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Unit 13 Sequence of Tenses

Exercise 170

1.1 told her that I had something to tell her. 2. He said that he had met her for the first time on a warm sunny morning the spring before. 3. She told her mother that she was going to call again next day. 4. Robert said he had been to Turkey twice, but so far he hadn't had time to visit Istanbul. 5.1 replied to the doctor that it would be very difficult to persuade her to take care of herself, 6. The BBC announcer said that the president was to come to Madrid the day after tomorrow. 7. They said they had a lift but very often it didn't work. 8. My cousin said they had bought a new flat. But they didn't like it so much as their last one. 9. She said she had left a message for him, but he hadn't phoned yet. 10. Peggy said she had no idea who had done it but sue would find out. 11. He said his mother had just been operated on. 12. She replied to me she would come with me as soon as she was ready. 13. The small boy said he had a French lesson that evening and he hadn't done his homework yet. 14.1 told the officer she had been sitting in. the garden since the police came. 15. He pointed out to me that I hadn't closed the window and had forgotten to turn off the light,

Exercise 171

1. He asked me if my children were still skiing, 2. She wondered whether they had had breakfast yet. 3.1 wondered if Mike was still taking an exam. 4. He asked whether she had taken part in the performance. 5. She wondered if they had already left by the time I had gone to the station. 6. He wanted to know if they regularly went to the swimming pool. 7,1 asked whether she would buy a new Hoover. 8.1 wondered if she would be training at 10 next day. 9. She asked whether he usually went to the Caribbeans for his holiday. 10.1 wondered if she had learned to play the guitar. 11. They wanted to know if the decision had already been taken, 12. He asked if I knew when the results would be out. 13. She wondered if he knew my new address. 14. They asked whether we had known each other for a long time. 15. She asked if he had begun smoking a pipe.

Exercise 172

1.1 asked why he had decided to go to Ethiopia. 2. He wondered when she had been sent on business. 3.1 wanted to know who would fulfill this task. 4. They asked how long she had been staying here. 5.1 asked who he had been speaking to when I had come up to him. 6. He wondered who would play the role of Hamlet, 7. She asked what was shown in that diagram. 8.1 wanted to know what he was going to do on Sunday. 9. We wondered how long they had been developing this project. 10.1 asked who this book had been written by.

Exercise 173

1. Ann asked how long I had been there. 2, Peter asked if I was working as well as studying. 3. Bill wanted to know whether I had a work permit. 4. Ann asked what I was going to study. 5. Peter wondered if I had enrolled for more than one class. 6. Bill asked whether I wanted

to buy any second-hand books. 7. Ann asked if I had seen. the library. 8. Peter wondered if I played rugby. 9, He asked again if I would have time to play regularly. 10. Bill wanted to know whether I had played for my school team.

11. Ann asked if I was interested in acting. 12. She asked again if I would like to join their drama group. 13. Pete asked what I thought of their canteen.

Exercise 174

1. The raiders ordered the bank clerk to open the safe.

2. He begged me to do as he said. 3. Mr. Pitt told Peter to help his mother. 4. He told the children not to make too much noise. 5. She told us to do whatever we liked. 6. She warned them not to miss their train. 7. The lawyer told his client to read the document before he signed it. 8. He said to fill in the blank again. 9.1 advised him to buy a new car. 10. She begged him not to drive too fast. 11. The shopkeeper told me not to put my bicycle near his window.

12. He asked her to come to the cinema with him. 13.1 advised her to cook it in butter. 14. The manager told the porter to send for the fire brigade. 15. The shop assistant told her to pay at the desk. 16. The teacher told the boy not to argue with him. 17. He told her to pull as hard as she could. 18. He advised us not to lend anything to her.

19. A voice warned the people to stand clear off the door.

20. She warned him to put down that gun. It was loaded.

Exercise 175

1. He said that if what I had said was true he must/ had to go to the police. 2. My employer said that I didn't need to come in next day and I might take a day off.

3. She told us she would be busy the following week and wouldn't be able to help us. She added that article must be typed and she could not type, so she would have to ask somebody to do it. 4. The official said that this passport photo wasn't like me at all and I must have another one

taken. 5.1 said I didn't need/didn't have to get up till nine the next day. 6. She told me she must go to the dentist the next day because she had an appointment. 7. He said he would go to bed. He had had to get up very early that day. 8. He said he hadn't been able to meet her because he had been working. 9. The teacher said that Ann's English was very poor and she must study very hard. 10. She said that something had been wrong with the receiver, he had not been able to hear me well the day before.

Exercise 176

1.1 knew she had not read the letter yet. 2. She thought that pineapples grew on the trees. 3. He told us he had paid his debts more than a month before. 4. She said she had been writing the composition for more than three hours. 5. She did not know if the operation had been a success, 6. Tom phoned the police and said that all his things had been stolen, 7. The captain ordered everybody to get aboard. 8. They did not know if the results of their research would be published. 9.1 thought he was working and had not come into the room. 10. He asked her not to worry. 11.1 don't know when he will come to Moscow. 12. They wondered if I had ever been abroad. 13. He told us they must not speak about it now. 14. Our guide told us that the castle had been built in the 14th century. 15.1 hope a new bridge will be built next year.

Exercise 177

1. Mother said she would put a book into my briefcase in case I wanted to read. 2. He said that if she followed his advice, all would turn out well. 3. Pete thought that Annette would have come to Paris in an hour if there were no delays. 4. The manager said these letters must be sent immediately as soon as they were translated. 5. He told his dog he would take it out for a walk after he had seen the film. 6. He whispered he was sure she would sing to them provided they asked her. 7. The trainer said that if she trained hard she would win the Cup. 8. The doctor told the mother that if she stayed in bed for a couple of days, she would be all right in a week. 9. He told me they would be able to see the football match if the train came on time. 10. She said that she wouldn't come if she was not invited.

Exercise 178

1.1 knew that they would certainly ring us up when they returned. 2. He told me that they would not go there till they found out the address. 3. She said that she had met a friend with whom they had studied at school. 4. She told me that she would hardly recognize the district because it had changed very much. 5. He asked what I would be doing when I retired. 6. He said that the documents would be sent to us as soon as they were received. 7. The nurse said that we would be able to speak to the doctor after he had examined the patient. 8. He asked me if there was any hope that I would change. 9. The correspondents were informed that the problem of prices was still being discussed and as soon as it was solved the contract would be signed. 10. He said that five years had passed since they got married. 11. He reminded me that when we had been students we had always helped each other. 12. The professor told me not to come till I learned all the material.

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