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Ex. 1. Go over the list of words with negative prefixes and group them according to the prefixes used

conscious — unconscious tidy — untidy

convenient — inconvenient usual — unusual

curable — incurable to agree — to disagree

dependent — independent to appear — to disappear

expensive — inexpensive to approve — to disapprove

experienced — inexperienced to believe — to disbelieve

familiar — unfamiliar to inherit — to disinherit

forgettable — unforgettable to like — to dislike

formal — informal to lock — to unlock

friendly — unfriendly to obey — to disobey

grateful — ungrateful to pack — to unpack

happy — unhappy to satisfy — to dissatisfy

honest — dishonest to tie — to untie

important — unimportant to trust — to distrust

legal — illegal ability — inability

literate — illiterate balance — imbalance

logical — illogical belief — disbelief

lucky — unlucky comfort- discomfort

mature — immature employment — unemployment

patient — impatient experience — inexperience

pleasant — unpleasant fortune — misfortune

popular — unpopular happiness — unhappiness

possible — impossible qualification — disqualification

punctual — unpunctual respect — disrespect

regular — irregular rest —unrest

respectful — disrespectful similarity — dissimilarity

responsible — irresponsible


Ex. 2. Add one of the negative prefixes in each space to make the word which follows opposite in meaning.

1. It is the most ...believable story I've ever heard. 2. I am afraid this is a very ...convenient arrangement. 3. The country became ...dependent soon after the end of World War II. 4. My parents ...approve of early marriages. 5. John left his job because he was ... able to deal with such a large amount of work. 6. When the ambulance came, the man was ...conscious after being knocked down by a car. 7. It’s his first job and he is very ...experienced. 8. We had a long talk but we still ... agree on a number of points. 9. Last summer I stayed in Paris for two weeks. It was an ...forgettable experience. 10. It was dark in the corridor and it took us ages to ...lock the door. 11. The sitting-room looks …tidy after last night's party. 12. Sailing in a boat during the storm was a very ...pleasant experience. 13. The weather is ...usually warm for this time of the year. 14. He's usually rather ...patient and ...friendly, but I must say hi was very sympathetic when I told him about my family problems 15. He just can't stop talking. He goes on and on about totally ...important things.

Mixed Practice

Ex..1. Complete the sentences using the appropriate derivatives of the words in brackets.

1. I had a ... with the boss about the work I was doing, so I left. (agree) 2. It's a good idea in theory, but rather ... . (practice) 3. He isn't fit for such a ... job. He's ... at making decisions. (response, hope) 4. Most people nowadays regard television as a... rather than a luxury. (necessary) 5. Having our passports stolen was a rather ... start to our holiday. (fortune) 6. I did a very stupid thing, but ... nobody saw me. (luck) 7. I like this car. It's always been very ... . (rely) 8. You are always ... . Isn't there anything that makes you happy? (misery) 9. It was a very ... experience and it took a long time to get over it. (upset) 10. The road signs were so ... that I didn't know which way to go. (confuse) 11. I'm afraid he's got very ... habits. (irritate) 12. It was only after a great deal of persistence that I got a ... answer. (satisfy) 13. It takes a lot of determination to ... in a ... business. (success, compete) 14. His arrogant attitude made him ... with the other people in the office. (popular) 15. That was a rather ... remark. You've obviously upset him. (tact)


Ex. 2. Use the words given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line.

A.Architects responsible for the (CONSTRUCT) of many skyscrapers believe that a tall building must always have a certain minimum (WIDE) but that there is no limit to its absolute (HIGH). This means that the skyscrapers of the future are likely to be even taller. Engineers agree with this, but there is (AGREE) over the best shape for very tall, slim buildings. The effects of wind (PRESS) mean that cylindrical designs have enjoyed some (POPULAR) in recent years, and these are quite pleasing to the eye.

Would these tall buildings of the future offer more than a (WONDER) view? Some believe tall towers could contain all the (REQUIRE) for modern living. The (INHABIT) of these vertical villages would travel up and down between their home and work zones and would (RARE) need to journey to the ground level.

B.The site of the town of Winchester was a (NATURE) place for (SETTLE), at the point where a river cut through the chalk of the (SOUTH) hillsides. A simple camp at St.Catherine's Hill was the (EARLY) known use of the site. It was the Romans who finally established the town and (ROUND) it with a defensive wall for the protection of their people and trade. With the (BUILD) of its first cathedral in the seventh century, the town became an important (RELIGION) centre. Later, King Alfred, who had (SUCCESS) pushed back the invading Danes, moved his palace to Winchester. The town then experienced rapid (DEVELOP), and its (CENTRE) role in English history was underlined in 1066 when the conquering Normans, like Alfred, made Winchester their capital.


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