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Тест 1 Местоимение. Слова-определители

Выберите правильный вариант.

1. We saw a lot of pictures at the art shop, but____was good enough to buy for our museum.

a) none of them c) not some of them

b) no of them d) only any of them

2. If there are______calls for me, can you ask to leave a message?

a) some c) any

b) none d) no

3. While peeling potatoes my small brother cut______with a sharp knife.

a) oneself c) his

b) him d) himself

4. There are many good hotels in the town. You can stay at ______of them.

a) no c) any

b) some d) all

5. I've been trying to phone her all day but______I phone her the line is engaged.

a) every time c) the every time

b) all the time d) the whole time

6. He is invited to lots of parties and he goes to______.

a) everyone c) every one

b) everything d) each

7. These are______organizations operating in our market and even______we would consider real competitors.

a) a few, many b) little, some

с) some, fewer d) few, fewer

8. You are not the only one who failed to hear the news. I didn't______.

a) neither c) either

b) both d) also

9. If we hadn't taken the same plane, we might have never met______.

a) ours c) each other

b) ourselves d) both of us

10.______food, clothes and some______goods have be­come more expensive nowadays.

a) much, others c) many, the others

b) many, others d) much, other

11. I'm going to the wedding on Saturday.______is getting married.

a) a friend of me c) mine friend

b) a friend of mine d) a friend of my

12. During the terrible road accident one car bumped into _____one. One driver was heavily injured and______ died.

a) another, other c) other, the other

b) another, the other d) the other, other

13. — Did you hear about the party at Kate's last night? - No, I didn't.______of my friends ______ there.

a) none, was c) nobody, were

b) nobody, was d) no, were

14. "The system of education is not superb," she said. "Too ______ mathematics ______ usually taught at school."

a) many, are c) much, are

b) much, is d) many, is

15.______should be present at the meeting. A very serious question will be discussed.

a) someone c) everyone

b) any one d) anyone

16. We've got too______petrol. We must have the car filled at the nearest service station.

a) a little c) much

b) little d) many

17. When the train arrived at the railway station______pas­sengers got their suitcases. So we picked up ______too.

a) other, our c) some, ours

b) others, our d) another, ours

18. There are______evenings when I do not want to go to bed. But there are______evenings when nothing could keep me from going to bed.

a) some, other c) several, others

b) some, the others d) some, the other

19. I don't really enjoy going to the cinema_______. I'd rather have______to go with me.

a) by my own, no one c) on myself, someone

b) by myself, someone d) by my own, anyone

20.1 have been talking to that strange man for an hour but I still can't understand if he is _______ Spanish______


a) either, or c) neither, nor

b) neither, or d) either, nor



Тест 2

Выберите правильный вариант. Местоимение. Слова-определители

1. It is not his fault. You cannot blame______.

a) his c) him

b) himself d) he

2. Tom and Ann stood in front of the mirror and looked at

a) each other c) one another

b) themselves d) them

3. Have you got______luggage? Let me help you.

a) any c) some

b) - d) a

4. "Would you like______to eat?" asked Tom.

a) — c) anything

b) something d) some

5. If there are______letters for me?

a) any c) some

b) - d) the

6. "What do you want to eat?" "______. I'm so hungry."

a) nothing c) something

b) anything d) any

7.______ came to visit him while he was in hospital.

a) nobody c) any one

b) none d) some

8.1 cannot talk to you now. I______time.

a) have got no c) have got any

b) have got none d) have got no any

9. All the tickets have been sold. There is______left.

a) no of them c) nothing

b) not any d) none

10. When we travelled we spent______money.

a) few c) plenty

b) a lot of d) many

Ц. He enjoyed his life there. He had_______friends and

they met quite often.

a) few c) not much

b)afew d) little

12.______people he worked with are very friendly.

a) some of c) some of the

b) any of d) nobody

13. Have you ever been to______restaurants?

a) either of those c) no

b) either of d) something

14. She said she would contact me but she______wrote ______phoned.

a) either, nor c) neither, or

b) neither, nor d) either, or

15.______I have eaten today is a sandwich.

