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Определите видовременные формы глаголов

Упражнение 1

X was 1ing, x have 2ed, x was being 3ed, x have been 4ed, x have 5 ed, x is being 6ed, x will be 7ing, x had been 8ed, x will have 9ed, xs are 10ing, xs were being 11ed.

Упражнение 2

X 1, x 2s, x 3es, xs 4, x 5ed, x will 6, x are 7ed, xs are 8ed, x will be 9ed, xs should 10, x would be 11ed, x 12s.

Упражнение 3

X will 1, x has 2ed, xs are 3ed, xs are 4ing, x will have 5ed, xs were being 6ed, x had been 7ed, x should be 8ed, xs are 9ing, x was 10ed, x will have been 11ed, x will be 12ed.

Упражнение 4

1 had ronked, 2 would ronk, 3 will be ronked, 4 was ronked, 5 will ronk, 6 would be ronking, 7 will have ronked, 8 should ronk, 9s were ronked, 10 ronks, 11 will have been ronked.

Упражнение 5

1 is being ronked, 2 have ronked, 3 ronk, 4 will be ronked, 5 has ronked, 6 ronked, 7s were ronked, 8 ronks, 9s were ronking

Упражнение 6

1 was asked, 2 will be asked, 3 had asked, 4 would ask, 5 is asked, 6 have been asked, 7 will have asked, 8s asked, 9 was being asked, 10s are asking, 11 will have been asked, 12s were asked, 13 has asked, 14 asks, 15s are being asked.

Упражнение 7

1 have asked, 2 will ask, 3 will have been asked, 4s were asked, 5 is being asked, 6 am asking, 7s are asked, 8s asked, 9 had asked, 10 will be asked, 11s were asking, 12 will ask.

Упражнение 8

1 ask, 2s are being asked, 3 asked, 4 will have been asked, 5 should be asking, 6s are asked, 7 asks, 8 has asked, 9 will ask, 10s will have asked, 11 was asked, 12 are asking, 13 ask.

Упражнение 9

1s were asking, 2 will be asked, 3 has asked, 4 am asked, 5 is asking, 6 will ask, 7 was being asked, 8 had been asked, 9 should ask, 10 will be asked, 11 asked, 12 will have asked.

Упражнение 10

1 have stopped, 2s were being stopped, 3 is stopping, 4 has been stopped, 5s will be stopped, 6 stopped, 7 should have been stopped, 8 stops, 9s were stopping, 10 is stopped.

Упражнение 11

1s were being prepared, 2 had been prepared, 3 was being prepared, 4 has prepared, 5 is prepared, 6s prepared, 7 was preparing, 8 will be preparing, 9 will have been prepared.

Упражнение 12

1 has transported, 2 transport, 3 am transporting, 4 have been transported, 5s were transported, 6 is being transported, 7 will be transported, 8 transported, 9 will be transported, 10s should have transported, 11s are transported.

Упражнение 13

1 started, 2 have started, 3s were being started, 4s are starting, 5 was started, 6 would have been started, 7 starts, 8 will have started, 9s are started, 10 should be starting, 11 was started, 12 has started, 13s start, 14 should be started.

Упражнение 14

Дайте развернутую форму глагола.

It’s done, she’s seen, I’ve been asked, I’d asked, we’ve been asked, she’s reading, it’s written, I’ll be taken, they’ll go, you’re transported, it's read, she’s put, he's cut.


Present Forms(формы настоящего времени)


Present Simple Present Cont. Present Perfect Present Perf. Cont.
· permanent situations or states (действие или состояние постоянного характера) He writes detective stories.   · temporary situations   (действие временного характера) He is writing his book now. · recently completed аctions (недавно законченное действие) He has already written the letter.   · actions started in the past and continuing up to the present (действие, которое началось в прошлом и продолжается до момента речи) He has been writing a composition for an hour.
· repeated / habitual actions (especially with frequency adverbs: often,usually etc) (повторяющееся, привычное действие, употребляемое с наречиями часто, обычно и т.д.) I usually read love stories.   · actions happening at or around the moment of speaking (действие, происходящее в момент речи)   I am reading A. Christie now.   · actions which happened at an unstated past time and are connected with the present (действие, произошедшее в прошлом, результат которого связан с настоящим) I have read the book. You can take it. · past actions of certain duration having visible results or effects in the present (длительное действие в прошлом, которое имеет результат в настоящем) I have been reading, so my eyes are tired.  
· permanent truths or laws of nature (истины или законы природы) Water boils at 100C. Small children ask a lot of questions. · repeated actions with "always" expressing annoyance, criticism (постоянные действия с наречием «всегда», выражающие раздражение, критику) You are always asking silly questions.       · actions expressing anger, irritation, annoyance or criticism (действия, выражающие гнев, раздражение, нетерпение) Who has been using my cup?  
· time- tables /programmes (future meaning) ( расписание, программы, относящиеся к будущему времени) The train leaves at 10 o’clock.   · fixed arrangements in the near future (договоренности, относящиеся к ближайшему будущему) We are leaving for Paris tomorrow.   · emphasis on number (акцентирование речи на число)     She has answered 5 phone calls since 11 o’clock.   · emphasis on duration (usually with for,since or how long) (акцентирование речи на длительность действия, с наречиями «в течение», «с тех пор как», «как долго») She has been packing the suitcase for 2 hours.  
· reviews/sports commentaries/ dramatic narrative (обзор, спортивные комментарии, повествование о драматических событиях) And White passes to Smith, Smith to Swan, he shoots - and it’s a goal!   · changing or developing situations (меняющиеся или развивающиеся ситуации) The prices are rising.   Note: live, feel and work can be used either in the Present Perfect or the Present Perfect Cont. with no difference in meaning. I've been living/I've lived in Rome for a year. ( Обратите внимание! Глаголы «жить», «чувствовать» и «работать» могут употребляться или в настоящем совершенном, или в настоящем совершенном продолженном без изменения значения)



