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Act out the dialogues below in pairs

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Dialogue 1. Where are you from?


Mary: Where are you from, Peter?

Peter: From Kazan. What about you Mary?

Mary: I’m from Izhevsk, the capital of Udmurtia.

Peter: Oh, I do remember now. I heard you sing a song about Izhevsk and the Urals at the concert. You are very fond of your native town, aren’t you?

Mary: Yes, I am. I adore it. I am dreaming about going back to my native lands. Very often I am home-sick.

Peter: When did you visit your parents last?

Mary: A year ago. But I keep up a regular correspondence with them. Mother and Father are missing me terribly, so am I.

Peter: I would like you to tell me something about Izhevsk.

Mary: With pleasure, but not at this moment. Now I am in a hurry. I'm going to Helen’s birthday party.

Peter: Well, I send her my best regards and wish her many happy returns of the day. Hope to see you tomorrow.

Mary: So long, Peter. Drop in tomorrow evening if you have time.


Dialogue 2. A Boat Trip


§ The boat sails in fifteen minutes.

§ Let’s hurry and find good seats. The boat is filling up very rapidly.

§ What is the seating capacity of the boat?

§ It accommodates 100 passengers.

§ Do you think there will be so many people on the boat today?

§ Yes, these boats are often filled to capacity on a nice day such as this.

§ The weather turned out so beautiful. Where shall we sit?

§ I suggest we go on the upper deck. We will have more fun there.

§ If it gets cold, we can go downstairs. Let’s take these seats before somebody else does.

§ No sooner said than done. Here we are seated comfortably. The breeze is wonderful. The trip takes three hours.

§ Where are we going?

§ To Greenwich. We arrive at one o’clock.

§ At what time does the boat leave Greenwich on return trip?

§ At half past four. That gives us three and a half hours to spend there.

§ Does the boat go back the same way?

§ Yes, it does. We should arrive back at Westminster about eight o’clock.

§ We never go to bed before eleven o’clock, so it won't be too late for us.

§ There goes the whistle. We are off on a pleasant trip.

§ The trip is delightful. I am sorry I didn’t know of the trip yesterday. Otherwise I would have prepared some delicious sandwiches to take along.

§ It doesn’t matter. The food served on the boat is wholesome and the prices are reasonable.

§ Really? What a pleasant surprise!


37. Give the English equivalents to the following Russian words and phrases which were used in the dialogues:


Родной город; откуда Вы? тоскующий по дому; регулярная переписка; поездка восхитительна!


38. Disagree:


Example: I am from New York. I’m not. I’m from London.

a) I live in Atlanta. b) He likes to visit different cities.
c) I can windsurf. d) I love travelling.
e) My mother’s name is Jane. f) I have two brothers.
g) I can change a tire. h) I drive to work.
i) I work for Nestle.  


39. Say why:


Example: I like to windsurf because it’s very relaxing.


a) I travel … b) I go out at night …
c) I don’t smoke … d) I work out …
e) I like the weekends … f) People visit their friends …
g) I like to go for a walk … h) I ride my bike …


40. Make up short dialogues with your partner about tourism and travelling. Begin your dialogues according to the patterns:

Pattern A — I’ve heard that your brother has decided to take a trip to … — Are you sure of that? When I last spoke to him he told me that he was going to … Pattern B — There are some specific travelling objectives, aren’t there? — Right you are. As a matter of fact…

41. Read and translate the text below about the main library of Great Britain:


Text 5 C

British Library


The Library has excellent holdings of modern British books and periodicals on history and society. These extend in subject matter far beyond the recent history of the British Isles but great emphasis is on British-related topics from the first decades of the twentieth century to today. In addition, the Modern British Collections contain many publications which are themselves the subject of historical research, from legislative documents and political pamphlets to recipe books and popular magazines, each, in their own way, evidence of the particular time in which they were created.

The Library also has rich resources relating to this subject within its various other collections, including: The Early Printed Collections, Manuscripts, The Map library, Sound Archive, Asia, Pacific and Africa Collections, and Newspapers. The British Library Newspapers catalogue includes entries for over 52,000 newspaper and periodical titles.

The collections include: all UK national daily and Sunday newspapers from 1801 to the present; most UK and Irish provincial newspapers, some dating from the early 18th century; selected newspapers from around the world in European languages, some dating from the 17th century; and a wide range of UK and Irish popular periodicals.