a) everything c) whole

b) all d) anything

16. Peter spent______money you gave him.

a) all the c) all

b) the whole d) some

17. Carol likes reading. She has read______book in the li­brary.

a) all c) every

b) each d) the all

18.1 hope______enjoyed the outing to the Zoo.

a) everybody c) all of them

b) all d) all they

19. "Have you read all these books?" "Yes,______."

a) every c) every of them

b) every one d) everything

20.______enjoyed the party last week.

a) every one c) all

b) everyone d) every


Тест З

Выберите правильный вариант. Местоимение. Слова-определители

1. There are______biscuits left in the tin.

a) a few c) little

b) much d) a little

2.______students know the answer to this question.

a) a little c) few

b) much d) little

3. My days are so busy that I have______time for reading.

a) few c) many

b) a few d) little

4.______people give money to charity.

a) a lot c) little

b) many d) much

5. There is a tiny bit of butter. There is______butter.

a) a little c) few

b) much d) little

6. He keeps trying although there is______chance of suc­cess.

a) much c) a few

b) few d) little

7. There are many clocks in the office but______of them work properly.

a) little c) much

b) few d) a little

8. She wasn't very hungry. She has just had______soup.

a) few c) a little

b) a few d) little

9. There aren't______jobs for young people.

a) much c) little

b) a few d) many

10. There aren't______lessons today.

a) much c) a lot

b) many d) few

11. I couldn't obtain______information from an office manager.

a) many c) a lot

b) much d) some

12. When my parents moved into a new flat they had very ____furniture, just ______ chairs.

a) a little, a few c) little, a little

b) little, a few d) little, little

13. There aren't______flats to rent in Moscow because there is______accommodation.

a) much, little c) much, a few

b) a lot, few d) many, little

14.1 haven't got______suitcases. I have got______lug­gage.

a) many, a few c) a lot of, little

b) many, few d) much, little

15.1 had______time left, so I spent______minutes in a bookshop.

a) a little, a few c) a few, a few

b) little, a few d) many, much

16. Very______research will be done in this field.

a) many c) few

b) little d) a little

17. It's very quiet in my area. There is______traffic.

a) little c) a lot of

b) much d) few

18. Usually men don't do______house work.

a) a lot c) a little

b) little d) much

19. Now my father smokes______cigarettes than he used to.

a) a few c) fewer

b) less d) few

20. There is too______violence on TV.

a) many c) a little

b) much d) few

21. There are too______violent films on TV.

a) many c) little

b) much d) a little

22. How___money is in your wallet? Oh, you've spent only___roubles, there are ___ left.

a) many, a few, many c) much, a little, many

b) much, a few, much d) much, a few, many

23.1 think there are___Russian soap operas on the tele­vision. There are___more Brazilian ones.

a) little, many c) few, much

b) few, many d) a little, many

24.______paper is needed to publish______books.

a) many, a few c) much, a few

b) much, few d) much, little

25. There are______important papers on the desk.

a) a little c) a lot of

b) a lot d) much


Тест 1

Выберите правильный вариант. Прилагательное и наречие

1. The exam was quite easy —______we expected.

a) more easy that c) easier than

b) more easy than d) easier as

2. The more electricity you use,______.

a) your bill will be higher

b) will be higher your bill

c) the higher your bill will be

d) higher will be your bill

3. He's a fast runner. I can't run as______as he.

a) fast c) faster

b) fastly d) fastest

4. The film was really boring. It was______I've ever seen.

a) most boring film c) the film more boring

b) the more boring film d) the most boring film

5. My book is______interesting______yours.

a) as, as c) as, like

b) like, like d) like, as

6. My house is______ height______his.

a) as, as c) as, the same

b) the same, as d) the same, the same

7. John's grades are______his sister's.

a) the higher than c) higher than

b) the highest as d) more high than

8. His drawings are as perfect as his______.

a) instructor b) instructor's

c) instructors d) instructor drawings

9. The salary of a professor is higher than______a secretary.

a) — c) has

b) one of d) that of

10.1 feel______today than I did last week.

