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Exercise 14.Review the tenses and do the exercises

1. Choose the necessary form of the verb: Present Perfector Past Indefinite.

1. We (have travelled, travelled) about the Crimea last year. Mr.Winkle knows so much, because he (has travelled, travelled) a lot. 2. I (have seen, saw) Pete in the library today. She (have seen, saw) this film last Friday. 3. Alec (has met, met) the mechanic two hours ago. I just (have met, met) the doctor. 4. The children already (have decided, decided) what to do with the books. Yesterday they (have decided, decided) to help the villager. 5. Helen speaks French because she (has been, was) in France. She (has been, was) there last year. 6. The rain (has stopped, stopped) and the sun is shining in the sky again. The rain (has stopped, stopped) half an hour ago. 7. Mary (has bought, bought) a new hat. I (have bought, bought) a pair of gloves yesterday. 8. The wind (has blown, blew) off the man’s hat, and he can’t catch it. 9. The weather (has changed, changed) and we can go for a walk. The wind (has changed, changed) in the morning.

Test 6

Past Tenses

Variant (Pre-Intermediate)

1.When I … , my son … dinner.

1. was arriving; had

2. arrived, was having

2. We were in a very difficult position. We … what to do.

1. were not knowing

2. didn’t know

3. When I got home, the house was very quiet. Everybody … to bed.

1. had gone

2. went

4. She didn’t want to come to the cinema with us because she … the film.

1. already saw

2. had already seen

5. I was in a hurry , so I … time to phone you.

1. hadn’t

2. didn’t have

6. He was tired yesterday evening because he … tennis in the afternoon.

1. had been playing

2. was playing

7. How long is it since you last … a holiday.

1. had

2. had had

8. “Do you do any sports?” “ Not these days. I … volleyball.”

1. had been playing

2. used to play

9. Aristotle … a Greek philosopher.

1. had been

2. was

10. I … to play football a lot but I don’t play very often now.

1. was used

2. used

11. What … at this time yesterday?

1. did you do

2. were you doing

12. She … at school yesterday.

1. hasn’t been

2. wasn’t

13. How fast … when the accident …?

1. were you driving; happened

2. did you drive ; had happened

14. She saw that he … her.

1. had noticed

2. noticed

15. It’s ages since we … each other

1. have seen

2. saw

16. … the news on television last night?

1. Have you seen

2. Did you see

17. The room was dirty because we … the house for weeks.

1. hadn’t cleaned

2. didn’t clean

18. I rarely eat ice cream now but I … it when I was a child.

1. used to

2. was used to

19. I … for an hour before the taxi came.

1. was waiting

2. had been waiting

20. When I was young, I … to be a bus driver.

1. had been wanting

2. wanted


Test 7

Past Tenses

Variant (Intermediate)

1. When she … the office this morning, Jim … .

1. had rung; went out

2. was ringing; went out

3. rang, had gone out

4. had been ringing; went out

2. We were in a very difficult position. We … what to do.

1. weren’t knowing

2. didn’t know

3. hadn’t known

4. hadn’t been knowing

3. She was exhausted when she … of the pool because she … three kilometers.

1. had got out; swam

2. got out; was swimming

3. was getting out; had been swimming

4. got out; had swum

4. The window was open and a bird … into the room.

1. was flying

2. had been flying

3. flew

4. had flown

5. Jim … my best friend but we aren’t friends any longer.

1. was used to being

2. used to be

3. had been being

4. had been

6. It was a funny situation but nobody … .

1. laughed

2. had laughed

3. had been laughing

4. was laughing

7. How fast … when the accident … ?

1. did you drive; was happening

2. were you driving; happened

3. had you been driving; happened

4. did you drive; happened

8. The phone … for several minutes before I … it.

1. was ringing; had heard

2. had been ringing; heard

3. had rung; was hearing

4. had been ringing; was hearing

9. I … a headache earlier but I … fine now.

1. had had; was feeling

2. had; feel

3. was having; feel

4. had; am feeling

10. Everything … white because it … all night.

1. was; had been snowing

2. had been; had snowed

3. was; was snowing

4. had been ; was snowing

11. I … the carpet when the dog … in and … himself.

1. just cleaned; had come; was shaking

2. had just cleaned; came; shook

3. was just cleaning; came; had shaken

4. just cleaned; had come; shook

12. Liz … about the surprise party which her parents … for weeks.

1. didn’t know; had been planning

2. wasn’t knowing; planned

3. hadn’t known; were planning

4. wasn’t knowing; had planned

13. The Chinese … printing.

1. had invented

2. was inventing

3. invented

4. had been inventing

14. Anna’s feeling depressed because she … for a pay rise last week, but she … one.

1. was hoping; wasn’t getting

2. had hoped; didn’t get

3. was hoping; didn’t get

4. hoped; hadn’t got

15. I … a bike until I … to live in Amsterdam.

1. never rode; had gone

2. had never ridden; went

3. was never riding; went

4. never rode; went

16. Before we … Tim to the theatre, he … a stage play before.

1. were taking; never saw

2. had taken; never saw

3. took; had never seen

4. took; was never seeing

17. Lily … in the application form and … it to the receptionist.

1. filled; had given

2. had filled; was giving

3. was filling; gave

4. filled; gave

18.By the time we … , the party … .

1. arrived, had finished

2. had arrived; was finishing

3. were arriving, finished

4. had arrived; finished

19. While I … in Rome, I … a girl who … just like your sister.

1. worked; had met; looked

2. had been working; met; was looking

3. was working; met; looked

4. was working; had met; looked

20.The band … for long when the lights … .

1. wasn’t playing; had gone out

2. hadn’t been playing; went out

3. hadn’t played; went out

4. didn’t play; went out

Test 8

Past Tenses

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