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Questions 1 through 5. Listen to the following talk given on a tour

1. What is the main topic of this talk?

2. What is the speaker's job?

3. According to the speaker, what does sway-backed mean?

4. What is the average weight of an adult male elephant?

5. What will the speaker probably do next?

1. A. Impressive zoo exhibits. C. Two kinds of elephants.
B. Facts about elephants. D. The size of elephants.

2. A. Circus performer. B. Elephant trainer. C. Tour guide. D. Ticket vendor.

3. A. Having a highly arched back.

B. Moving rhythmically back and forth.

C. Having a back which curves down in the middle.

D. Having a very flexible back.

4. A. 11,000 pounds. B. 22,000 pounds. C. 200 pounds. D. 15,000 pounds.

5. A. Look for a baby elephant. C. Enter the zoo.

B. Wait for a little while. D. Leave the lion's den.


Questions 6 through 11. Listen to a talk given in a university course.

6. What would be a good title for this lecture?

7. In what course was this lecture most probably given?

8. According to the speaker, where was the first English settlement in North America?

9. What happened to the Roanoke settlers?

6. A. The Lost Colony C. The Voyages of John White

B. The Colonists at Jamestown D. Croatoan Island

7. A. Environmental studies. B. History. C. Geography. D. Political science.

8. A. Plymouth Rock. B. Jamestown. C. Chesapeake Bay. D. Roanoke.

9. A. They moved farther north. C. They were never found.

B. The left for Croatoan. D. They returned to England.


A. Because the Indians learned from it.

B. Because the colonists arrived in

C. England safely. Because the colonists were able to settle in Roanoke.

D. Because future colonists learned from it.

11. A. Other mysteries. C. The settlement of Jamestown.

B. Marine life in the Chesapeake Bay area. D. John White's family.


Exercise 12.In this exercise, you will hear several short talks. After each of them, you will hear several questions. After you hear a question, read the four possible answers and choose the best answer. Answer all questions on the basis of what is statedor impliedin the talk.

1. What would be a good title for this talk?

2. What fire temperature causes fatal injury to most trees?

3. Why do redwoods sometimes survive forest fires?

4. What will the man see at Craters of the Moon?

5. What is the man going to do next?

1. A. Preventing Forest Fires

B. Factors Affecting a Tree's Resistance to Fire

C. The Redwood's Ability to Withstand Fire

D. Ground Fires and Crown Fires

2. A. 100 degrees centigrade. C. 40 degrees centigrade.

B. 20 degrees centigrade. D. 120 degrees centigrade.

3. A. They have deep roots. C. They have thick bark.

B. They have few leaves. D. They grow close together.

4. A. They are more likely to have large leaves. C. They have a high resistance to all types of fire.

B. They are susceptible to ground fires. D. They usually fall down during a fire.

5. A. The top of a tree. C. Tree roots that grow close to the surface.

B. A very hot fire. D. The highest flame in a fire.



Questions 6 through 9. Listen to a biology professor give an introductory lecture to his students.

6. According to the speaker, what is an organism?

7. What will students learn to do during the first part of the course?

8. According to the speaker, why is it impossible to learn about every organism?

9. According to the speaker, what is it that usually makes living things similar?


6. А. A branch of biology. C. A club.

В. A group of people working together. D. A living thing.

7. A . Categorize major groups of organisms.

В. Write a comprehensive definition of the word life.

С. Study all of the organisms that exist today.

D. Study similarities in the activities and functions of organisms.

8. А. Because there are too many of them.

В. Because they are too complex to.

С. understand. Because they are not easy to find.

D. Because no one knows everything about them.

9. А. Their appearance. C. The means by which they make food.

В. Their activities and functions. D. Their methods of communication.



Questions 10 through 14. Listen to this talk about birds which navigate over oceans.

10. According to the speaker, how are shorebirds different from oceanic birds?

11. How do experts believe that oceanic birds navigate?

12. What is the significance of the story about the shearwater taken from its home in Great Britain?

13. In which university class would this talk most likely take place?

14. What can we infer about the speaker's attitude toward nature's mysteries?

10. A. They use landmarks to navigate.

B. They fly at higher altitudes.

C. They are disoriented by large bodies of water.

D. They don't spin, turn and wheel.

11. A. They have a strong sense of smell and can keep track of land.

B. They are guided by the Arctic and the Antarctic.

C. Their urge to breed leads them back to land.

D. They use the stars and some innate magnetic sense

12. A. It seems cruel to take a bird so far from its home.

B. It was a new experiment to fly a bird on an airplane.

C. The bird was able to find its way home under seemingly impossible circumstances.

D. The bird was able to fly from the north to the south pole without getting lost.

13. A. Ocean geology. B. Biology. C. Psychology. D. Geography.

14. A. Science and technology will eventually unlock all mysteries.

B. Some of nature's mysteries may be beyond our understanding.

C. It is hard to believe that ocean birds don't breed at sea.

D. All we need to do is wait; ocean birds will show us how they navigate.


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