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Consult the TEXTS FOR SUPPLEMENTARY READING and complete the information about the British capital (Texts 14, 15, 16, 17, 18). Be ready to discuss the information you have read

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41. Speak about English-speaking countries and their capitals using the Active Vocabulary and the expressions below:


§ I think we should … § It would be better to …
§ I (don’t) agree § I like …/ I quite like …/ I really like …
§ I (don’t) think it’s a good idea to … § It is important to …
§ A good way to … is to … /The best way to … is to … § I don’t mind …



42. Read the following article carefully in order to discover the main line of thought and make a plan for writing a summary:


The British media is concentrated in London and is sometimes accused of having a «London bias». All the major television networks are headquartered in London including the BBC, which remains Britain’s most influential media organisation.

Partly to counter complaints about London bias, the BBC announced in June 2004 that some departments (BBC Sport, CBBC, Cbeebies, BBC Three and BBC Radio Five Live) are to be relocated to Manchester. Other major networks include ITV and BSkyB, Channel 4 and Five are also based in London. Like the BBC, these produce some programmes elsewhere in the UK, but London is their main production centre.

The English newspaper market is dominated by national newspapers, all of which are edited in London. Until the 1970s, most of the national newspapers were concentrated in Fleet Street, but in the 1980s they relocated to new premises with automated printing works. Most of these are in East London, most famous of them being the News International plant at Wapping.

The move was resisted strongly by the printing trade union SOGAT 82, and strike action at Wapping in 1986 led to violent skirmishes. The last major news agency in Fleet Street, Reuters, moved to Canary Wharf in 2005, but Fleet Street is still commonly used as a collective term for the national press. Regional Editions of most national newspapers are available, including editions for northern England, Scotland and Wales.


Pre-Text Exercises: Word Building Active Vocabulary   Text 5A. To Learn or Not to Learn Foreign Languages? Text 5B. Tourism Text 5C. British Library Text 5D Public Libraries   Text And Vocabulary Exercises Conversational Practice Writing Practice




1. Look at the following international words, guess their meaning and check the pronunciation:


Business; partner; vision; mentality; tolerance; stable; tendency; expert; occupation; opportunities


2. Here are some expressions with the preposition into. Translate and learn them:


§ to cut into § to divide into
§ to take into consideration § to translate into


3. Fill in the gaps with the preposition into or the expressions given above in the appropriate form:


1. Please ___ the meat ___ ten slices. There will be ten of us.

2. She ___ novels ___ German.

3. We always ___ all the remarks given.

4. He ___ his sandwich ___ three parts.

5. They ___ the apple ___ five pieces.

6. All your wishes ___.

7. They translated the text ___ English.

8. We have ___ the cake ___ six slices and put them on the table.


4. Fill in the correct prepositions:


1. We always like to play ___ the open air.

2. They hoped to find his relatives but ___ vain.

3. We came ___ the end of the month.

4. He laughed ___ her and she began to cry.

5. He visited his sick uncle day ___ day.

6. She went to Sochi ___ plane.

7. Her father was a surgeon ___ profession.

8. Be very attentive and think it ___.

9. She apologized ___ her brother for forgetting to buy the cigarettes for him.

10. We subscribed ___ five newspapers and two magazines.

11. This house is ___ repair and we can’t move this month.

12. Don’t wake me ___ so early because I had a sleepless night.

13. He filled the glass ___ cold water and slowly drank it.

14. It goes ___ saying that he always washes dishes.


5. Fill in the gaps with the correct word to complete the sentences:


1. Ted was sorry ___ his behaviour and apologized to his parents.

a) for; b) on; c) of.

2. I have been waiting ___ you for three hours.

a) in; b) for; c) of.

3. He got the papers somewhere ___ and gave them to us.

a) from behind; b) from among; c) from on.

4. The situation has got ___ in the last three days.

a) from good to better; b) from bad to worse; c) from nice to nicer.

5. We were translating the text ___ French when the principal entered.

a) on; b) in; c) into.

6. The book consisted ___ twenty units connected with each other.

a) of; b) at; c) from.

7. They are fond ___ skating very much and spend a lot of time on the lake.

a) after; b) on; c) of.

8. It was ___ his power to help her in this case.

a) down; b) beyond; c) after.

9. Please write it ___ in your copy books at once.

a) over; b) above; c) down.

10. I know he did it ___ purpose but I cannot prove it.

a) on; b) at; c) in.


6. Explain the meaning of the following phrases in English:


New standards of communication; to be able to speak foreign languages; understanding and tolerance towards other peoples’ views

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