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Fire Crews Hunt Escaped Hamster

Eight firefighters have been called in to help find an escaped hamster. Two crews used a chocolate-covered camera and a vacuum cleaner [1], called Fudgie, at the home of a six-year-old girl in Dunbar, Scotland.

The girl's mother said: 'We came down for breakfast and disco­ vered Fudgie had opened the top lid of her cage and had made her way into the kitchen and we think she has gone [2].'

The fire crews spent five hours trying to recover the pet after it ran down a hole in the kitchen floor. But, the hamster still refused [3].

In the search for Fudgie, the firefighters took the family cooker and gas pipes apart. They also dropped a mini-camera coated with chocolate under the floorboards.

They then hoped to take out the hamster using a vacuum cleaner. Despite all their efforts, they failed to find Fudgie.

In the end, the firefighters put another camera down the hole [4], connected to the screen of the family home computer, to see if Fudgie appeared. Besides, the girl and her parents regularly dropped food [5].

At last, after eight days the hamster returned to her cage safe and sound. She crawled from the hole in the kitchen floor early in the morning. It was the girl's father who first found Fudgie [6].

The girl said that day it was like Christmas morning for her. Her parents added that they too felt extremely happy when Fudgie had finally returned.


A. through a small hole in the floor

B. through the hole for the hamster

C. and locked the runaway hamster

D. to come out of the hole

E. to look after the pet

F. to try and locate the missing hamster

G. and left it under the floorboards

Exercise 19. Choose the best answer.

1. Many genetic engineers are very interested ____ bioluminescence.

A. on B. of C. in D. for

2. When the amorous male responds__1__ a female’s return flash and arrives____2___

the meeting, he becomes her meal instead.

1. A. to B. on C. in D. at

2. A. for B. at C. in D. on

3. Hanner’s sister is a post-graduate who specializes____________microbiology.

A. of B. on C. in D. for

4. If you continue___________practise, you’ll get better.

A. for B. in C. to D. into

5. Rafi doesn’t participate_________discussion in class.

A. at B. in C. for D. of

6. A study which____1____at school start times has shown that a later start can_____2____

in improved attention and mood of student.

1. A. reviewed B. looked C. researched D. watched

2. A. develop B. lead C. result D. follow

7. The student all ______ in a questionnaire both before and after the study.

A. completed B. finished C. answered D. filled

8. _______ their hard work, they’ve been very successful.

A. owing to B. because C. for D.because for

9. There’s no point_________ for him any longer.

A. waiting B. to wait C. having waited D. be waited

10. __________to many people, Harry Houdini was the best escape artist ever.

A. Agreeing B. Owing C. Referring D. According

11. One day___1_____every week my dad would take__2____the teaching and that was the day

we got_____3_____music.

1. A. on B. for C. out of D. during

2. A. over B. up C. ---- D. for

3. A. conduct B. to do C. to invent D. create

12. It is so hot that visitors have to wear___1___suits and carry backpacks of ice-cooled air to___2___ they can survive for just a few minutes.

1. A. protectious B. protecting C. protected D. protective

2. A. assure B. insure C. ensure D. sure

13. It usually takes a little bit of sophisticated computer imaging to_____a cloud really look like a person’s face.

A. achieve B. get C. make D. create

14. Most teenagers need from about eight and a half to more_____nine hours of sleep each night.

A. that B. than C. then D. -----

15. Cacti can also store enough water to___________them to survive for long periods without any rainfall.

A. able B. be able C. enable D. make able

16. There are around 1200 different ________of cactus and they come in a wide range of shapes and size.

A. various B. vary C. varieties D. variety

17. I could just go and live there ________.

A. myself B. on myself C. on my own D. by my own

18. I knew I’d tell _________.

A. at the end B. by the end C. in the end D. for the end



Exercise 20. Choose the best answer.


1. It’s a truly__________ experience.

A. awful B. awesome C. awkward D. afraid

2. My coach says that it lessens ________of injury.

A. likeliness B. opportunity C. likelihood D. option

3. By 1923 the First World War __1__ over for five years, but Europe was still __2__ from its effects.

1. A. was B. has been C. had been D. been

2. A. recovering B. recovered C. being recovered D. been recovered


4. In the last ten years, the British government has spent over £170 million ____CCTV equipment.

A. in B. for C. on D. for

5. Do you agree that it`s a ____ deadline?

A. real B. realistic C. realizing D.realised

6. Nobody in the shop __1_ anything because they __2_ their shopping.

1. A. notice B. noticed C. have noticed D. had noticed

2. A. were doing B. had been doing C. have done D. were done

7. Snake owners are ____less strange than you might expect.

A. much B. lot C. more D. a lot

8. I`ve got an idea! I ____that three trunk to make logs for the fire.

A. will use B. shall use C. am using D. will be using

9. We ____you in the race on television.

A. watch B. will be watching C. will be watched D.will watched

10. In 1960 the first James Bond film ____ along with the classic Lawrence of Arabia.

A. was releasing B. released C. was being released D. was released

11. ____my accountant, what would you advise me to do?

A. for B. as C. like D. to

12. It`s ____ awful weather today, isn`t it?

A. so B. an C. such D. such an

13. A recent survey revealed that only one in four people under 30 can change a plug ____.

A. themselves B. himself C. itself D.themself

14. ____of my nieces calls me aunt.

A. not any B. neither C. no any D. nobody

15. A few years ago I set ____ a jewellery making company in Mexico.

A. in B. out C. up D. down

16. It`s a shame you __1__ come to our party – you __2__ really enjoyed it.

1. A. wouldn’t B. couldn’t C. shouldn’t D. won’t

2. A. could B. would have C. should have D.-----

17. The last person didn`t leave until about 3:00 a.m., but no one stayed overnight, so we____ any beds ready, which was a relief.

A. didn’t need to get B. needn’t have got C. hadn’t to get D.get

18. The last train __1__at ten and that means we__2__rush to catch it.

1. A. will go B. goes C. is going D. will be going

2. A. won’t have to B. aren’t having to C. haven’t to D.

19. The only reason____Neil doesn’t like Liam is because Liam always gets better marks at school.

A. why B. if C. for D. of

20. This soup is too____ - I can’t eat it.

A. salty B. salted C. saltised D. saltened



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