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Discussing Contract Terms

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Mr Blake studied the Buyer's contract terms and on Tuesday came to the Russian Trade Delegation to discuss them with Voronin.

Voronin:Good morning, Mr Blake.

Blake:Good morning, Mr Voronin. Sorry, I'm a bit late.

Voronin: Never mind. How are things?

Blake: Not too bad, thanks.

Voronin:Would you like a cigarette?

Blake: No, thank you, I don't smoke.

Voronin:May I offer you a cup of coffee?

Blake:Yes, thank you. Well, Mr Voronin. I think we can discuss business now. I'd like to clarifysome details with you. How many compressors would you like to buy?

Voronin:We can buy 40 compressors.

Blake: And when do you requirethe goods?

Voronin:As soon as possible, sayin December.

Blake: In December? Let me see. I'm afraid,that's impos­sible. Our compressors are selling very well, and we are heavywith orders. We can deliveronly 15 com­pressors in December.

Voronin: And what about the other 25 compressors?

Blake: We can deliver them only in six months.

Voronin: All right. And what about the terms of delivery? I hope they suityou.

Blake: Yes, we agree to sell the goods FOBEnglish port and we can accept payment for collection too.

Voronin:Fine. Now is the question of price. I must say that your price is not attractive to us. Can you give us a 10 % discount?

Blake: That's a bit difficult. The fact is our compressors are in great demand. However we can offer you a discount of 5 % as we've been good partners for a long time.

Voronin: I think we can agree to a 5% discount. Could we meet tomorrowat 10 to sign the contract, Mr Blake?

Blake: Yes, certainly. Mr Voronin, would you like to have dinner with me tonight?

Voronin: With pleasure.

Blake: I can pick you up at the Russian Trade Delegation at 6.30 if that's convenient to you.

Voronin:Yes, thank you.

4. Translate the dialogue into English, using key-words and expressions:

-Добрый день! Присаживайтесь, пожалуйста. Не хотите ли чашечку чая?

- Если можно, зеленого.

- Давайте проясним детали.

- Да, займемся делом. Мы бы хотели сделать пробный заказ на ваше оборудование, но ваши цены неприемлемы для нас.

- Вы знаете, что наше оборудование пользуется большим спросом в нашей стране, и мы загружены заказами.

- Но мы собираемся сделать большой заказ и хотели бы получить 7% скидку.

- Боюсь, что мы можем дать вам только 5%.

- Мы можем принять это, если цена будет включать установку оборудования и обучение штата.

- Хорошо. Давайте обсудим условия оплаты.

- Мы бы хотели оплатить аккредитивом. Вас это устраивает?

-Да. Отлично! Может, пообедаем?

Written follow up:

Make a short report on the results of your negotiation on the contract for your chief manager.


Choose the best response to complete each sentence looking for additional information if necessary:


1. Generally speaking, it's not wise to accept a contract on the __________________________. (= right away/ when you are shown the contract)

a) sport b) spat c) spot

2. I told him I'd get __________________________ with an answer the following day.

a) up b) back c) out

3. I'm not really happy with the __________________________ of this contract.

a) terminology b) terms c) termites

4. To do something that goes against the terms of a contract is known as "__________________________" the terms of a contract.

a) breaching b) bashing c) beating

5. We __________________________ a contract with them. = We signed a contract with them.

a) turned over b) came along c) entered into

6. "Small __________________________" refers to the fine details of a contract, many of which are typed in a smaller __________________________ than the rest of the contract, hence the name.

a) print b) printer c) printing

7. This contract can be __________________________ (= ended) by either party.

a) terminated b) stopped c) quit

8. Could you please confirm that __________________________?

a) by writing b) writing c) in writing

9. This is the __________________________ (= typical, normal) contract that we give to all our employees.

a) standing b) standard c) standards

10. I need to __________________________ before signing it.

a) have our legal expert look at this b) have a look from our legal expert c) our legal expert will look at this

11. Almost any part of a contract can become a __________________________ of negotiation. (= can be negotiated)

a) point b) thing c) success

12. The most successful negotiators are the ones who are __________________________ for a negotiation.

a) mostly prepared b) most prepared c) a lot of preparation

13. We just want to make sure that this is __________________________ to both of us.

a) advantage b) advantages c) advantageous

14. We have to __________________________ (= define) who is responsible for covering shipping costs.

a) stipulate b) stimulate c) simulate

15. Every business relationship requires a little __________________________.

a) take-and-give b) to-give-to-take c) give-and-take

16. Because of my limited work experience, I didn't have a lot of __________________________ power (= I couldn't ask for too much) during the salary negotiations.

a) bargain b) bargaining c) bartering

17. That is not something I'm __________________________ to negotiate.

a) willing b) wanting c) desiring

18. Let's __________________________ (= think of/ define) a figure that will be acceptable to both of us.

a) come out with b) come up with c) get in with

19. We have made a lot of __________________________ already. (= we have already accepted many of your terms)

a) consent b) concessions c) connections

20. To meet someone "__________________________" means to make a compromise with someone. ex. We're willing to meet you __________________________ on this point.

a) half-road b) half-heartedly c) half-way

21. I really believe that it is in our company's __________________________ (= it would be beneficial for our company) to sign this contract.

a) good interest b) best interest c) best practices

22. Negotiation frequently involves compromise. Too much __________________________, however, can be a bad thing.

a) fluctuation b) flexing c) flexibility

23. Many negotiators __________________________ (= develop) their own contracts before entering into negotiations.

a) write in b) write up c) write out

24. We need to __________________________ (= clearly define) this point - it's a little ambiguous.

a) clarify b) clarity c) clear

25. I'm not too __________________________ on what you mean by that. = I don't really understand what you mean by that.

a) clear b) clarity c) clarify

26. You will see that this contract __________________________ all the terms that we agreed upon during negotiations.

a) produces b) promotes c) includes

27. He came into negotiations with a __________________________ list of items. (= a list of items arranged by priority)

a) prioritized b) priority c) prior

28. Our estimate was based on the __________________________ for proposal (RFP) that we received from them on August 20th.

a) request b) requirement c) recourse

29. A "__________________________" is an important point (for one or more parties) that, if not agreed upon, will mean that the contract will not be signed.

a) deal-burrier b) deal-breaker c) contract-breaker

30. Would it be possible to __________________________ (= get rid of/ not include) these fees?

a) wave b) waif c) waive


1)c 2) b 3) b 4) a 5) c 6) a 7) a 8) c 9) b 10) a 11)a 12) b 13) c 14) a 15) c 16) b 17) a 18) b 19) b 20)c 21) b 22) c 23) b 24) a 25) a 26) c 27) a 28) a 29) b 30) c

Appendix 1

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