a) much better c) no better

b) more good d) more better

11. No animal is so big______King Kong.

a) as c)than

b) so d) that

12. Her sport car is different______Kate's.

a) like c) from

b) as d) so

13. California is farther from New York______Pennsylva­nia.

a) as c) like

b) than d) from

14. This encyclopedia costs______the other one.

a) more c) twice as many as

b) twice more than d) twice as much as

15. The hotter it is,______I feel.

a) the more miserable c) more miserable

b) the miserable d) most miserable

16. The more you study,______you will become.

a) the more smart c) smarter

b) the more smarter d) the smarter

17. No sooner had he started out for California______it started to rain.

a) that c) no sooner

b)than d)-

18. Of the two books, this one is the______.

a) the most interesting c) more interesting

b) most interesting d) the more interesting

19. These shoes are______of all.

a) less expensive c) the less expensive

b) the least expensive d) least expensive

20. He drives______than Bob.

a) more cautiously c) the most cautiousliest

b) cautiouslier d) more cautious


Тест 2

Выберите правильный вариант. Прилагательное и наречие

1. Honesty is______policy.

a) the best c) more better

b) better d) the better

2.______men declare war. But it is the youth that fight and die.

a) oldest c) eldest

b) elder d) older

3. Of two evils choose______.

a) less c) the least

b) little d) smaller

4. What's the______news of today?

a) later c) lately

b) last d) latest

5. If you are interested in______details ask the head of the office.

a) further c) furthest

b) farther d) farthest

6. Actions speak______than words.

a) more louder c) louder

b) the loudest d) loudly

7. Hotels are becoming______nowadays.

a) more expensive c) expensiver

b) the most expensive d) the more expensive

8. The damage to the car could be______than we expected.

a) bad c) the worst

b) worse d) the worse

9. That was______case in his practice.

a) the least difficult c) the less difficulter

b) the less difficult d) difficulter

10. The sea is______unknown part of our planet.

a) the most large c) the most largest

b) the largest d) the larger

11. This cake is______the one you made last night.

a) sweeter than c) sweet as

b) sweetest d) more sweeter than

12. That was______question in the exam.

a) least difficult c) little difficult

d) the less difficult d) the least difficult

13. This was the______test I've ever done.

a) easiest c) easier

b) easy d) most easiest

14. That was the______performance I've ever seen.

a) worst c) worse

b) bad d) worser

15. Those shoes cost______mine.

a) much as c) more as

b) as much as d) as more

16. You live even______from the centre than they.

a) farther c) furthest

b) far d) more far

17.1 like Jane less than Tom, but I like Sam______of all.

a) less c) little

b) lesser d) least

18. It took Kate______to do this work.

a) long b) as long

c) the longest d) much longer

19. The smaller a garden is______it is to look after.

a) the easier c) easier

b) more easy d) most easy

20. My left arm is______than my right one.

a) stronger c) most strong

b) more stronger d) strongest

21. The people who arrive______get the best seats.

a) more earlier c) the earliest

b) most early d) much early

22. It's becoming_____ to find a job.

a) hard and hard c) hardly and hard

b) harder and harder d) the hardest and the hardest

23.______we leave,______we will arrive.

a) the earlier, the sooner c) the earliest, the soon

b) the early, sooner d) the earlier, sooner

24. Could you speak______, please?

a) distinct c) less distinctly

b) most distinct d) more distinctly



Тест 3

Выберите правильный вариант. Прилагательное и наречие

1. Kevin continued to study______in a well-organized pri­vate school and he______found a common language with his new school fellows.

a) serious, quick c) seriously, quick

b) seriously, quickly d) serious, quickly

2. The scene was______. Can you imagine John running so ________

a) quite amazing, fast c) such amazing, fast

b) rather amazing, fastly d) so amazed, fast

3. Will you give me______information on delivery arrange­ments?

a) farther c) more further

b) further d) much far

4. The benefit was______great a success that the promoters decided to repeat it.

a) so c) as

b) such d) like

5. John is______a wonderful person: he is very friendly, gay, he has much talent.

a) so c) quite

b) rather d) such

6. Mark was sure to get acknowledged as he worked______.

a) hardly c) too hardly

b) hardly enough d) hard enough

7. The teacher was giving her a test after a test in geography and she was doing______.

a) more and more bad c) more and more worser

b) worser and worser d) worse and worse

8. She became______as she was growing up.

a) much and much beautifully

b) more and more beautiful

c) more and more beautifully

d) most and most beautiful

9. You may dive safely here, the lake is______.

a) enough deep c) deep enough

b) deeply enough d) quite deeply

10. Her face had relaxed, the tension had gone. It looked ______and______.

a) more younger, more beauty

b) more young, more beautiful

c) younger, beautifully

d) younger, more beautiful

11.1 found it difficult to answer him. I was______to be able to think clearly.

