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Indefinite, Continuous Tenses

Упр. 74. Закончите предложения, используя Present, Past или Future Continuous.

1. When I came to him …

2. This time tomorrow …

3. From 7 to 9 yesterday…

4. At this moment …

5. While he is reading …

6. When the lesson begins …

7. At that moment last Sunday …

8. Now …

9. If he comes at 6, we …


Упр. 75 Закончите предложения, используя времена Indefinite или Continuous.


1. At this moment …

2. From 9 till 10 tomorrow …

3. Last weekend …

4. One of these days …

5. Often …

6. When the bell rang …

7. Every year …

8. Now …

9. The other day …

10. In a week …

11. At 8 o’clock tomorrow …

12. While she was cooking dinner …


1. As a rule …

2. Now …

3. ]In 1999 …

4. If you call me …

5. When the lesson began …

6. Next Sunday …

7. At this very moment …

8. When my Mother comes home tonight …

9. At 6 o’clock yesterday …

10. Usually …

11. 2 days ago …

12. He will do it when …


Упр. 76. Составьте предложения, производя различные подстановки. Используйте времена групп Indefinite или Continuous.


Tom is playing in the garden now.

Nick …. in the yard at 5 yesterday.

Bob …. coffee every morning.

They …. river tomorrow.

We …. shop last week-end.

I …. library from 4 to 6 next week.

My friends …. in the park when it began to rain.

The girls …. over the phone the whole day.

Ann …. dinner when we come.


Упр. 77. Ответьте на вопросы,используя времена Indefinite или Continuous.


1. What is your friend doing?

2. How many lessons do you have on Tuesday?

3. What will you buy if you get a lot of money?

4. What was your friend doing when you called him?

5. What will your parents be doing at 6 o’clock tomorrow?

6. What school did you finish?

7. What is there in your bag?

8. Who came to you yesterday?

9. When does it rain?

10. When will it snow?

11. Is it raining or snowing?

12. Did it rain or snow yesterday?



1. Who is having a lesson now?

2. What will you do to-night?

3. What was your mother doing while you were watching TV?

4. What do we do at the English lessons?

5. What will the teacher be doing when the bell rings?

6. What will the teacher do when the bell rings?

7. What book did you read last?

8. How do you drive a car?

9. Where will you go next Sunday?

10. Whom did you see in the corridor during the break?

11. How long does it take you to have dinner?

12. What is your friend doing?


Упр. 78. Поставьте вопросы к выделенным словам. Поставьте предложения в отрицательную форму.


1. She is talking to our director. 2. They were listening to music when I came. 3. There will be two lectures tomorrow. 4. They did the work well. 5. Many people are fond of sport. 6. They visit their granny every summer. 7. The students will be working in the laboratory at 8 tomorrow. 8. Wewere happy yesterday. 9. When he was climbing the mountains he hurt his leg. 10. The train will arrive in time. 11. She bought two nice toys. 12. They are running to us.



1. There were ten children on the playground. 2. She will be watching TVat 6. 3. Theyare usually late for the lessons. 4. We were sleeping when he came. 5. I am trying to do the translation. 6. William smokes cigarettes. 7. We had many lessons yesterday. 8. I shall be thinking about you the whole night. 9. They do their morning exercises in the room. 10. She let us go there with Jane. 11. It took me an hour to get there. 12. We were walking when it started to rain.


Упр. 79. Раскройте скобки, употребляя соответствующее время.


1. I wonder why he (to laugh). I see nothing funny in what (to go on).

2. What you two (to talk) about? You (to discuss) your plans?

3. You (to leave) the town early next summer?

4. When you (to speak) to her about her marks?

5. She (to wear) dark spectacles. They are not just sun-glasses. She (not to see) very well.

6. Why you (to wear) sun-glasses on a gray day like this?

7. He (to live) with his parents now. I think he (to look) for a job.

8. I couldn’t see his face, he (to sit) so that his face was in shadow.

9. When I (to see) her last, she (to try) on hats in a large department-store.

10.For some fifteen minutes he (to write) in silence without raising his eyes from what he (to write).


1. He (to walk) for some time. The road (to get) worse, just a narrow path.

2. You (to leave) us soon. It (to get) colder with every day.

3. We were friendly at school. I still (to see) him from time to time.

4. You (to hear) from me one of these days.

5. Phone as late as you can. I (to be) up. I (to watch) the football match on TV.

6. The rain started when I (to wait) for my bus.

7. Why did you speak to him so? He only (to try) to help.

8. I hate the place in autumn. It always (to rain) there. It (to rain) when we came and it (to rain) when we left.



1. Look at the sky; the clouds (to move) slowly, the sun (to appear) from behind the clouds, it (to get) warmer.

2. What you (to do) here? - I (to wait) for my friend. I always (to wait) for him here.

3. He (not to be) very well. But his health (to improve).

4. Ann (to play) the piano in the next room? – No, it (not to be) Ann. She never (to play) the piano so early in the morning.

5. When I (to come) home from school, my little brother (to sit) on the floor with all his toys around him. He (to play) with them.

6. Tomorrow at this very hour we (to sleep) in the train on our way to the South. And when we (to wake) the next morning, we (to see) the sea.

7. Last year at the same hour our family all (to sit) at our grandfather’s room. Father (to read) an article about the victory of my brother in the world championship.


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