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The phone of the future

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Experts talk about big changes for the telephone

It is easy to imagine what mobile phones will look like in a year or two -they'll probably be smaller. But what will they look like ten or fifteen years from now? Perhaps they'll be so small that we won't be able to see them. Maybe we'll have phones in jewellery such as rings, and fashion items like sunglasses.

People in Japan can already use mobile phones to buy things in shops. In some countries it is also possible to use a phone as a train ticket and office pass. So, what new functions will phones have in the future? One thing that is certain is that phones will do more of the things that PCs do today. Some people also think that we'll use phones as house keys, passports, computer games, maps and video recorders. The phone will be our 'remote control for life'. In a decade's time, many phones will have enough memory to video all of a person's life.

Companies are developing phones built into glasses. This will be useful when looking for directions -a map will appear inside the glass of the lens. Maybe we'll be able to use our phone to label people at a party or соnference. We'll never forget a name again.

Some experts think that in the future we'll use our voice instead of our fingers to put data into a phone. Stuart Wolf, a professor at the University of Virginia, predicts that in 20 years' time people will use their thoughts to communicate with each other. We won't need phones at all!

Задание 2. Ответьте на вопросы по тексту “The phone of the future”:

1 What does the writer think phones will look like in two years' time?

2 Which of the following are possible at the moment?

a phone in jewellery b paying for shopping using a phone с phone as a ticket for travelling d phone as house keys

3 What will a typical phone's memory allow it to do?

4 How does the writer think a phone will help us at a party?

5 How will people input data into a phone?

Задание 3. Раскройте скобки, используя Future Simple:

a In 20 years' time people (use) their thoughts to communicate.

b We (not need) phones at all.

с What they (look) like ten or fifteen years from now?

d Perhaps they (be) so small that we (not be) able to see them.

e Maybe we (have) phones in jewellery and fashion items.

f They probably (be) smaller.

Задание 4. Заполните пропуски, используя will / won't, perhaps / maybe.

1_______ it_______ rain later, but I think it'll be fine. (not sure)

2 It_______ rain - look at the blue sky. (sure)

3 Yes, of course computers_______be much smaller in ten years' time.


4 Jim _______be on time for the meeting. He's always late. (sure)

5 _______we_______be able to have holidays on the moon in the Future. (not sure)

6 Our profits_______ rise. Look at our increase in sales for the last three Months. (sure)

7 Our profits_______ rise - our prices are too high. (sure)

8 _______our profits_______ rise one day, but not this year. (not sure)

Задание 5. Заполните пропуски, используя to+infinitive там, где необходимо:

1 We could_____go to the cinema tonight.

2 They shouldn’t_____work at the weekend .

3 Do you want_____visit the factory?

4 Do you think you should _____ask for a new office?

5 We arranged _____meet our new supplier.

6 Carla and Wei plan _____arrive at 9:30.

Задание 6. Составьте предложения, используя Present Continuous (запланированное действие в будущем):

1 Jane / meet / the design team / next week.

2 We / fly / Athens / next Thursday.

3 Polly and Tom / leave / in a moment.

4 Douglas / move / Prague / next year?

5 I / do / a presentation / the day after tomorrow.

6 you / see / the HR manager / later today?

7 they / sell / the company / in six months' time?

8 The finance director / not come / to the meeting / tomorrow.

Задание 7. Подчеркните правильный вариант:

What will / are offices be like in the future? Some people think that in ten years' time company offices aren't / won't be necessary because we won't / will all work from home. A different idea is that we could / are make our offices more like home. CEO Alexis Parks wants - / to make her company's offices more comfortable. She also thinks that she should to / - create an environment that makes her workers feel happy. Next year, her company is building / builds new offices with a gym and swimming pool. Alexis asked staff for suggestions. They said that the new offices could to / - have sofas, TVs and places to sleep. She thinks that her company should / shouldn't do more to help the staff to enjoy themselves in their free time, so the new offices will also include a cinema and a karaoke bar. Alexis thinks that in the future her employees don't / won't want to go home!

Задание 8. Подчеркните лишнее слово:

1fly plane sail airport

2 newspaper TV radio mug

3 drive station car park

4 brand logo Volvo half price

5 merchandise pen key ring internet

Заполните пропуски, используя данные выше слова:

1You can__________from Stansted airport in the UK to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.

2 I have a__________of coffee with my breakfast.

3 1 usually__________to work.

4 This CD is__________- it's a sales promotion.

5 I think we should order more__________for the exhibition next month.

Задание 9. Подчеркните правильный вариант:

1 When will you make / do a decision?

2 It's a good product, but we should make / do more research.

3 It's good to make / do business with you.

4 Did our investment make / do a profit last year?

5 Would anyone like to make / do a suggestion?

6 I could make /do the accounts this afternoon.

Задание 10. Заполните пропуски, используя одно из слов a-c:

1I'm___________that Azzopardi will be the next president.

a possible b certain с likely

2 Do you think that the population will __________in the next ten years?

a plus b minus с increase

3 It cost $40 in February 2007 and $40 in February 2008, so prices remained ___________for a year.

a steady bper cent с equals

4 Unemployment was 15% last year and it's 5% this year. That's a 10%__________in unemployment.

a increase bremain steady с decrease

5 We didn't sell many products. So it's ___________that we will make a profit this year.

a likely b unlikely с certain


Литература: [1, 5].



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