a) enough confused c) very confusing

b) confusing too d) too confused

12. We slept in a double-bedded room, which was_____that the little country inn could do for us.

a) good c) the best

b) better d) worse

13.______sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate but to be indifferent to them.

a) the worst c) bad

b) worse d) worst

14. Because the first pair of shoes didn't fit______, he asked for another one.

a) more proper c) proper

b) most properly d) properly

15. I've got too little time and my______care will be to find ______way to the village because the school I'm going to is at______end.

a) next, the nearest, the fartherest

b) nearest, nearest, furtherest

c) near, next, farther

d) next, next, further

16. During the Middle Ages London grew twice______it was in size and wealth.

a) as large as c) as larger as

b) larger than d) as larger than

17. The professor looked______at the student's paper and then began to speak. His voice sounded______.

a) quick, terrible c) quickly, terribly

b) quickly, terrible d) quick, terribly

18. John said that no other car could go______.

a) as fast as his c) as fast as the car of him

b) so fast like his car d) as fast like his car

19. Even though she looks very young, she is twice______ my twenty-year-old sister.

a) older c) as old as

b) as old than d) older than

20. Of the two landscapes that you have shown me this one is

a) more picturesque c) most picturesque

b) the more picturesque d) the most picturesque



Тест 4

Выберите правильный вариант. Прилагательное и наречие

1. Susan's job is.______She is not______with it.

a) boring, satisfied c) boring, satisfying

b) bored, satisfied d) a bore, satisfying

2. Near the window there was a______table.

a) beautiful round large wooden

b) large wooden beautiful round

c) beautiful large round wooden

d) wooden beautiful large round

3. Drive______! You drive too fast.

a) careful c) with care

b) carefully d) in care

4. This dish tastes a bit______.

a) strange c) strangefully

b) strangely d) stranger

5. Give me this______box please.

a) metal small black c) black small metal

b) small metal black d) small black metal

6. Please, speak______. The exam is on.

a) most quiet c) quiet

b) quietly d) more quiet

7. Mary was______injured in the car accident.

a) bad c) badly

b) hard d) hardly

8. You shouldn't go to the laboratory with us. It is not______ at all.

a) necessarily c) necessity

b) necessary d) a necessity

9. There was a great traffic. We______came in time.

a) hardly c) in hard

b) hard d) harder

10. Jane is a______worker that is why she has the highest scores in the group.

a) hardly c) hard

b) hardship d) harder

11. Don't even talk to him. He is______impolite!

a)so c)such

b) so a d) such an

12. It was______difficult exam, that we fell asleep immedi­ately after it.

a) such c) so

b)such a d)so a

13.1 enjoyed my trip to Paris. It was______.

