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К теме № 8: Перевод страдательного залога

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1. Identify the passive structures and the logical predicates, translate the sentences into Russian as shown in the following example:

E x a m p l e: More evidence was obtained to support the idea.

Evidence was obtained" is the passive structure, “more evidence. . . to support the idea" is the logical predicate. Были получены новые данные в поддержку этой идеи.

The problem was first recognized in the XIX century. Later an idea was suggested to apply it to practical things. Many possibilities for practical applications were analyzed. Some of these were tested by experiment. The experimental results were not generally accepted, and the idea was discarded. Then other consequences were deduced and a new model proposed. Recently the model has been modified and is now being used in many practical situations.


2. Identify passive structures and give Russian equivalents of the following sentences:

A. 1. Some people are easily influenced by other people's opinions. 2. The distribution of plants is greatly affected by local conditions. 3. The seminar was attended by all the participants. 4. His lectures are always followed by heated discussions. 5. In several areas of research the efforts of scientists are joined by those of philosophers and sociologists. 6. At the university students are offered a curriculum of study which is followed by a test and the award of a degree. 7. The members of the laboratory were consulted prior to this successful operation.

B. 1. This method has been referred to in an earlier paper. 2. I do not think this instrument can be relied upon. 3. The data cannot be аccounted for by the existing theory. 4. This theory has been referred to as the “big bang” theory. 5. The best treatment of this syndrome is generally agreed upon. 6. Rapid development of chemical technology has been called for by the needs of the national economy.
7. The prolongation of life may be thought of as a feat of endurance rather than a race against time.


3. Give English equivalents of the italicized part of the sentences, using passive structures and the verbs:to affect, to allow, to attend, to develop, to deal with, to face, to follow, to make use of, to refer to:

1. За докладом последовала бурная дискуссия. 2. На скорость реакции влияет множество других факторов. 3. Этот вопрос будет подробно рассмотрен в главе III 4. На этой стадии мы столкнулись с новыми трудностями. 5. Ему не дали возможности закончить эту работу. 6. В последнее время эта теория часто упоминается во многих статьях. 7. Семинар, на котором присутствовало всего 5 человек, прошел вяло и неинтересно. 8. Для того чтобы преодолеть эти недостатки, использовали новую методику, специально разработанную для данного эксперимента.


4. Translate into English:

1. Проблема была впервые поставлена (осознана) в XVIII веке. 2. Предполагается, что полученные расчетные данные были проверены экспериментально. 3. Теория была принята большинством после того, как были получены новые доказательства в ее поддержку. 4. (В статье) представлены новые данные относительно механизма этого процесса. 5. Это расхождение можно объяснить разными методиками измерения. 6. (В работе) использован новый метод расчета этого параметра и предложена новая модель этого процесса. 7. Особое внимание уделено сравнению экспериментально полученных результатов с результатами, предсказанными теоретически. 8. В лаборатории установлено новое оборудование.

К теме № 9: Инфинитив

1. Translate the sentences with Infinitives into Russian:

1. The first step to be taken is to start negotiations.

2. The inflation rate was not high enough to start paying compensations to workers.

3. To ensure a steady economic growth, all the macroeconomic parameters must be involved.

4. My friend was glad to have been given such an interesting assignment.

5. She hoped to be sent to study abroad.

6. The data to be used have been carefully analyzed.

7. To understand Russian culture is impossible without the names of Bulgakov, Platonov and Pasternak.

8. To do it accurately was the main problem.

9. To tell him the truth at the moment meant nearly to kill him.

10. Our plan was to begin the experimental part of the research by the end of the month.

2. Give Russian equivalents of the sentences:

1. To make a choice between these two alternatives is not an easy task. 2. At this stage a new theory was advanced to produce a revolutionary change in our understanding of the process. 3. They admit to have been informed of this possibility before the experiment. 4. The assumption is reasonable enough to be valid. 5. Another factor to be taken into account is the power of modern experimental techniques.


3. Translate the following sentences into English:

1. Мне трудно об этом спорить. 2. Им важно подкрепить теорию дополнительными экспериментальными данными. 3. Физикам важно поддерживать контакт с биологами. 4. Ребенку необходимо учиться. 5. Нам часто трудно угадать, каким будет будущее. 6. Естественно, что на такой анализ затрачивается около года. 7. Необходимо чтобы реакция была ускорена. 8. Чтобы две молекулы вступили в реакцию, они должны столкнуться.


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