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ЗАДАНИЕ 3. Переведете предложения письменно. Определите, какие виды независимых причастных оборотов в них используются

1. Using different signals from different satellites, the GPS software is able to calculate the position of the receiver. 2. The size of icons can be used to indicate importance, bigger elements being more significant. 3. Free elections are reported as giving people the chance to choose their leaders and to voice their opinions on various issues. 4. The site of the city was chosen by G. Washington and was accepted by Congress in the act of 1790, establishing the Federal District of Columbia. 5. Being equipped with modern instruments, the laboratory carried out important experiments. 6. There being no other traffic, the driver can maintain a constant speed of, say, 90 km/h. 7. At the end of the year the statistical data will be found being in line with the projections. 8. The treaty having been signed,trade was at once resumed. 9. They followed their group mates presenting their project. 10. There being no chance of escape, the thief was arrested on the spot. 11. Their attitude to the process is thought changing very radically. 12. The people watched the fireman climbing the tallest tower in the city. 13. When stating an opinion, I use words like “I think” and “It seems to me”. 14. Having done the question-and-answer exercises, the students began to write a composition. 15. They considered the tasks as being too simple for them. 16. Any moving object is believed as being able to do the work, the quantity of kinetic energy depending on its mass and velocity.

ЗАДАНИЕ 4. Переведете письменно предложения.

1.Так как статья была завершена, я отправил запрос в редакцию. 2. Они наблюдали за тем, как работает устройство. 3. Если условия будут благоприятными, исследователи могут показать хорошие результаты. 4. Так как профессор заболел, лекцию отменили. 5. Выпив чашку чая, она почувствовала себя лучше. 6. Здесь вам почистят вещи. 7. После того как дождь прекратился, мы пошли гулять. 8. В то время считалось, что этот метод имеет положительные результаты. 9. Обнаружили, что здание было полностью разрушено в результате землетрясения. 10. Она чувствовала, что что-то было не так.

ЗАДАНИЕ 5. Выполните письменный перевод текстов. Какие причастные обороты в них используются?

Text 1

When considered dynamically, the biosphere appears an arena of complex interactions among the essential natural cycles of its major constituents, with continuous fluxes of these constituents entering the biosphere, or being released by it.

Once brought into being by evolution from an inorganic environment, the living matter has profoundly altered the primitive lifeless earth, gradually changing the composition of the atmosphere, the sea, and the top layers of the solid crust both on land and under the ocean. Since then, if one were to ascribe a single objective to evolution, it would be the perpetuation of life. This is the single end which the entire strategy of evolution is focused on, with evolution dividing the resources of any location, including its input of energy, among an ever increasing number of different kinds of users, which we recognize as planet and animal species.

(Рубцова М. Г., с. 230 – 231)

Text 2

Two years ago, my wife and I travelled to the Amazon. On one of our expeditions, our guide pointed out a cacao tree growing wild in the jungle. I had never seen one before. Looking strangely alien, dozens of yellow-green pods hung from the trunk and stems of the tree. Our guide picked one of the hand-sized fruits, stripped off the rippled outer layer with his knife, and handed us chunks of the fibrous white pulp inside – the fruit of the cacao tree. Two local children who had followed us into the forest waited impatiently for their own turn. With practiced hands, a girl of about six borrowed the guide's knife, hacked off the covering from another pod, and shared a big chunk of pulp with her brother. Few people get to sample the fruit of the cacao tree. It was mild tasting, with a subtle, bittersweet chocolate flavor. Embedded in the pulp were dark, purple-colored seeds that, after being dried and processed, chocolate lovers like myself have come to recognize as “chocolate beans.”


(по материалам сайта www.exploratorium.edu)

Тема 12



Герундий представляет собой неличную глагольную форму, выражающую название действия и обладающую, как свойствами существительного, так и свойствами глагола. В русском языке соответствующая форма отсутствует. Герундий обозначает действия, процессы, состояния и образуется прибавлением суффикса -ing к основе глагола, например:

to read (читать) – reading(чтение)

to consider(рассматривать) – considering(рассмотрение)

Т.к. герундий обладает свойствами глагола, он может употребляться в формах Indefinite и Perfect в действительном и страдательном залоге (табл.15).

Формы герундия

Таблица 15

  Active Passive
Indefinite asking being asked
Perfect having asked having been asked






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