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Model :You can do it tomorrow .-It can be done tomorrow


1.She could book the ticket later.2. Can I serve the tea now? 3.I can’t answer this difficult question. 4.You can understand this phrase in different ways. 5.He may forget your invitation. 6. He might take us to the airport in this car. 7.You must speak only English in class. 8. Small children know traffic rules. 9.You mustn’t disturb father when he works. 10.You should remember this telephone number. 12.You ought to improve your English.


Exercise 6.Put questions to the underlined words:


1.Fifty students were admitted to the faculty last August.2. I have been woken up by the noise in the street.3.He was given a form to fill in.4. The tea will not be served till.5.She was greeted very warmly.6. Two men were arrested after the robbery.7. My colleague will be sent to London to lecture on Russian history.8. Wait a little, your papers are being looked through.9.French is spoken in France and Canada.10.This television programme is watched mostly by teenagers.


Exercise 7.Answer the following question about your University:


1.When was your University founded? 2.Who is it named after? 3.Where is it situated? 4.Who was the buildings designed by?5.What faculties are housed in the buildings? 6.What disciplines are taught at different faculties? 7.What subjects are paid special attention to at your faculty? 8.Who is your faculty headed by? 9.What are the students given after.


Exercise 8. Open the brackets using the correct tense and voice form:

Do you know that

1) the oldest dwelling house in Britain (to consider) to be “The Fighting Cocks Inn” which (to build) in the year 800.The inn itself (to open) much later in 1543;

2) in 1961 The Museum of Art in New York City (to display) Henry Matisse`s “Le Bateau” and it (to take) 47 days before someone (to discover) it (to hang)upside down;

3) the original building of the famous White House in Washington (to set) on fire by the British during the British-American was when the Americans(to fight) for their independence. Some time later the buildings (to paint) white to hide the time as a part of American history;

4) The narrowest street in Britain (to call) Nelson Street and (to situate) in King`s Lynn, near Norfolk. Here you can shake hands thought the window with your neighbour living across the street;

5) The magnificent show “My Fair Lady” (to create) by Frederic Loewe and Alan Jay Lerner in the 50s and first (to present) in New York City on Broadway;

6) New York (to know) as a “melting pot,” because people of different races 7 million .About 13 of every 100 people in New York (to bear) in throughout the neighbourhood and street of the city. There are places where the English language hardly ever (to hear).


Exercise 9.Put the verbs in the brackets into the correct and voice form:

A.1. They new theatre (to open) last month. 2. Three people (to kill) in the car accident. 3. A cure for cancer (not to find) yet.4.The article (to translate) intro Russian now, it (to publish) as soon as they (to return) it. 5. Our office ( to decorate) for the celebration and looks cheerful. 6. When the plane ( to take off), the passenger ( to show) how to use life jackets. 7. If you (to offer) a cheap camera, don`t buy it, it (not to work). 8. I (do ask) a lot of questions about my education background when I ( to hire). 9. You (to offer) a new job. 10. Ann (to attack) last night when she ( to walk) home alone. 11. Scholl (to close) for a few days because of the storm. 12. Andrew (to arrest) a few days ago. 13.British coins (to make) in the Royal Mint. 14. New Years Day (to celebrate) on January,1. 15 Under safety regulations women (not to allow) to work underground. 16. The movie (to show) four times in the cinema. 17. The letter (to write) by a lefthander. I ( to understand) it after I (to real) it several times. 19. When I (to enter) the classroom, my friend (to examine).

B.1. April Fool`s Day (to mark) for the last few years in Russian too. 2. He ( to bring up) by his parents to be a strict Catholic. 3. Sue (to lose) her purse yesterday. It (to be) in her bag her bag (not to fasten). 4.He (to wound) when he (to try) to stop the man attacking a young girl. He (to shoot) in the leg. 5.Finally after we ( to wait) for half and hour salad, beefsteak and tea ( to serve). 6.The twins ( to impress) by the beauty of the night city. 7. The glass mirror ( to invent) by the Romans.

Exercise 10. Express your supposition about our life in the 21st century using the prompts:

Model: to change life-Life may (might) be changed.

To change the climate, to discover new planets, to inhabit Mars, to change the social order, to restore historical and architectural monuments, to eliminate unemployment ,to build comfortable houses instead of five-storied buildings, to develop social programmer for old people, to provide all working people with a car, to make public transport free, to take visitors to other planets by shuttle taxies, to do away with AIDS and cancer, to enroll students in the universities without entrance examinations, to teach foreign languages by computers, etc.


Exercise 11.Translate into English using the Passive Voiсe:

1.Самые важные новости печатающиеся в утренних газетах. 2.Национальная галерея в Лондоне была построена в 1838г. 3.В Массачусетсе сохранились дома, которые были построены в самом начале века. 4.-Все приготовили для приема гостей? - Стол накрыт, обед приготовлен, пирог пекут. 5.Решение принято. Ничего нельзя менять. 6. Вас обслужат через пять минут. 7. Эту песню везде поют. 8. Такие вопросы на вступительном экзамене не задают. 9. Послушай! Играют какую –то очень знакомую мелодию. 10. Вас просят к телефону. 11. Дети не ложились спать, елка не была украшена.


Test 12

The Passive Voice

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