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C. What expressions in the dialogue are used to say that

Поможем в ✍️ написании учебной работы
Поможем с курсовой, контрольной, дипломной, рефератом, отчетом по практике, научно-исследовательской и любой другой работой

1) you cannot understand something at all (informal);

2) there is a good enough reason for doing something, because it is important, enjoyable, useful?

D. Discuss with your fellow-students what you have learnt about
the difference between:

• a university and a college;

• lectures and tutorials;

• undergraduates, graduates and post-graduates;

• a residential college and a non-residential college;

• full-time and part-time students.

4. Reading & Role-Playing

A. Read the information about the City Business College and choose from the list A—H suitable headlines for each paragraph (17) of the text. There is one extra headline which you do not need to use.

E Introduction F Accommodation G Administration H Registration

A Extra information

for overseas students В Full-time study С Employment D Recognition

1) ______________


The City Business College is an independent college providing tuition in both business and general education in Central London. It is located near the City University, close to the Barbican Centre. Surrounding the College is a wealth of cultural and sporting facilities available to all our students. The College specialises in providing students with first-class coaching in their chosen fields of study. The tutors and lecturers appointed are well-qualified and experienced in teaching which is reflected in the continuing quality of our examination results. In general, tutorials involve contributions from the students —

6а Зак. 541 169

they are not simply lectures. The number of students in each class is limited in order to facilitate attention to individual students needs.

2) ______________

Your aims are our concern. The College administration does its utmost to assist students in all practical ways so that they may concentrate on academic achievement in a congenial atmosphere which is conducive to study. When students enter a course of study with The City Business College, their main purpose is to gain appropriate qualifications which will help them to further their chosen career. Apart from ensuring that all students achieve this objective it is important to us that all students who attend are given every opportunity to realise their own potential and to start making, with confidence, those decisions which will affect the future direction of their studies.


Before students can be accepted by the College, they must complete an application form and pay the minimum deposit. This will confirm a place on the student's chosen course. Course fees must be paid before the start of classes.

4) _____________

The College offers a variety of tuition to suit all tastes. All examination courses are available on a full-time basis, entailing at least 15 hours of teaching-time per week.


Upon payment of the minimum deposit the College will issue a Letter of Acceptance. A separate letter can be used for the purpose of arranging a transfer of funds from abroad. The Letter of Acceptance can be sent together with passport and bank statement to the Home Office or relevant British High Commission or Embassy for visa purposes. Money from abroad can be transferred directly to the College's bank account.


There is ample accommodation available within easy reach of the College. In addition, the College operates its own accommodation service on behalf of registered students. The college also has a selection of flats available when vacant.

7) ______________

In January 2005 City Business College was recognised by the UK Government Department for Education and Skills and is now included

in their Register of Education Providers. The UK Government will now only provide visas for foreign students if they are studying at institutions in the Register of Education Providers.

B. Give Russian equivalents to the following word combinations:

to provide tuition; a wealth of cultural and sporting facilities; to be available to all students; well-qualified tutors and lecturers; first-class coaching; the continuing quality; individual students needs; to be one's concern; to gain appropriate qualifications; to further one's chosen career.

C. Give English equivalents to the word combinations:

делать все возможное; оказывать помощь студентам; достигать цели; реализовать свой собственный потенциал; заплатить мини­мальный взнос; гарантировать место; плата за курс обучения; на основе дневной формы обучения; перечисление денежных средств; министерство внутренних дел Великобритании; от имени студен­тов, зачисленных на учебу.

D. Answer the questions.

1. Is the City Business College exclusively vocationally-oriented? 2. Does the college have a favourable location? How can you prove it? 3. What helps to maintain the continuing quality of the college's examination results? 4. Are the lectures given at college traditional? 5. How does the College administration help students? 6. How can students confirm a place on the chosen course? 7. When do students get a Letter of Acceptance? 8. How do foreign students get visas? 9. What accommodation options have students got? 10. When did the college get recognition? How important is this fact for foreign students?

E. Role-Playing.

Student A: You've been enrolled at the City Business College. You are about to leave for Britain to start your studies. You meet a friend of yours who hasn't heard the news yet. Tell him/her the news and answer his/her questions about the college you're going to study at and how you became its student.

Student B: You meet a friend who tells you that he/she has been enrolled at British college. Express your interest in the news and ask your friend questions about the college and how he/she became its student.

5. Reading

Eight sentences have been removed from the text. Choose from the sentences A—/ the one which best fits each gap (18). There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use.

A One credit usually equals one hour of class per week in a single

course during the semester. В The SAT is a test in mathematics and English language, which

was introduced in 1947 and which is taken in the 11th grade

of high school. С Most secondary schools have the same number of required

"basic" subjects: English, mathematics, science, social studies

and physical education. D Educational reform is a major issue in modern American life. E There are also community (junior) colleges, offering two-year

courses. F The elective courses differ from school to school. G They attend the elementary school and then the secondary

school. H A high school "unit" is equal to about 120 hours of classes in

one subject. I For example, all states require young people to attend school,

but the age limits are different (from 7 to 16, or 6 to 18).

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