a) such relaxing c) so relaxing

b) such relaxed d) so a relax

14. This is______book that I can't stop reading it.

a) so interesting c) such an interesting

b) such interesting d) so an interesting

15. We must figure out income tax returns______.

a) accuracy c) accurately

b) accurate d) accuratively

16. Susan appeared so______that I couldn't help making her a compliment.

a) beautifully c) beauty

b) beautiful d) more beautiful

17. Jane feels______about having a big party.

a) enthusiastic c) in enthusiasm

b) enthusiastically d) with enthusiasm

18. Mary draws as______as her sister.

a) good c) nicely

b) well d) well like

19. Our villa is as______as yours.

a) expensively c) expensive

b) expense d) expensive like

20. The song sounded too______to be worth listening to.

a) noisy c) in noise

b) noisily d) much noise

21. The doctor felt the leg_______to see if there were an broken bones.

a) careful c) carefully

b) in carefulness d) care

22. This lake is the same______as that one.

a) deep c) deeply

b) depth d) more deep

23. Caroline goes to the swimming pool less______than Mary does.

a) frequent c) frequency

b) frequently d) more frequent

24. Elisa dances______than her sister.

a) more gracefully c) most graceful

b) more graceful d) more grace

25. Jane has as______opportunities to go in for sport as I.

a) little c) small

b)few d) fewer


Тест 1

Выберите правильный вариант. Предлоги и союзы

1. She was jealous______her friend because she had a better dress.

a) at c) of

b) on d) to

2. The waste paper bin is full______crumpled sheets of pa­per.

a) with c) to

b) for d) of

3. The computer is capable______producing graphics.

a) to c) for

b) of d) in

4. Moscow is especially famous______its elegant architec­ture.

a) for c) with

b) of d) at

5.1 felt very ashamed______making such a stupid mistake.

a) of c) at

b) for d) to

6. Could you add this up for me? I'm not very quick______ calculating.

a) with c) at

b) in d) on

7. After days of preparation the hall is ready______the grand opening.

a) on c) at

b) to d) for

8. Who is responsible______making such a mess?

a) for c) with

b) of d) at

9. She was very proud______his achievements.

a) for c) with

b) of d) at

10. It took some time to get accustomed______driving on the left.

a) at c) to

b) with d) for

11. We always eat food typical______the region we are trav­elling in.

a) for c) at

b) on d) of

12. Are you aware______any reason why he is late?

a) with c) for

b) about d) of

13. She went out to work not to be dependent_______her husband.

a) on c) with

b) at d) for

14. She never goes out at night because she is afraid______ the dark.

a) at c) of

b) to d) for

15. Because of the flu many teachers were absent_______ work.

a) of c) for

b) from d) at

16.1 feel really sorry______her because she has fallen ill.

a) about c) of

b) with d) for

17. She isn't satisfied______her progress in English.

a) of c) from

b) with d) at

18. My sister is better______sport than me.

a) at c) of

b) in d) with

19.1 must hurry or I'll be late______school.

a) at c) for

b)in d)to

20. He was found guilty______robbing the bank.

a) of c) with

b) for d) at

21.1 am short______money at the moment.

a) for c) in

b) with d) of

22. This incident is very similar______what happened yes­terday.

a) with c) in

b) to d) of

23. The teacher got tired______hearing the same old ex­cuses.

a) of c) at

b) from d) with

24. I am suspicious______those people who always ask questions.

a) in c) from

b) of d) at

25. My sister is very keen______fashion.

a) of c) on

b) with d) at

Teст 2

Выберите правильный вариант. Предлоги и союзы

1. It was very nice______you to do my shopping for me.

a) on c) for

b) about d) of

2. I'm sorry______the smell of paint in this room.

a) by c) about

b) for d) at

3. We always have the same food every day. I'm fed up______it.

a) with c) by

b) in d) to .

4.1 was shocked______what I saw. I'd never seen anything like that before.

a) on c) at

b) of d) with

5. Susan is married______two children.

a) to c) with

b) for d) -

6. Tom has no money of his own. So he's totally dependent ______his parents.

a) at c) to

b) on d) of

7. She apologized______me______her behaviour.

a) to, with c) on, for

b) at, to , d) to, for

8. I'm sorry______being rude with you.

a) for c) on

b)- d)at

9. I'm afraid there is no solution______the problem.

a) to c) from

b) for d) on

10. He showed me a photograph______the house where he lived as a child.

a) of c) at

b) in d) for

11. The police believe that there is no connection______ the two crimes.

a) between c) with

b) for d) at

12. We called the doctor because Linda was complaining ______a pain in her back.

a) about c) on

b) of d) in

13. We'd better phone______the restaurant to reserve a table.

a) to c) -

b) for d) in

14. Thank you for the invitation______your party next week.

a) on c) to

b) by d) at

15. He accused his wife______being jealous.

a) at c) in

b) about d) of

16. I've received a cheque______$200.

a) on c) with

b) by d) for

17. Did you know the cause______the fire?

a) of c) from

b) to d) at

18. The children were excited______going to the circus

next day.

a) for c) about

b) of d) to

19.______my opinion you shouldn't go to Kate's party to­morrow.

a) on c) in

b) from d) by

20.1 nearly forgot that it was Jack's birthday. Fortunately I remembered______time.