42. Find in the text the words or phrases which mean the same as:


§ отличный, превосходный § фонды (библиотечные)
§ периодическое издание (журнал) § статья (в словаре, справочнике)
§ по-своему § законодательные документы
§ газета § рукопись
§ очевидность, подтверждение § исследование


43. Complete the sentences according to the text above:


1. The Library has excellent ___ of modern British books and periodicals on history and society.

2. ___ the modern British Collections contain many publications.

3. The Library also has rich resources ___ to this subject within its various other collections.

4. The British Library Newspapers catalogue includes ___ for over 52,000 newspaper and periodical titles.

5. The collections ___ all UK national daily and Sunday newspapers from 1801 to the present.


44. Work with a partner. Take turns to ask and answer questions to text 5C. Use the words and word combinations below:


holdings of modern British books periodicals on history and society
many publications historical research
legislative documents political pamphlets
popular magazines rich resources
periodical titles a wide range of


45. Translate the following text into English:


Британская библиотека


Британская библиотека Соединенного Королевства является одной из самых известных библиотек мира. Ежедневно библиотека получает копию каждой публикации, выпущенной в Соединенном Королевстве и Ирландии. Её коллекции включают 150 миллионов наименований на самых распространенных языках мира. В ней хранятся рукописи, карты, газеты, журналы, печатные или рисованные, музыкальные издания и патенты.

Британская библиотека является сравнительно молодой среди других государственных библиотек. Её основание началось в 1969 году. В 1972 году Акт о Библиотеке Британии был одобрен Парламентом. 1 июля 1973 года библиотека начала свою работу.

Ежедневно более 16 тысяч человек пользуются коллекциями библиотеки. Около полумиллиона человек посещают читальные залы Британской библиотеки. Архив Звука библиотеки хранит звуковые записи девятнадцатого века в виде цилиндров и современных CD, DVD дисков. В библиотеке хранятся 8 миллионов марок и других единиц филателии. Книжные полки библиотеки составляют более 625 км и ежегодно увеличиваются на 12 км. Если вы просматриваете 5 изданий в день, то вам потребуется 80 лет, чтобы увидеть всю коллекцию целиком. Вы можете увидеть в выставочных галереях среди других национальных сокровищ самую древнюю печатную книгу Diamond Sutra.

46. Read the text below. Be ready to answer the following questions:


Text 5 D

Public Libraries


1. Is there any difference between the lending library and the reference library?

2. What kind of literature/publications can you read in the reading room?

3. What do you know about the reference library?


Anyone may join a library, that is become a member, and it costs nothing to borrow books. At the lending library you may borrow books and keep them for a fortnight. If, at the end of the fortnight, you have not finished reading a book, you may renew it for another fortnight. If the book you want is out you may ask the librarian to keep it for you when it is returned. Most public libraries also have a reading-room and a reference library. In the reading-room there are tables and desks where you can sit and read the daily paper and all the other important periodicals (the weeklies, monthlies and quarterlies). In the reference library there are encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, and other books of reference. They are not for continuous reading. We refer to them on occasion.

I get some of my books from the library. There is a very good one in the town where I live and the librarian knows a lot about literature and librarianship. She gives me advice about literature and recommends me what books to take. But I buy quite a lot of books too, particularly those that I have read before and have enjoyed. I have books of fiction, science fiction, historical novels, detective stories, adventure and travel books in my collection. I am a passionate reader. I like to sit in my room where my books are and, even if I am not reading. I like to look at the books on my shelves and to feel that I have my friends round me.



47. Find in the text the words or phrases which mean the same as:


§ библиотечное дело § публичная библиотека
§ энциклопедия § еженедельная газета
§ научная фантастика § беллетристика
§ библиотекарь § большой любитель чтения
§ (еже)месячный § (еже)квартальный
§ исторические романы § детективные истории
§ при случае § продлить срок пользования книгой

48. Ask your partners:


1. If he (she) has a rich collection of books at home.

2. If he (she) has joined a library.

3. If he (she) is a passionate reader.

4. What American and English writers he (she) knows.


49 Fill in the gaps with the words from the box:


informational also literature poetry reference borrow


Every town in Britain has a public lending-library, where you can 1 ___ books and sometimes tapes, too. There is a children’s library, an adults’ library and a 2 ___ library. The adults section has books on travel, sport, history, cookery and dozens of other 3 ___. There are books of fiction, biography, 4 ___, and humour. There are 5 ___ magazines and newspapers to read. The reference section has a lot of 6 ___ books, which cannot be taken home, but they can be read in the library.


Check your answers on p.279.


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