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Упр. 48. Дополните каждое предложение вторым, выражающим постоянный характер этого действия

Model: - Jane is looking for her key.

- She always looks for her keys.


1. He is singing well. 2. She is talking over the telephone with her friend. 3. I am doing my homework. 4. We are having an English lesson. 5. It is snowing. 6. My brother is spending his holidays in Greece now. 7. Group 1 (2) is having a lesson. 8. I am thinking about my future. 9. The teacher is looking at you. 10. Your friend is sitting at the desk.


Упр. 49. Ответьте на вопросы.


1. What language are speaking?

2. What languages do you speak?

3. With whom are you sitting?

4. With whom do you sit at the lessons?

5. What is the teacher doing?

6. What does she usually do at the lessons?

7. What lesson are you having?

8. What lessons do you have on Monday?

9. What lesson is Group 1 (2) having?

10. How many lessons does Group 1 (2) have on Monday?

11. What is your friend doing?

12. What does he (she) always do at the lessons?

13. Is it snowing?

14. How often does it snow in winter?

15. Is the Sun shining?

16. When does the Sun usually shine?



1. Where are you sitting?

2. When does your Mother have a birthday?

3. Where do you have lunch?

4. Is the teacher standing or sitting?

5. When do shops open?

6. Is your friend sleeping?

7. What are thinking about?

8. Where does your Mother buy bread?

9. When are your classes over?

10. How do you feel?

11. How many students are there in the classroom?

12. When does your friend do his homework?


Упр. 50*. Выпишите сначала предложения в Present Continuous, а затем – в Present Indefinite. Поставьте их в вопросительную и отрицательную форму.

1. I study at the Institute. 2. I am writing an exercise. 3. He is waiting for

us. 4. My brother works at a plant. 5. They are watching TV. 6. Doctor Smith comes to the children every week. 7. We want to see this film.


Упр. 51. Поставьте вопросы к выделенным словам.

1. My father is talking to his boss. 2. Kate walks in the evenings. 3.The boys are skating on the skating-rink. 4. There is a nice dress in the shop. 5. We have many exams every semester. 6. It is cold in winter. 7. It takes me 2 hours to do my homework. 8. The students are discussing a problem. 9. They are busy in the morning. 10. You know the material well.


Упр. 52*. Раскройте скобки, употребив Present Continuous или Present Indefinite.


1. I (to read) books in the evening. 2. I (not to read) books in the morning

3. I (to write) an exercise now. 4. I (not to write) a letter now. 5. They (to play) in the yard now. 6. They (not to play) in the street now. 7. They (to play) in the room now? 8. He (to help) his mother every day. 9. He (to help) his mother every day? 10. He (not to help) his mother every day. 11. You (to go) to school on Sundays? 12. My friend (not to like) to play football. 13. I (not to read) now. 14. He (to sleep) now. 15. We (not to go) to the country in winter. 16. My sister (to eat) sweets every day. 17. She (not to eat) sweets now. 18. They (to do) their homework in the afternoon. 19. They (not to go) for a walk in the evening. 20. My father (not to work) on Sunday. 21. He (to work) every day.



1. They (to read) many books. 2. They (to read) many books? 3. They

(not to read) many books. 4. The children (to eat) soup now. 5. The children (to eat) soup now? 6. The children (not to eat) soup now. 7.You (to play) volley-ball well? 8. When you (to play) volley-ball? 9. What Nick (to do) in the evening? 10. He (to go) to the cinema in the evening? 11. We (not to dance) every day. 12. Look, Kate (to dance). 13. Kate (to sing) well? 14. Where he (to go) in the morning? 15. He (not to sleep) after dinner. 16. My granny (to sleep) after dinner. 17. When you (to sleep)? 18. Nina (not to sleep) now. 19. Where John (to live)? – He (to live) in England.



1. What you (to do) here now? – We (to listen) to the music. 2. You (to want) to see my girlfriend? – Yes, I … 3. Michael (to know) German rather well. He (to want) to know English too, but he (to have) little time for it. 4. Hi, what magazine you (to read) here? – It (to be) a French magazine. There (to be) good articles on sport here. You (to be) interested in sport? Yes, I … But I (not to know) French. 5. We (to have) an English lesson now. 6. Ann usually (to prepare) her homework at the Institute? - No, she … As a rule, she (to work) at home. – And what she (to write) now? – Oh, she (to write) an article for our newspaper. 7. Where Tom and Nick (to be) now? – They (to have) coffee in the cafe.



1. I (not to belong) to a political party. 2. Hurry, the bus (to come). I (not to want) to miss it. 3. The River Nile (to flow) into the Mediterranean. 4. The river (to flow) very fast today – much faster than usual. 5. It ever (to snow) in India? 6. We usually (to grow) vegetables in our garden but this year we (not to grow) any. 7. Can you drive? - No, but I (to learn). My father (to teach) me. 8. I usually (to enjoy) parties, but I (not to enjoy) this one very much. 9. George says he is 80 years old, but I (not to believe) him. 10. Ron is in London at the moment. He (to stay) at the Hilton Hotel. He usually (to stay) at the Hilton Hotel when he (to come) to London.



1. Why you (to put on) your coat? - I (to go) for a walk. You (to come)

with me? – Yes, I’d love to come. You (to mind) if I bring my dog? – No.

2. I (to go) to visit Peter tonight. He (to leave) tomorrow morning. – He

(to come) back the same day? – I (not to know). 3. Ann (not to come)

today. She (to be busy) reading. 4. Nick (to leave) tonight. – What train he (to take) for his journey? – He (to catch) the 9.30 train. 5. Nick and Ann (to drive up) to Moscow this afternoon. 6. You (to write) him tonight? – Yes, I always (to write) him on his birthday. You (to want) to send any message? – Certainly. 7. Jack: Lunch (to be) ready, Mummy? I (to be) hungry and I (to be) in a hurry as well. I (to play) football thisafternoon.Mother: Well, I (to be) sorry, but lunch (not to be) ready. But look, it (to rain) out-of-doors. You can’t play football in such bad weather. You (to want) to catch a cold? Jack: Oh, Mummy, we often (to play) football in much worse weather than this. And it’s an important match today. You (to come) to watch us, Mom?



1. Where is Kitty? – Susan (to put) her to bed. 2. Light (to travel) more

quickly than sound. 3. I should like to know why you always (to read) at table. 4. Sorry, Ted, I must go, I (to be) late. – Where you (to go)? 5. He (to laugh) best who (to laugh) last. 6. Actions (to speak) louder than words. 7. Robert (to speak) just now with my uncle, and they (to shake) hands. 8. Why you (not to answer)? – Because you (to talk) nonsense. 9. Every star (to have) its own orbit. 10. A stitch in time (to save) nine. 11. It’s so cold here. I (to freeze) to death. 12. That’s the way she always (to talk). 13. She is so careless, she always (to leave) her bag about.


1. Stop smoking! The room (to be) full of smoke which (to come) from your cigarette. Usually nobody (to smoke) here. 2. The woman who (to speak) with my sister in the yard (to be) our neighbour who (to live) across the street. 3. You (to ask) too much of me. I (to be) quite powerless to help you. 4. You (to hear) the speaker well? – Yes, I (to hear) him clearly. I (to listen) very attentively, but still I (not to understand) what he (to mean). 5. You (to go) in my direction? I can give you a lift. 6. I (to look) at the barometer and (to see) that it (to fall). 7. Don’t enter the room. Father (to work) there and he (not to like) to be disturbed. 8. You (to see) that woman in the corner? She (to have) her dessert now. As soon as she (to leave) we (to occupy) the table.


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