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Упр.149. Перифразируйте предложения, употребив Passive Voice


1. We hear a sound of violin in the hall. 2. His father always praises him

when he works hard. 3. My sister often takes her friend to the theatre. 4. My mother wakes me at 7 o'clock every morning.


1. She found the envelope behind the dining-room clock. 2. She bought this book a week ago. 3. A great artist painted this picture. 4. John broke the window the other day.


1. I shall post this letter tomorrow. 2. They will discuss the report next week. 3. The secretary will change our time-table in two days. 4. Tom will meet us at the station.


1. The secretary has just brought the files. 2. Jack has just broken a cup. 3. My little brother has spoilt his toy. 4. She has done the room carefully.


1. They are cooking breakfast. 2. She is cleaning the carpet. 3. I am translating the texts. 4. We are learning the rules. 5. He is telling an interesting story.


1. They showed her the shortest way to the station. 2. My Mother has taught me English. 3. We ask many questions at the lectures. 4. Tom has just told me an interesting story. 5. She will lend me this book next Sunday. 6. The postman delivers newspapers and magazines every day. 7. She told us her name after we had asked her twice. 8. I have sent her brother a letter. 9. We are singing a song. 10. The teacher is writing the words on the blackboard.


Упр. 150.

A. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в Present Indefinite Passive или Present Continuous Passive.

1. The food usually (keep) here. 2. The bridge (repair) at the moment. 3. Such mistakes (make) by even the best students. 4. The houses (build) of stone, brick and wood. 5. A new poem (learn) by the children now.

B. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в Past Indefinite Passive или Past Continuous Passive.

1. The student (ask) to tell the story again. 2. A modern melody (play) when we came into the hall. 3. Every morning the boys (order) to do a certain job. 4. I sat down for a rest while the repairs (do). 5. At last the problem (solve) to everybody satisfaction. 6. The life of people (change) by the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century. 7. A week ago two students of our group (choose) for jury service. 8. The game (play) for the whole lunchtime yesterday. 9. Last Friday he (meet) at the station. 10. When Tom was young, he (teach) two foreign languages.

Упр.151. Поставьте предложения в Passive Voice, где это возможно.

1. Someone will drive you to the airport. 2. Goldfish live in fresh water. 3. The Egyptians built pyramids. 4. She learned at school with me. 5. They arrived at 7 last night. 6. They informed about the accident. 7. I slept till 8. 8. It is raining. 9. You must obey the rules. 10. He is sneezing again. 11. You can buy videos like this everywhere. 12. Someone has to write the history of the place. 13. They have sold their car to pay the debts. 14. They hold a meeting in the hall once a week. 15. They owe a lot of money to the bank.


Упр.152. Перифразируйте предложения, используя Passive Voice, не указывая при этом исполнителя действия.

1. We gave our friend many interesting books for his library. 2. I will return the book to the library in time. 3. The teacher is explaining new material to us. 4. They sent a telegramme to him yesterday. They congratulated him with a gold medal. 5. His doctor has advised him to take up swimming. 6. The captain of the team offered her to take part in the competition. 7. We have just finished our work. 8. He has already solved his problem. 9. The guide proposed us to see the Cathedral. 10. The examiner didn't give us enough time to answer all the questions. 11. The teacher allowed Ann to be absent from her English class on Monday. 12. We listened to the speaker very attentively. 13. The students will discuss the report next week. 14. The workers will build a new school next year. 15. Someone wants you on the phone. 16. Mr. Brown moved out all the small furniture into another room. 17. The secretary didn't tell me the exact time of the appointment.


Упр.153. Перифразируйте предложения, используя Passive Voice, указывая при возможности исполнителя действия.

1. You can't wash this dress; you must dry-clean it. 2. They waste a lot of time discussing unimportant things. 3. They have typed my letters. They will type yours in a minute. 4. They are repairing my piano at the moment. 5. The guests ate all the sandwiches and drank all the lemonade. They left nothing. 6. Has someone posted my letter? 7. Why has no one informed me of the change of the plan? 8. I'm afraid we have sold all our copies but we have ordered more. 9. They have not stamped the letter. 10. She didn't introduce me to her mother. 11. An earthquake destroyed the town. 12. A machine could do this more easily. 13. Visitors must leave umbrellas and sticks in the cloak-room.

Упр. 154. Перифразируйте предложения, используя Passive Voice. Обращайте внимание на место предлога в предложении.

Model: No one can rely on him.

He can't be relied on.

1. Someone must send for the doctor. 2. The old car is in excellent condition. The owner has looked after it well. 3. He was speaking for two hours. The people listened to him in silence. 4. The nurse will take great care of the children. 5. The little boy is dirty. No one looks after him properly. 6. She is so upset. Someone must speak to her. 7. They looked through all the papers very carefully. 8. People will talk much about the successful debut of the young actress. 9. Why didn't the speaker dwell longer upon this question? 10. Why did they laugh at him? 11. Nobody ever referred to that incident again.

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