports, have business trips, organise meetings, consult clients, look for new and cheap suppliers.

6) I work for an international company. It was started 10 years ago. At the beginning the headquarters of my company was in Moscow. We are based in Moscow, Brussels and Barcelona. We are active in 30 countries now.

7) I am responsible for writing and receiving emails, socializing with a team and managing employees. I deal with everything.

8) There are … employees in my company.

9) I work closely with a small team of three women.

10) An important part of my job is communicating with colleagues.

11) I go sightseeing, visit friends, go to the cinema, play the piano and do housework.

12) I like listening to pop music, playing basketball, skiing, skating and reading novels in my free time.

13) I am interested in culture, music-playing and socializing.

14) I start work at 8 o’clock in the morning.

15) I finish work at 5 p.m.

16) I usually surf the net, do cleaning and watch TV.

17) A good way to control stress is to take regular breaks, do physical exercises, and finish all the work you plan to do.

18) I get to work by tram. Sometimes I take the bus.

19) It takes me 20 minutes to get there.

20) There is a car park, a swimming pool, a shop, a railway station near my office. There are individual offices, a staff restaurant, a smoking room in my office.

21) I am good at presenting and managing people. I am bad at organising things.

22) I am always on time, I am a hard worker, I am creative. I am very efficient.

I am a bit lazy, I am often late, I am direct and impatient.

23) My favourite city is ____ because it is beautiful and clean. The streets are safe at night and public transport is excellent.

24) There are bridges, statues, churches, mosques, theatres and modern art galleries in my city.

25) I want a good salary, flexible working hours and travel opportunities.

26) My favourite sport is tennis. It is exciting.

27) I like to watch football and ice hockey on TV.

28) I went to the theatre, visited a restaurant, bought a new dress and read non-fiction.

29) I was born in 19….

30) I like do some sightseeing and a little walking, take photos, go to the great museums.

31) I went to … (например, Turkey)

32) I stayed at the hotel, relaxed and enjoyed a great meal in one of excellent restaurants.

33) The weather was hot, so I sat on the beach and sunbathed.

34) Yes, I had a great time. I hired a car and explored the country.

35) I like to go on the Internet, play board and card games such as chess and poker. I’m interested in different sports and free-time activities: go jogging and cycling. I am not a coach potato. I hate cleaning, ironing, hovering, going to the opera and ballet.




1) Tell about the projects you are working on at the moment.

2) What ways of communication do you use at work? Which is the best for you? Why?

3) Tell about five important qualities of a manager. Explain your list.

4) Tell about slow and fast food. What food do you prefer and why?

5) What do you use a computer for? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a computer? What computer problems do you have at work?

6) Tell about five things that are most important for you when you stay in a hotel. What problems do people have at the hotel?

7) Tell us about your working week. Do you think you work too much?

8) What kind of business would you like to start and why? What are the first steps to run your own business? Use some finance words to tell about your financial strategy?

9) What do people spend money on? How can we manage our money best?

10) What charity work can you do to help other people?

11) What problems do people usually have on their trip? Tell us about the last time you were unhappy about the service. Did you receive good customer service when you complained?

12) What time and technical problems do you have at work?

13) What should you do to improve your health? What should a person do to lose weight? How can people relax after work? What do you do to keep fit?

14) Tell about the jobs you have done or have to do today.

15) Tell us about financial changes in your organization. Is the economy in your country healthy? What problems does your organization deal with?

16) What should people do to have a good work-life balance? Why do people get stressed?





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