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Упр. 359. Переведите на русский язык, обращая внимание на причастия

1. The boy lay sleeping when the doctor came. 2. The broken arm was examined by the doctor. 3. While being examined, the boy could not help crying. 4. Having prescribed the medicine, the doctor went away. 5. The medicine prescribed by the doctor was bitter. 6. The dress bought at the department store was very beautiful. 7. While using a needle you should be careful not to prick your finger. 8. While crossing the street one should first look to the left and then to the right. 9. People watching a performance are called an audience. 10. Being very ill, she could not go to school. 11. The first rays of the rising sun lit up the top of the hill. 12. The tree struck by lightning was all black and leafless. 13. Being busy, he postponed his trip. 14. The door bolted on the in side could not be opened, 15. Having been shown the wrong direction, the travellers soon lost their way, 16. The room facing the garden is much more comfortable than this one. 17. Having descended the mountain they heard a man calling for help. 18. Flushed and excited, the boy came running to his mother. 19. He stood watching the people who were coming down the street shouting and waving their hands.

1Действительное причастие совершенного вида (а также не совершенного вида прошедшего времени) может быть переведено на английский язык только придаточным определительным предложением (whothrew, whohasthrown, whohadthrown)

Упр. 360. Переведите следующие русские причастия и деепричастия на английский язык.

Приносящий, принесенный, принося, принеся, переводящий, переведенный, переводя, переведя, давая, написав, читающий, берущий, данный, прочитав, сделанный, пьющий, сказанный, будучи потерянным, нарисовав, написавший, делая, взятый, взяв, рисуя, выпитый, сделав, идя, пишущий, прочитанный, дав, рисующий, делающий, нарисованный, выпив, говорящий, беря, написанный, читая, идущий, дающий, сказав, сидевший, посмотрев, будучи забыт, строящий, строящийся, играя, поиграв, рассказанный, рассказавший, видя, принесший, будучи принесенным, построенный, продав.

Упр. 361. В следующих предложениях употребите, где возможно, причастия вместо глаголов в личной форме. Изменяйте конструкцию предложения, где необходимо.

1. As the book was translated into Russian, it could be read by everybody. 2. As we were given dictionaries, we managed to translate the article easily. 3. As soon as I have done my homework, I shall go for a walk. 4. As soon as I have bought the book, I shall begin reading it. 5. When he was running across the yard, he fell. 6. When I was going home yesterday, I kept thinking about my j friend. 7. He put on his coat, went out and looked at the cars which were passing by. 8. She closed the book, put it aside and looked at the children who were running about in the yard.

Упр. 362. Раскройте скобки, употребляя требующуюся форму причастия.

1. (to translate) by a good specialist, the story гpreserved all the sparkling humour of the origi nal. 2. (to approve) by the critics, the young author's story was accepted by a thick magazine. 3. (to wait) for some time in the hall, he was invited into the drawing-room. 4. (to wait) in the hall, he thought over the problem he was planning to discuss with the old lady. 5. They reached the oasis at last, (to walk) across the endless desert the whole day. 6. (to lie) down on the soft couch, the exhausted child fell asleep at once. 7. She went to work, (to leave) the child with the nurse. 8. (to phone) the agency, he left (to say) he would be back in two hours. 9. (to write) in very bad handwriting, the letter was difficult to read. 10. (to write) his first book, he could not help worrying about the reaction of the critics. 11. (to spend) twenty years abroad, he was happy to be coming home. 12. (to be) so far away from home, he still felt himself part of the family. 13. She looked at the enormous bunch of roses with a happy smile, never (to give) such a wonderful present. 14. (not to wish) to discuss that difficult and painful problem, he changed the conversation.

Упр. 363. Замените выделенные части предложений причастными оборотами. Изменяйте конструкцию предложения, где необходимо.

1. When he arrived at the railway station, he bought a ticket, walked to the platform and boarded the train. 2. As he was promised help, he felt quieter. 3. After he was shown in, he was told to take off his coat and wait for a while. 4. Robinson started the building of the house at once and fin ished it before the season of rains set in. 5. He poured out a cup of coffee, sat down in an armchair and looked at the woman who was sitting opposite him. 6. When he had left the house and was crossing the street, he suddenly stopped as he remembered that he had forgotten to phone his friend. 7. He looked a't me and hesitated: he did not know what to say. 8. As he had long lived in those parts and knew the place very well, he easily found his way to the market-place. 9. He has no language problems, because he has been studying English for a long time. 10 After I had written this exercise, I began to doubt whether it was correct. 11. Take care when you cross the street. 12. Students should always be attentive while they are listening to the lecturer. 13. There are many students who study music. 14. Don't you feel tired after you have walked so much?

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