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Campsites of Australia

We investigated the best campsites in Australia. This is what we found out.

1. Guests can go to bed in the open air if they wish.
2. It is possible to arrive at this camp by air.
3. The absence of technology is a bonus.
4. Guests are asked to show consideration for the ancient landscape.
5. The camp provides guests with simple means of transport free of charge.
6. Guests can find and prepare their own food here in the traditional way.
7. Guests can relax by enjoying the folklore of the region.
8. Guests have a personal washing area in a special facilities complex.
9. The camp offers guests some health and beauty activities.
10. The geography of the region is unusually varied.
11. Guests can dine in a very special location high up in a forest.
12. The people who built this camp liked something similar elsewhere.
13. Guests sleep in an elevated position from which there are wide views.
14. The colours in the area are particularly striking.
15. Guests don't have to tidy their own tents.

A Bamurru Plains, Northern Territory

Watch grazing water buffalo and kookaburras while basking in the pool at this luxury camp. The nine safari tents offer comfortable seclusion in a delightful position close to the Mary river flood plains and the abundant wildlife. With no televisions or telephones, this is a wonderful retreat where the focus is the wilderness. Guests can take river cruises, go hiking or explore nearby Kakadu National Park. This is home to some 236 species of bird. The significance of the area lies in the variety of habitat: black soil floodplains, paperbark swamps, savannah woodland, river mangroves and coastal beaches support an extraordinary diversity of birdlife. Even in the dry season the Swim Creek floodplain retains large areas of water where the birdlife congregates in vast numbers.

В Kangaluna Camp, South Australia

Set in the ancient volcanic landscape of Gawler Ranges National Park, Kangaluna Camp comprises environmentally sensitive tents that harvest rainwater and are ventilated by curving roofs. They are pitched in woodland where emus and kangaroos are in abundance, but for a wilder experience, mattresses and sleeping bags can be set up under the stars. A popular day trip is to Lake Gairdner, a glistening white salt pan contrasting with the crimson Outback. Fantastic country style food is prepared in the main living area and, after dinner, enjoying drinks around the camp fire listening to local legends or stargazing in the clearest night sky imaginable is the perfect way to end an unbelievable and action-packed day.

С Paperbark Camp, New South Wales

Inspired by African safari holidays, the owners of Paperbark Camp decided to create their own version just over two hours south of Sydney on Jervis Bay. The camp has evolved from a rustic retreat to a more sophisticated set-up of elevated canvas tents - some with roll-top baths - pitched among eucalyptus and paperbark trees. Think camping for grown-ups! There's plenty to do -forest walking trails, beach activities by the bay, and back at camp, an architect-designed tree-top restaurant serving modern European food. Complimentary bikes and canoes are provided for guests' enjoyment and are an eco-friendly way to explore the local area. Take the Paperbark Challenge and canoe to Huskisson and back, stopping off for a picnic and a swim on the banks of the Currambene Creek, a great day's activity!


D Wilson Island, Queensland

On this small coral island in the Great Barrier Reef, you find more turtles than people. There are six luxury double tents (each with raised timber floors, king-size bed wit duvets and pillows, bathrobes, complete screening an a daily housekeeping service). The central amenities building is the hub for your stay, with solar power allowing for a host of creature comforts including piping hot showers. Each tent has its own designated private shower and dressing area in the bathhouse, only a she stroll away. Other than diving or snorkelling, all you really can do - and all you would want to do - is swing in a hammock and enjoy the view.

E Faraway Bay Camp, Western Australia

On the north-west corner of the Australian continent, there is a place so remote, so far away from anywhere it's called Faraway Bay. Time appears to stand still. When it does move, it's measured in tides and sunsets. Gath cook and eat the traditional delicacies of the indigenous population at this wilderness retreat set on a rocky hill in the eastern Kimberley region. The secluded bush-style cabins and outdoor kitchens offer panoramic Timor Se vistas and provide a comfortable base for exploring this remote region. Guests wake up each morning to birdsong and enjoy breakfast in the open air 'Eagle Lodge', perfect for lounging, dining and daydreaming. Cruise tothe spectacular King George Falls; fish the tidal creeks, explore; discover ancient rock art, then cool off in the spring-fed pool back at camp.

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