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Read the following sentences and circle TRUE or FALSE


1) People are born with a capacity to lie.

2) Many philosophers were convinced that lying was admissible in case of emergency.

3) People usually tell a lie without any reason.

4) Scientists say that lying takes longer than telling the truth.

5) A liar always smiles and feels at ease.

6) There is no absolutely reliable sign of lying.

7) The fact is that polygraph can detect a lie with 100% accuracy.

2. Complete each sentence (A-H) with one of the endings (1-8):


A. Lying is quite natural and people often do it

B. A lie is something you say that you know is untrue

C. Everyday people have to face

D. If one doesn't want to be deceived or to become a victim of fraud, he or she should

E. It is possible to distinguish a lie by

F. Polygraph measures the suspect's

G. If there is increased activity in these areas

H. Discovery of a lie may


1. heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate and respiration.

2. misinformation, hoax, fabrication, propaganda, puffery, forgery etc.

3. facial expression, movements, tone of voice and other methods.

4. with the intention to deceive other people.

5. spoil one's reputation or lead to social or legal sanctions.

6. take into consideration people's behaviour and body language.

7. in case of emergency, intentionally or even without any reason.

8. the suspect might be lying.


Give the definitions of the following words

· white lie

· hoax

· half-truth

· fabrication

· bold-faced lie

· misinformation

· forgery

Agree or disagree with the following statements. Explain your point of view.


ü There is hardly a person in the world who can say that he or she has never told a lie.

ü 'By a lie, a man annihilates his dignity as a man.'

ü Lie is everywhere: on TV, on the radio, in newspapers, in the street and even at home.

ü Many people have become distrustful and suspicious.

ü You can’t lie all the time.

5. Listening comprehension. You will hear an extract from a lecture about lies. Circle the correct options.

A. When we are telling a lie, it’s normal.

1) True 2) False 3)Not stated


B. Lying is a way to persuade the other people.

2) True 2) False 3)Not stated

C. Lying is an essential part of many kinds of sport.

3) True 2) False 3)Not stated

D. Actors should be good at lying.

4) True 2) False 3)Not stated

E. Film makers try to deceive the audience.

5) True 2) False 3)Not stated

F. Sometimes it’s better to keep silence.

6) True 2) False 3)Not stated

G. Our life is possible without telling a lie.

7) True 2) False 3)Not stated

Open the brackets and restore the text.

About Lies


As far as .you remember, 1________ (tell) a lie? 2_______ people (believe) you? According to research, more people are lying and getting away with it.

Linda White from Manchester is a good example. Linda 3___ just ___ (get) engaged. Unfortunately, she doesn't like some of her fiancé’s friends. They 4___ (meet) every Friday night since she 5___ (start) going out with John, but she doesn't get on with them. Linda doesn't want them to come to the engagement party, so she 6___ (decide) to invite them all- but on the wrong day!

People also lie about their careers. Some people 7___ (add) extra qualifi­cations to their curriculum vitae or exaggerate their experience. Robert Pool 8___ (work) as a retail manager for over three years. When he 9___ (have) the job interview he said that he had a degree of Manager. He 10___ (not have) a degree, but his employers believed him.

More typically, people tend to lie when they meet someone for the first time. They want to make a good impression, so they lie about how well they can play sport, the places they 11___ (visit), the things they 12____ (do) or the things they own.

But how can we tell if someone is lying? The answer is to watch their body language. 13___ they ___ (look) directly at you when they were speaking? If they didn't or if they couldn't keep their hands still or often 14 _______ (touch) their nose or mouth, they were probably lying.

7. Listening comprehension. You will hear an interview with a psychologist about body language. Circle the correct options.

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