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B. rewrite the sentences with the passive

They sell cold drinks here. Cold drinks are sold here .

1. They subtitle a lot of foreign films.

A lot of foreign films .

2. Someone threw the letters away by mistake.

The letters .

3. Some people are painting my house.

My house.

4. They have sold all the tickets for the concert.

All the tickets for the concert.

5. They will play the match tomorrow.

The match.

6. Somebody must pay this bill tomorrow.

This bill.


Exercise 2.Use”to be” in the following tense forms and give your own examples:

1.Present Indefinite 2.Past Indefinite 3.Future Indefinite 4.Present Continuous 5.Past Continuous 6.Present Perfect 7.Past Perfect 8.Future Perfect.

Exercise2.State the tense forms of the verbs in the Passive Voice:

1.Newspapers are delivered regularly. 2.Laws areusually discussed before they are adopted.3.It’s good thing that the club is run by the students. 4.The notes dealt with a case which had been closed months before. 5.Miss Andrews will be observedclosely while she is in hiding. 6.On a dish fresh vegetables barranged. He was impressed. 7.He wondered was detectives would be chosen to investigate the case. 8.He dreamed that he had been caught up in a flood. 9.Friend potatoes are often eaten with fish. 10.Progress is begin made all the time.11.She said sharply that his plays hadnot been performed. 12.When Alex had seen Philomel Cottage she too was captivated. 13.”The lilies have been sent by one of your admires, madam,” the servant said. 14.Lord Listerdale had been murdered in that house four days before he was reported missing. 15.He came to an abrupt pause as his eye was caught by the key of the desk itself to which a dirty envelope was affixed. 16. My aunt was the window of a general who had been knighted for his services during the First World War. Her two sons had been killedin the war. 17.Part-time waiter is required. 18.Food can be cooked very quickly in a microwave oven. 19.Quentin was suspected of usurping his masters authority.20. The letters are being sorted out. 21. 10 pounds reward is offeredfor information leading to the return of a black kitten. 22.Although Midsummer”s Eve is not a widely celebratedby druids at the prehistoric stone circle of Stonethenge. 23.In Japan the names of the rules are changed but not the rules. Now the rules are calleddemocratic. 24.”They are killers. They have been trained properly,” said the police sergeant. 25.He started as a bellboy before he was putin charge of the care. 26.I had been annoyed at the remark at that time. 27.The child will have been fed and washed before you come to fetch him. 28.The car will be parkedat the parking lot near the hotel. 29.Our papers were still being checked whenwe came two hours later. 30.Havethey been warned? 31.”What is being played?” asked the lady. 32. Do you mean we have been invitedto the party too?


Exercise 3.Make the verbs in the following sentences passive:

A.1. They offered me a cup of tea. 2. Students take examinations at the end of each term. 3. Mother baked the birthday cake. 4. Columbus discovered America in 1492.

5. The children asked me to read a story. 6. George Simenon wrote this story. 7. The boss gave us a form to fill in. 8. Father taught me to ride a bicycle. 9. The doctor told him to lie in bed for three day. 10. The waiter will serve you breakfast in five minutes. 11. People speak English in many countries. 12. I shall give you a cup of coffee if you want. 13. They close the shop at 5.

B.1. What are they discussing? 2. The professor is examining our group. 3. The Spartans were celebrating a religious festival when a messenger came from Athens. 4. They are building a new school in our district. 5. What film are they demonstrating in the lecture room? 6. He had a feeling that someone was following him. 7. They were watching and taking pictures of a UFO. 8. They were interrogating the first witness when I came into the courtroom. 9 .They are counting the prize money. 10. They are relieving him of duty because of his age.

C.1. They have offered me a job at local bank. 2.Have you warned them about the meeting? 3. Someone has stolen a picture from a museum. 4. I have lost some secret papers.5.We have kept meat in the fridge for a week. 6.The police have found a dead body in the park. 7. They had packed the suitcases when the bellboy arrived. 8. They had sold the famous house to an American before I learnt about it. 9. I didn’t attend the meeting because you hadn’t warned me. 10. The room looked dirty because we hadn’t warned cleaned it for a week. 11.They will clear up the

situation when they have known some more facts.12.They will have repaired my shoes by the evening.


Exercise 4.Change the tense forms of the verbs in the following sentences using different adverbial modifiers:


Models:The letter was delivered yesterday (just).-The letter has just been delivered.

The work was completed on Monday (by Monday).-The work had been completed by Monday.


1.Her things were packed an hour ago (already). 2.They were shown the house yesterday (in an hour). 3.Tickets to the theatre are booked well in advance (tomorrow). 4.The letter will be sent by fax (just) 5.The house will be repaired next year (by September). 6.This hotel is run by Mrs.White (for the last two years). 7.Has this book been published yet?(last May) 8.The room is cleaned every morning (now). 9.I was told the story when I saw them (already). 10.All important documents are kept in the safe (all these years).

Exercise 5.Make these sentences passive:

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