a) in c) on

b) for d) at


Тест 3

Выберите правильный вариант. Предлоги и союзы

1. Our house is similar______theirs. I think ours is a bit lag­er.

a) of c) for

b) to d) with

2. Do you belong______a political party?

a) to c) on

b) of d) about

3. It is terrible that some people are dying______hunger while others eat too much.

a) with c) to

b) for d) of

4. Ann loves complaining. She complains______everything

a) of c) for

b) about d) to

5. He decided to give up sport in order to concentrate ______his studies.

a) on c) about

b) in d) of

6. The accident was my fault, so I had to pay_______the damage.

a) on c) of

b) to d) for

7. Did you hear_______the fight in the club on Saturday night?

a) of c) about

b) for d) -

8. Have you heard ________ a company called "Smith Electrics"?

a) after c) about

b) of d) for

9. I have lost my keys. Can you help me to look_______ them?

a) of c) for

b) after d) to

10. Who looked______you when you were ill?

a) after c) at

b) for d) to

11. Please don't shout______me! Be nice to me.

a) to c) of

b) for d) at

12. We passed Tom as we were driving along. I shouted______ him but he didn't hear.

a) for c) to

b) of d) at

13. I've thought______what you said and I've decided to take your advice.

a) of c) at

b) about d) to

14.1 don't know what to get Ann for her birthday. Can you think______anything?

a) of c) at

b) about d) to

15. When I saw Mike, I congratulated him_______passing his driving test.

a) for c) to

b) of d) on

16. It's not very pleasant when you are accused_______ something you didn't do.

a) for с) of

b)to d) in

17.1 didn't have any money, I had to borrow some______a friend of mine.

a) of c) after

b) from d) over

18. I am not going out yet. I am waiting______the rain to stop.

a) to c) about

b) - d) for

19. The roof of the house is in a very bad condition. I think we ought to do something ______ it.

a) of c) with

b) about d) after

20. Do you see that girl over there? Does she remind you ______anyone you know?

a) of c) -

b) about d) to


Тест 4

Выберите правильный вариант. Предлоги и союзы

1. One can learn to play the guitar _____ two months. a) in b) at c) for d) after
2. Jane remembered the dates only______the exam. a) in b) on c) at d) to
3 . There is a comfortable chair______the corner of room. a) at b) in c) on d) into
4.______the comer of the street you will see a gift shop. a) at b) in c) on d) into
5. Susan looks very beautiful______this photograph. a) on b) at c) from d) in
6. Many people pay huge sums of money to see our team's play______football match. a) in b) on c) at d) to
7. Call your relatives when you arrive______London. a) at b) on c) in d) for
8. Mary wanted to arrive______work______time, but her car broke and she was late. a) at, in c) in, in b) at, on d) in, on
9. The murderer was sent______prison although his advo­cate did his best to defend him. a) to c) into b) in d) at
10. — Have you ever been to Indonesia?— Yes, last year I went there______business. a) for c) on b) in d) at
11. The shop assistant asked Jane to pay______cash. a) in b) by c) with d) for
12. In most shops you can pay______credit card. a) in c) with b) by d) for
13. Susan was afraid of travelling______sea, so we had to go ______my car. a) on, by c) by, in b) at, in d) in, by
14. Can you see any disadvantages______living in the city? a) at c) in b) for d) to
15. The behaviour of the aggressive fans caused serious dam­age ______the city centre. a) of c) to b) for d) in
16. Jane showed me her wonderful drawings______the sea. I think she has a great talent. a) at c) for b) of d) in
17. Mary feels deeply sorry______homeless pets. a) for b) with c) about d) of
18. Many people are shocked______ the truth they hear about themselves. a) with c) in b) by d) about
19. It was generous______the headmaster to give us expen­sive presents. a) for c) of b) to d) about
20. Although Jane was very nervous______the exam, she was able to concentrate. a) about b) for c) at d) to
21. There is a terrible car accident. One car collided______ another one. a) to c) with b) in d) into
22. Mary is suspected______telling lies.   a) in c) for b) of d) at
23. Nowadays many people still suffer______cancer. a) of c) in b) from d) because of
24. My grandmother usually looks______me when my par­ents are______holiday. a) after, on c) after, in b) for, on d) for, at
25. It is difficult to blame the defeat______the team. They did their best. a) for c) at b) on d) in