Time expressions (слова индикаторы) used with:

Present Simple every day/week/month/year, usually, often, always, rarely, never, sometimes, in the morning/evening/afternoon, at night, on Mondays etc
Present Cont. now, at the moment, at present, nowadays, today, tonight, always, still etc
Present Perfect just, ever, never, already, yet (negations & questions at the end of a sentence), always, how long, so far, recently, since (= from a starting point in the past), for (= over a period of time), today, this week/month, by etc
Present Perf. Cont. how long, for, since


Упражнение 15

Вставьте глаголы в соответствующей форме.

1. We (leave) for London tomorrow.

2. The flight (arrive) at 12 o’clock.

3. I (always want) to visit Paris.

4. I (wait) for the coach for 15 minutes.

5. A friend of mine (stay) in Stockholm at the moment.

6. Where is John? – He (go) through the customs now.

7. You look tired. What’s wrong? – I (write) my essay.

8. What are you busy with? – I (look) through the guide–book.

9. We (have) a farewell party this weekend.

10. We (go) sightseeing and we’ll be back soon.

11. I never (be) to Liverpool.

12. She (unpack) her suitcases for more than an hour.

13. I (live) in Manchester for a year as a mobile student.

14. I would recommend you to book tickets in advance. The prices (rise).

15. A friend of hers is very inattentive. She is (always lose) her hand luggage.

16. What’s happened? Why are you so excited? - Oh, you can’t believe, I (leave) the house half an

hour later, (take) a taxi in a rush, (spend) 30 minutes in a traffic jam, (arrive) at the airport at

the latest notice and (find out) that our flight has been (cancel).

17. He (always use) my notebook! I am fed up with it!

18. I (not see) you for ages!

19. Customs officer: “I (already check) your luggage. You may follow the green corridor.”

20. The majority of travellers (experience) jet lag


Упражнение 16

Вставьте нужные индикаторы времени.

1. The plane has not arrived ______.

a) already b) yet c) still

2. I am going sightseeing _____.

a) at the moment b) every day c) usually

3. She is ____ asking private questions, it’s impolite.

a) always b) often c) usually

4. We _____ borrow books from the library.

a) often b) today c) at the moment

5. Have you gone through the passport control _____?

a) already b) yet c) just

6. He has been writing a letter of motivation ______ 2 hours

a) since b) during c) for

7. The return tickets are becoming cheaper ____

a) often b) usually c) from day to day

8. Lazy students _____ become drop-outs.

a) often b) already c) today


Упражнение 17

Исправьте ошибки в предложениях

1. I haven’t done my home task already.

2. She never was in London.

3. How long are you waiting for your luggage?

4. I leave for Moscow today.

5. Your flight is arriving in 5 minutes.

6. You always ask tricky questions!

7. We have been packing our luggage during two hours.

8. The tourists have been waiting for their guide from 9 o’clock.

9. Little by little the students’ knowledge of English improves.

10. They have been writing their essays after 2 o’clock.


Упражнение 18

Переведите с русского языка на английский язык.

1. Завтра я уезжаю в Москву.

2. Он никогда не был в Англии.

3. Мы всегда хотели побывать в Париже.

4. Мой друг сейчас живет в Турку. Он бакалавр, изучает финскую культуру.

5. Как давно вы ждете свой багаж?

6. У вашей подруги плохая привычка, она вечно опаздывает на последнюю электричку (suburb train).

7. Его родители всю жизнь живут в Ижевске.

8. Самолет прибывает точно по расписанию, в 3 часа.

9. Ты уже выбрал дисциплины для своей академической мобильности?

10. -Чем вы в настоящее время занимаетесь? - Готовлюсь к лекции.

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