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Round-table discussion

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The question on the agenda is "How to make the rouble con­vertible?"

You may include the following points in your discussion:

1. Experience of other countries

2. Ways of transition to the hard rouble

3. Period of transition

3. Conduct the talks

You want to sign a one-time contract with a Western sup­plier of equipment. During the meeting with your partner clarify the following points:

1. Possibility of countertrade

2. Product for counterpurchase

3. Percentage of the countertrade element


Business interview 2

Mr J., Manager of an American company, who frequently tra­vels to the Russian Federation on his project development, dis­cusses day-to-day business contacts with Russian mana­gers. He is interviewed by the Trade Journal reporter.

Journal: What changes have come about now when there is a di­rect contact with Russian organizations?

Mr J.: More flexibility in what we can propose, especially fi­nancing terms. And the greater speed of response.

Journal: Are you talking to different people now?

Mr J.: Sure. We are talking directly to plants.

Journal: What level of official do you meet?

Mr J.: I speak with the General Managers of the plants. We discuss in openness, how we can get things done.

Journal: Do you have contacts on a continuing basis?

Mr J.: Certainly. We always have regular contacts with people who use our technology.

Journal: Would you say the changes in Russian foreign trade are dramatic?

Mr J.: Yes. The change is quite noticeable.

Journal: Primarily was it the direct contact?

Mr J.: The direct contact and their willingness to do business. But still there are some problems.

Journal: What is it in particular?

Mr J.: Communications are still a big problem. Some plants don't have a fax machine or a teleprinter.

Journal: When you weigh the advantages of direct contact aga­inst the difficulties in communication, does the new sys­tem still come out to everyone's advantage?

Mr J.: Oh, absolutely. Compared to the benefits, communica­tions is a minor frustration.

Journal: What is the most fundamental change in attitudes to business?

Mr J.: Our Russian partners are ready to use new and innova­tive ways of doing business.

Journal: Can you explain that?

Mr J.: They are inclined now to experiment, to adjust to dif­ferent ways of doing business, and to say yes.

Useful Language

project development - научно-техническая разработка

weigh - взвешивать, весить

frustration - неудовлетворенность

innovative - инновационный

to be inclined - быть склонным или расположенным


1. Say what words in the text mean:

1. Contact without intermediaries

2. Flexibility

3. Noticeable

4. Willingness

2. Answer the questions

1. Due to what factors has the communication with Russian partners become easier?

2. Why is it very important for foreign suppliers to have re­gular contacts with Russian plant and factory managers?

3. Why has the role of plant management increased?

4. Why is it very important for factory managers to experi­ment?

5. What are the advantages of direct sales in foreign trade?

3. Learn Basic vocabulary:

be in the market for - покупать

be in the market with - продавать

contact smb/get in touch with smb - связаться с кем-либо

introduce goods to the market - внедрять товар на рынок

require goods - нуждаться в товаре

in short supply - быть дефицитным

counteroffer - встречное предложение

firm offer - твердое предложение

offer without obligation - предложение без обязательств

price list - прейскурант цен

quotation - котировка

tender - тендер

trial order - пробный заказ

make an offer for - сделать предложение на...

send (submit) an offer for - направлять (послать) предло­жение

send an offer for consideration - послать предложение на рассмотрение

send out inquiries - рассылать запросы

study (consider, reconsider) an inquiry - изучить (рассмотреть, пересмотреть) запрос

order goods from smb. - заказать товар у кого-л.

place an order with smb. - разместить заказ у кого-л. на что-л.

position (progress) of the order - положение с заказом (ход выполнения заказа)

volume of the order - объем заказа

withdraw an order - отозвать заказ

Discuss some business problem with your group-mate using Basic Vocabulary.


Choose the best response to complete each sentence looking for additional information if necessary:

1. To arrange/have talks. = To __________________________ talks.

a) hope b) hold c) take

2. After the last __________________________ (= series) of talks, they agreed to two of our requirements.

a) roundabout b) circle c) round

3. There are still a __________________________ of issues (= many issues) that we have to resolve.

a) digit b) number c) figure

4. The person who works for another company but does the same job as you can be referred to as your __________________________ at that company.

a) counterpart b) counterfeit c) counter

5. We have to __________________________ (= resolve) these differences as soon as possible.

a) iron out b) iron c) iron through

6. When one speaks of __________________________ differences, one is saying that there are substantial differences in the negotiating parties' positions.

a) hollow b) expanded c) deep

7. The atmosphere was __________________________ = Everyone was friendly/polite to each other

a) cordial b) deep c) opinionated

8. The __________________________ (= final statement made to journalists) stated that the parties failed to reach an agreement.

a) communiqué b) community c) disagreement

9. If the atmosphere of a meeting is described as __________________________, it means it's quite formal.

a) back-to-business b) businesslike c) friendly

10. Which one of these terms does NOT mean "negotiations"?

a) discussions b) talks c) counterparts

11. During negotiations, it's common to refer to obstacles as __________________________.

a) stumbling blocks b) tumbling blocks c) falling blocks

12. We had a frank exchange of __________________________. (= opinions)

a) glances b) views c) looks

13. We accomplished a lot, but deep differences still __________________________.

a) stay b) retain c) remain

14. The Mexican __________________________ was made up of 10 members.

a) delegation b) delegate c) agreement

15. Negotiations __________________________ (= ended unsuccessfully) last week due to profound disagreement between the two parties.

a) broke out b) broke in c) broke down

16. I think I've made our position very __________________________ = I think I've presented our position very clearly

a) clarified b) clear c) cleared

17. The two parties __________________________ (= organized/caused to assemble) a six-man bipartisan meeting.

a) convened b) convinced c) conveyed

18. The Chinese delegation __________________________ the talks (= left the talks) after the other participants demanded that they discuss the current human rights abuses in Tibet.

a) walked in to b) walked out of c) walked away to

19. The two parties __________________________ (= got together/met) in Houston to discuss the recent developments.

a) convinced b) convened c) conveyed

20. The talks were __________________________ (= temporarily stopped) and noone knows when they will resume.

a) sustained b) convened c) suspended

21. The two sides have not come to an agreement. They are still __________________________.

a) deadly b) successful c) deadlocked

22. It is doubtful that the parties will come to an agreement. There is little hope of a __________________________.

a) changing b) breakthrough c) collaboration

23. So, neither party is willing to __________________________? No. Neither one will make concessions.

a) complement b) compromise c) retain

24. There is __________________________ in our position = We have not changed our position

a) no change b) not a change c) no changing

25. Negotiations are at an __________________________. The parties are unable to come to an agreement.

a) impact b) impart c) impasse

26. When negotiations __________________________, it means that they are continuing, but in an uncertain/difficult manner.

a) falter b) fall c) fail

27. When will this agreement __________________________? (= start/become valid/begin to operate)

a) come into effect b) come to effect c) have an effect

28. We hope to __________________________ an agreement by Friday.

a) come b) restore c) reach

29. The talks broke-down = The talks __________________________

a) fell b) collapsed c) fell-down

30. Both sides are hoping for a successful __________________________. (= result)

a) outcome b) outburst c) change


1) b 2) c 3) b 4) a 5) a 6) c 7) a 8) a 9) b 10) c 11) a 12) b 13) c 14) a 15) c 16) b 17) a 18) b 19) b 20) c 21) c 22) b 23) b 24) a 25) c26) a 27) a 28) c 29) b 30) a



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