Тест 5

Выберите правильный вариант. Предлоги и союзы

1. I can't open this door. Have you got a key______the other one? a) for c) from b) to d) out of
2. The train was late but nobody knew the reason______the delay. a) for c) to b) of d) on
3.1 was surprised at her reaction______my suggestion. a) to c) about b) towards d) for
4. Do you think we will find a solution______the problem? a) of c) to b) for d) on
5. Why are you always jealous______other people? a) about c) to b) of d) towards
6. She is married______an American, but lives in England. a) with c) for b) to d) on
7. I am sure you are capable______passing the examina­tion. a) of c) to b) at d) for
8. The letter he wrote is full______mistakes. a) of c) in b) with d) for
9. This cup is filled______tea. a) with c) in b) of d) on
10.1 am a bit short______money. Can you lend me some? a) in c) with b) of d) off
11. She depends______her parents for money. a) on c) from b) in d) out of
12. Some people are still dying______pneumonia even in developed countries. a) from c) of b) at d) off
13.1 have searched______my keys but I can't find them. a) in c) of b) for d) after
14. She accused me______being selfish.   a) of c) at b) for d) in
15. Everybody blamed me______the accident. a) of c) for b) about d) on
16. The book is divided______three parts.   a) in c) on b) into d) on to
17. Don't point that knife______me. It's dangerous. a) at c) in b) on d) for
18. The school provided all its students______books. a) on C) on b) with d) for
19. Everybody blamed the accident______me. a) for C) on b) with d) after
20. What is this medicine______? a) from C) at b) for d) against


Тест 6

Выберите правильный вариант. Предлоги и союзы

1.______the traffic was bad, I arrived on time.

a) although b) in spite of c) despite d) because of

2. Kate might phone tonight. I don't want to go out______ she phones.

a) because b) because of c) in case d) if

3. A dog ran out in front of the car______we were driving along the road.

a) in case b) as c) if d) when

4- _____ they are with an adult, children are not allowed to use the swimming pool.

a) unless b) if c) providing d) provided

5.1 drew a map for her in case she______the house.

a) can't find b) couldn't find c) won't find d) don't find

6. I'll give you my phone number______you need to con­tact me.

a) because b) because of c) in case d) if

7.1 used to live near the sea______I was a child.

a) as b) while c) when d) during

8. The doorbell rang______we were asleep.

a) as b) just as c) when d) while

9. After the interruption, the speaker went on talking______ nothing had happened.

a) as b) as if c) like d) without

10. We usually go out at weekends, but we don't often go out ______the week.

a) while b) for c) unless d) during

11. Please, don't interrupt me______I'm speaking.

a) while b) until c) till d) during

12. I felt really ill last week. I could hardly eat anything ______three days.

a) while b) for c) unless d) during

13. We'll buy some more food in case he______.

a) come b) comes c) will come d) came

14. When we asked Kate to help us, she agreed immediately, ______I knew she would.

a) like b) as c) how d) as if

15. I'm moving into my new flat next week. I'm staying with my friend______then.

a) by b) until c) before d) for

16. My mother once had a part-time job______a tourist guide.

a) as b) like c) how d) the way

17. You can phone me at the hotel______you need to con­tact me.

a) because b) because of c) in case d) if

18. My feet are really cold. They're______blocks of ice. a) like b) as c) how d) as how

19.1 don't watch TV______I've got nothing else to do.

a) provided b) unless c) as long as d) so long as

20. Kate got married______she was 23. a) when b) during c) as d) just as

21. My father is a terrible driver. He drives_______he were the only driver on the road.

a) as b) like c) as if d) how

22. I'm playing tennis tomorrow______it's raining. a) if b) unless c) providing d) provided

23.1 didn't get the job______I had all the necessary qualifi­cations.

a) although b) in spite of c) despite d) because

24. We are going to have a picnic tomorrow_______it's no training.

a) unless b) providing c) in case d) in spite of

25. I'll phone you tomorrow______usual, OK? a) how b) like c) as d) for



Тест 7

Выберите правильный вариант. Предлоги и союзы

1.______the house is old, it is still very warm.

