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G. Match the words from the article with their definitions


1) GDP a) an amount of money or goods that is left
2) CIS because a country or business has more than
3) output it needs
4) investment b) ... equipment or technology uses the newest
5) surplus (n) and most advanced ideas and features
6) state-of-the-art c) the amount of something that a person,
7) joint-stock organization, system, etc. produces
company d) a company that is owned by all the people
8) logistics with shares
9) update e) to make something more modern
  f) the total value of the goods and services that
  a country produces in a year, not including
  income received from money invested in
  other countries
  g) Commonwealth of Independent States
  h) money used in a way that may earn you
  more money, for example money used for
  buying property or shares in a company
  i) the practical arrangements that are necessary
  in order to organize something successfully,
  especially something involving a lot of people
  or equipment

Grammar Focus

A. Study the following speech pattern.

Complex Subject noun / pronoun + verb + infinitive

The reform is expected todraw investments and promote small and medium businesses. The Supreme Court is supposed to decide

whether a law of the Parliament or an executive order of the President is constitutional or not.

B. Choose the right variant of translation.

1. The investigation is expected to be completed before summer, а) будет завершено


b) завершается

c) завершено

2. Our centre is reported to have solved a number of important

a) решает

b) решил

c) будет решать

3. They are certain to change their plans.

a) изменяют

b) изменяли

c) изменят

4. The reform is believed to have produced good results.

a) принесла

b) приносит

c) принесет

5. He is sure to take part in our discussion.

a) принимает

b) принял

c) примет

C. Rewrite the sentences. Use Complex Subject.

Example: They report that the delegation has left for Paris. The delegation is reported to have left for Paris.

1. They believe that the economic potential of Belarus is largely dependent on industry. 2. They expect that Belarusian industrial enterprises will gain the markets of the CIS and other foreign countries. 3. It seems that they like their work in the company. 4. They reported that a large network of scientific institutions has been set up in the countryside. 5. They expect that the result will agree with theoretical predictions. 6. They believe that the new method of investigation has produced good results. 7. They think that Belarus is among the world's seven largest potato producers. 8. They report that one-third of flax-fibre brought in by the CIS members is grown in Belarus.

D. Complete the sentences with the right prepositions.

1. How much you get paid is dependent ... how much you produce. 2. They receive an income equal ... the value of the goods they produce. 3. The poor social conditions were accompanied ... rapid industrialization. 4. The Government programme is aimed ... reviving

5a Зак. 541

and developing the village. 5. The company specializes ... modern agricultural machinery production. 6. A large network of scientific institutions has been coming ... being. 7. Production growth had its positive impact ... people's standard of living. 8. The economic reform is intended ... the promotion of small and medium businesses.

E. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form.

As a sovereign country, Belarus (enjoy) full rights and (be) active on the foreign arena. Belarus regularly (send) its delegations to the sessions of the UNO General Assembly, (be) a member of some international specialized organizations, commissions, bureaus, funds and other organs.

On the initiative of Belarus the international organizations (adopt) a number of important decisions, particularly on the punishment of war criminals, on education of youth in the spirit of ides of peace and friendship among nations. Belarus (sign) many treaties, agreements, protocols and conventions on cooperation with other countries in various fields. Together with representatives of other peace-loving countries the envoys of Belarus (struggle) for implementing a policy that (answer) the basic interests of all nations of the world, for their peace and security, cooperation and friendship.

The Belarusian people (strengthen) and (broaden) its ties with the peoples of other countries. Its public organizations (establish) direct contacts and (exchange) delegations with their trade unions, youth, women's and sports organizations.

Diving Deeper

A. Finish the sentences according to the text.

1. Our country has a favourable location as ... . 2. The economy of the country largely depends on ... . 3. Belarus produces and exports ... . 4. Our country exports to ... . 5. The future of the Republic's industry will depend on ... . 6. The Republic's agriculture was influenced by .... 7. To produce and process beef, pork and poultry ... . 8. Field husbandry supports ... . 9. The main aims of the economic reform in the Republic are to ... .

B. Give detailed answers to the following questions.

1. How has Belarusian industry been developing since 1995? 2. What does Belarus produce and export? 3. What will further progress of the Republic's industry depend on? 4. What types 138

of production are given preference to? 5. What does Belarusian agriculture specialize in? 6. What supports cattle-breeding? 7. What is the country's plant cultivation famous for? 8. What is the economic reform in the Republic aimed at? 9. What are the country's business development priorities?


Prove the statements using the information from the text.

• The Republic of Belarus has a favourable location.

• Belarusian products are gaining foreign markets.

• Animal husbandry is well developed in the Republic.

• A reform of the Republic's agricultural complex is under way.


If you were asked to write a short encyclopaedia entry on the economy of the Republic of Belarus, what would it be like?

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