a) although b) even c) despite d) no matter

2.1 couldn't sleep______very tired.

a) although I was b) despite I be c) despite of being d) in spite of

3. In spite______the heavy snow, we enjoyed our weekend.

a) — b) of c) from d) being

4. You should insure your bicycle______stolen.

a) in case it will be b) if it will be c) in case it is d) if it is

5. She liked teaching in spite of______it was badly paid.

a) it was a fact b) the fact that c) — d) in fact

6. The club is for members only. You______you're a member.

a) can't go in if b) can go in only c) can't go in unless d) can go in unless

7. Even______I was really tired, I couldn't sleep.

a) - b)that c) if d)though

8. I'll give you my phone number______you want to speak to me.

a) in case b) if c) for d) providing

9. Kate has been married a long time. She got married ______she was 22 years old.

a) when b) as c) while d) providing

10. Despite______she wouldn't take her coat off.

a) it was hot b) that it was hot c) being heat d) the heat

11. What a beautiful house! It's______a palace.

a) as b) like c) even d) however

12. Travelling by car is convenient______you have some­where to park.

a) if not b) providing c) provided if d) in case

13.______I got home, I had a bath.

a) when b) as c) while d) if

14. They are very kind to me. They treat me______their own son.

a) like I am b) as if I am c) as if I were d) as if I be

15.1 am going to get this qualification,______long it takes.

a) no matter b) however c) nevertheless d) while

16. I'll be in London next week. 1 hope to see Tom______ there.

a) while I will be b) while I am c) during my visit d) during I am

17. You should inform the police______your car is stolen.

a) if b) though c) in case d) like

18. The doorbell rang______we were asleep.

a) when b) as c) providing d) while

19. Jack is away at the moment. I don't know exactly when he is coming back but I am sure he'll be back______ Monday.

a) by b) until c) on d) to

20. She was ill last week, but despite______this she went to work.

a) - b) from c) in d) of

21.______the manager, she has to make many important decisions.

a) like b) as c) when d) if

22. Why do you talk about him______he were an old man?

a) as b) as if c) if d) like

23. What are you going to do while they______TV?

a) will be watching b) will watch c) are watching d) watch

24. Everyone is ill at home. Our house is______a hospital.

a) like b) as c) if d) in case


Тест 8

Выберите правильный вариант. Предлоги и союзы

1. The plane was late but no one knew the reason______the delay.

a) about b) for c) of d) to

2. The accident was my fault, so I paid for the damage ______the other car.

a) to b) for c) with d) on

3. The man was surprised _______ his friend's reaction ______what he said.

a) with, on b) at, to c) of, towards d) in, to

4. Do you think they'll find a solution______this problem so soon?

a) of b) on c) to d) for

5. The police wanted to question the man in connection ______the robbery.

a) with b) of c) to d) about

6. The police said that there was no connection______the two murders.

a) with b) of c) in d) between

7.______his opinion she looked like a princess.

a) to b) in c) on d) with

8. Don't worry. She is jealous______everyone.

a) to b) with c) of d) for

9. Lisa has married______Harry.

a) with b) to c) on d) -

10. When I realized that I had taken the wrong umbrella, I immediately apologized ___my mistake.

a) for b) to c) on d) about

11. I couldn't stop my car in time so I crashed______an­other car.

a) — b) into c) in d) to

12. He loves complaining. He complains______everything.

a) of b) for c) about d) on

13.1 dreamt______you yesterday.

a) of b) on c) about d) at

14.1 often dream______being rich.

a) of b) on c) about d) at

15. When I heard that he had passed his exams, I phoned him to congratulate him_____his success.

a) with b) for c) about d) on

16. I'll visit you next Sunday and we'll go for a walk______ usual.

a) like b) how c) as d) for

17. He wasn't feeling well, but______of this he answered all the questions of the examiner.

a) although b) in spite c) despite d) because

18.1 liked this room______it was, before we decorated it.

a) like b) as c) how d) so

19.______we don't use our car very often we've decided to sen it.

a) as b) when c) although d) despite

20. We have too many bedrooms, so we use one of them ______a study.

a) like b) for c) as d) how



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